Transgenderism: Is it the Death of Womanhood?

caitlyn jennerThe Left cries about the war on woman constantly while ignoring the real war on women such as child brides, sex slaves  and honor killings by their beloved Muslims. They also ignore the danger they are putting real women in by promoting transgenderism as some legitimate lifestyle and a severely confused biological man who should in no way be allowed to display is depravity around women and young girls. Transgenderism has taken off in this past year and if it continues unabated it will continue to destroy womanhood, especially Biblical womanhood.

My friend Crystal from Conservative Push Coalition had this to say about homosexuality in general but it also applies to transgenders as well in my opinion:

 I think we all sin. Our sins are just different. The problem with homosexuality is that it gets out there like a lifestyle, in other words, a sin that needs no forgiveness, which isn’t true.

Now sit down because you won’t see this on this site again but I am going to defend gays. Gay married couple enjoying wedding reception Gays are legitimate. That is how they truly feel, they are not trying to become something they are not. And just because they are a man that likes other men doesn’t mean they are trying to become a woman.They like being a man, they are comfortable being a man. While I think gays have issues going on of their own, perpetuating a fraud is not one of them. At least, the ones who are clearly out.

woman symbolSo what is the difference between gays and transgenderism? Gays have no desire or inclination to change their biological sex, transgenders do. Gays may say biology is irrelevant in marriage but they don’t say biology is irrelevant in all private moments of one’s life, transgenders say even going to the bathroom should be an uncomfortable experience for those who don’t buy into their ideology! And that is just the start. Being gay is about loving whom you want, transgenderism is about trying to redefine a whole biological sex based on your opinion. It is much scarier and detrimental than homosexuality by itself, at least that is my opinion.

Gender is not something constructed by man nor can it be replaced by simply adhering the opposite sex’s reproductive organs to your body. To say so is demeaning and demoralizing to women everywhere. [I am concentrating on men becoming women because that happens with more frequency than vice versa]

ALL HUMAN BEINGS—male and female—are created in the image of God. Each is a
beloved spirit son or daughter of heavenly parents, and, as such, each has a divine nature and destiny. Gender is an essential characteristic of individual premortal, mortal, and eternal identity and purpose.

That is from former President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Gordon.Gordon b. Hinckley B. Hinckley. It clearly states that each person has a divine nature and destiny and that gender is part of that. We cannot separate them simply because we want to. When you say, “I feel like a woman.” that is both dishonest and demoralizing to women since you could not possibly know what it feels like to be a woman. It shows a world view revolving around your feelings, “I feel…so it must be true.” While feelings impact the way we see the world, they should not be the primary source for how we see it.

john-lockeAccording to the great John Locke, “A wise and omnipotent God, having made people and sent them into this world:

…by his order and about his business, they are his property whose workmanship they are, made to last during his, not one another’s pleasure: and being furnished with like faculties, sharing all in one community of nature, there cannot be supposed any subordination among us, that may authorize us to destroy one another, as if we were made for one another’s uses, as the inferior ranks of creatures are for our’s.

It follows immediately that “he has no liberty to destroy himself or so much as any creature in his possession, yet when some nobler use than its bare possession calls for it” (II. 2. 6). So, murder and suicide violate the divine purpose. So if suicide is forbidden, even by modern law (at least the attempting of it is, the actual successful completion of it they can’t do anything about.) is also not the mutilation of yourself just as wrong? The more we buy into this feeling based fantasy of womanhood, the more we lower the status of actual women.

How does it lower the status of women, though? It lowers the status of women because women become nothing more than a collection of body parts. If women are nothing more than a collection of various reproductive organs then we are no longer human beings and can become targets for those who would hurt us and  do so within the confines of the law.

A prime example of this is the current public bathroom legislation that seems to be popping up everywhere. But it is not just bathrooms that this false identity of transgenderism is creating harm for women. It is in other safe and public places like women’s shelters. In fact, in Canada in 2014, a man was jailed indefinitely after claiming to be transgender and assaulting several women in a battered woman’s shelter.  The one place where they should have been protected from such things is where they end up being violated. The women in the shelter are there because they have endured such behavior from those closest to them in their lives and to have to relive another episode in the very place they went to in order to escape it is inexcusable.

The more we codify this mental illness, the more harm we will bring towards real women and children. It is not up to us as a society to validate those who have these delusions. For the people who constantly talk about rape culture, this in no way helps to alleviate that problem, it only aggravates it. It is time for people to stand up and say we will not cowtail to people’s dysfunctions and the safety of my wife and daughters are more important than your so called right to present yourself as a woman. It is time for men to be men and that is especially true if you are a transgender “woman.”





Lee Paige to Speak at LDS Church

The Los Angeles Temple of The Church of Jesus ...

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Lee Paige will be giving a talk at a local LDS Church. Lee Paige gave a talk at LACC last semester on becoming a paralegal. He will be one of the many people giving a talk tonight. Two current students from BYU (Brigham Young University) and one from USC Law school will be speaking as well. It will be a great opportunity to network with others in the Legal Field. Hopefully you will be able to attend. And while my church is sponsoring this, it is not just for members of the church, anyone can attend and bring a friend. There will be light refreshment after the speaking engagement and an opportunity to mingle as well. Here is the information

: Creating a Path to Law School

When: Sunday, September 12, 2010

Time: 7:00pm

Where: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

Address: 1209 S. Manhattan Place, Los Angeles, CA 90019

Admission is free!!!! Also while it is addressing those who want to attend law school, they will also be talking about paralegal opportunities as well. I hope to see you all there. Sorry for the short notice-just found out about this last night.

My Reply to Life Site News

Dear Life Site News,
I can’t believe you guys ran that vile garbage about the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints without any real confirmation of the facts, just the word of an obviously disgruntled ex-member. The journalism if it can be called that was shoddy and did not portray the the Church at all accurately. Laura Stone has some kind of ax to grind with the Church and is not a credible witness of what goes on in the church.
I am a faithful Latter Day Saint I was baptized in 1998 at the age of 28, fell away for five years and came back in 2003. I have been a devout member since. Being that I was 28 years old before joining the church, I had a whole sex life before joining and none of what Laura details in her hate-filled diatribe is at all truthful. Ms. Stone’s characterization of sexuality within the Church are gross distortions and falsehoods of the highest order. So let me set the record straight for you.
1) First of all it is the Book of Mormon, not the Books of Mormon. There is only one Book of Mormon. While we do have other books like Doctrine and Covenants, the Pearl of Great Price and the Holy Bible (shocker we read the Bible!)they are not the Books of Mormon.
2) No one is “obsessed with finding a future spouse” in the Church. While it is an important part of the Plan of Salvation the Church fully recognizes that not every adult is married in the church. It also recognizes many may never be wed. It does not discriminate nor does it push some kind of warped marriage agenda onto the members. If they are so obsessed with “finding future spouses” why did Elder Dallin H. Oaks of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles say, “The commitments of single adults can anchor them through the difficult years of waiting for the right time and the right person. Their commitments of service can also inspire and strengthen others.” [“Timing”, Liahona & Ensign, Oct. 2003, 15] Not to mention the Second Counsleor in the Relief Society General Presidency, Barbara Thompson, is herself an older single woman! Would they nominate a single woman to such a prestigious position if they were “obsessed with finding a spouse” for everyone.
I am also a single woman in the Church. More specifically I am a single mother. In fact, in my stake [a stake covers a certain region and within that region are individual branches or “wards”]which is the Los Angeles Stake, between 60-70% of all adults are single. And not everyone within that group is obsessed with “finding a future spouse” Do we want one? Some do. Some do not. There is no push to get people married to anyone who comes along. Temple marriages are sacred and are not to be taken lightly.
3)Her allegation of grown men “imprinting on the smallest of children” is tantamount to calling them pedophiles! My brethren and priesthood holders are not pedophiles! There is nothing, absolutely nothing, within LDS culture that advocates such depravity. How dare she insinuate that LDS men and priesthood holders have child brides. We are not the Fundamentalist Latter Day Saints, nor do we condone their practices. I am in a family ward and I am one of the few singles in my ward, almost everyone else is married. And I can assure you there are no 60 year old men married to 20 year old girls. Any age differences between spouses is minimal. She owes every priesthood holder an apology for her unjust libel and defamation of their character.
4) There is no “false chastity” or “obsessive attitude towards sex” . First of all, there is no such thing as false chastity. You are either chaste or you are not. This is sexual purity as defined by the Church in “For the Strength of Youth, Fulfilling Our Duty to God” booklet given to all the youth n the church. “Physical intimacy between husband and wife is beautiful and sacred. It is ordained of God for the creation of children and for the expression of love between husband and wife.”[pg 26] does that sound like we are all repressed to you? Just because the youth and those who are not married are taught to respect our bodies and those of who we date does not a repression make.
If anyone is obsessed with sex, it is Ms. Stone and I think she needs a 12 step program for sexual addiction. I would be happy to recommend one for her because after years of doing sexuality my way, that is exactly where I found myself-a sex addict. So I know what one looks and sounds like. I am now chaste and plan on having a temple marriage one day. But in the meantime I have been freed from sexual obsession and a lot of that has to do with the genuine love and acceptance I found in the Church, along with Christ’s transformation of me and my life. While the physical urges still kick in once in a while I am more able to handle them now and not give in. It has been nearly four years since my last physical encounter with a man. But it has also been four years of no heartbreaks, no diseases, no lies, four years of peace, serenity and love. A righteous yearning to have an eternal marriage does not make one obsessed. While it is not easy and at times it is painful, I have faith in Jesus Christ that I will be rewarded for my obedience to his commandments.
In closing, there was not one ounce of truth in any of Laura Stone’s claims. The people of the church do not constantly talk about sex. There is no obsession about sex or finding a future spouse. There is no pedophilic culture of child brides. You should be ashamed of yourselves for publishing such unwarranted bigotry of my church. The same church that when my friend’s grandfather’s house burnt to the ground put him in a hotel for the week and paid to furnish his new house and while my friend’s uncle was a member, his grandfather was not. Yet the church reached out to his family in time of need. That is the truth about my church, not Ms. Stone’s vicious allegations.


Dena Leichnitz

Helping Haiti

How do you help a country that has been virtually wiped out? How do you begin to rebuild? How can you fathom the absolute horror of your world literally collapsing? Does God see the devastation, does he care? These are questions people have been asking this past week since the 7.3 quake hit that tiny, Carribean nation.

I want to answer some of the questions.  When you have a crisis of this magntitude there is no way one nation, even the size of America, can handle it all.  I have to admit the thing that fills up my bosom with pride when it comes to being an American is how we are the first to react to such tragedies without a second thought.  That politics take a back seat when human beings are in need. Should North Korea  suffer a similar fate tomorrow,  Kim Jong il be…you know, we are helping those in North Korea.  That is just how we are, it is how America is wired. And I think that is a pretty awesome trait we possess. So we have the will to help, so what can we do as a nation to help those in Haiti?

1. Give to reputable organizations

Places like the Red Cross, Salvation Army are good places and locate your local Latter Day Saint church and make  a fast offering or designate that you want this money to go to help those in Haiti and it will be done. The LDS Church is often a shining beacon of hope in these kind of situations because we have storehouses with food, clothing, hygiene kits and other necessities already to go. We can get just about anywhere in 24 hours.  In fact, this is from the church website:

Two planes, one departing from Denver as early as Thursday and another leaving from Miami later this week, will each include over 80,000 pounds of food and emergency resources such as tents, tarps, water filtration bottles and medical supplies donated by the Church.  Transportation is being provided by Airline Ambassadors and Food for the Poor will aid with distribution in Haiti.

Please don’t take my mentioning the LDS Church, specifically, as a slight against other denominations but I mention the LDS because I can attest to the surety of the people who need the supplies receiving said supplies. Other churches just may not have the capabilities to provide the relief to Haiti as much as they would like to and the Catholic church has been demolished in that area. However all the  LDS missionaries in that area are all accounted for. They are still working on accounting for all the members.

2. Donate blood

 I don’t know how exactly this would work in a case such as thing, since it wouldn’t be going to someone local, but let the experts worry about the logistics, just donate your blood if you can. I cannot given that I am epileptic and the medicine I take for my seizures prevents me from giving blood.  So if you are in good health, give your blood.

3. Check out your local radio stations.

I know often times your radio station will be working in cooperation with a reputable agency to help those in need. If  you are in Los Angeles,  check out KKGO (Go Country) 105.1  and others like KOST FM 103.5 are some good ones who contribute to causes like this. KKGO is working with World Concern I think it is. But check out their site and you can find out for yourself. 

That being said, these are things I think we should NOT as a nation.

1)  Have our government give their government money.

While I have no problem providing manpower and life necessities to help them get back on their feet. I have a real problem with our government giving them money.  Mostly because I have absolutely no faith in either government that it will reach those in need. Obama has shown himself to be a weak and ineffectual money manager and I don’t see him overseeing where the money goes and seeing that it gets to those who desperately needs it.  I think we need every LA contractor down in Haiti right now to show them how to build a building and make sure it is retrofitted. I live in Earthquake Central, we eat 7.3’s for lunch. I have lived through more than my fair share of earthquakes and some were some serious shakers but never so much as suffered a hangnail from any them.  Because we know how to build our buildings here! Lastly, the reason I think  we shouldn’t give them money is because it is not the government’s money, it is the taxpayer’s! Now if every taxpayer wants to donate money to Haiti, then God bless you all but it should be up to the people to okay the expenditure not the government who spends your money like it is water.

2.  Bring the bulk of the survivors over here and grant them citizenship.

Burying our economy is not going to help those buried by the earthquake in Haiti. What Haiti needs is to rise up and demand their government be held accountable for the gross corruption and mismanagement, just as we are doing with our Tea Parties. The answer is not to bail out on your homeland but to do what it takees to make it better. We can’t take care of Mexico, the U.S and Haiti. If they want to transport them to Guam, Puerto Rico or somewhere else that is a territory of the U.S but not the U.S itself, that might be okay. But the last thing California,  Florida, Texas and the rest of the border states need is more people on our doles.  California literally had to have a garage sale for crying out loud to raise some dough, we cannot be taking care of every displaced survivor. If this was any other administration, I wouldn’t even worry about such a thing but with Obama, not is it likely I say it is inevitable. The sad thing is that if it was done it wouldn’t be out of any true altruism but out of greed and the need to buy voters.  The 2012 is right around the corner and Dems are feeling the heat, what better way to save their image then by granting citizenship to those poor Haitians that they single-handedly saved?

In closing I want to answer the God question that many people are probably asking? Did God do this out of anger? Does he care about the people devastated by the earthquake? Yes, he cares. Those who perished are in his care, those who survived would do well to think about their eternal life and seek him. He wants all to return home to him. As for him being angry-well wouldn’t you be if your children were destroying your prized creation? But that is not why the Earth shook. If anything, it was a sign that Christ is returning soon and we better get our acts together now.  It was his way of bringing some of his valiant children home while waking up the wicked. I hope you guys are awake now

Dolly Parton and the Gay Elite

dolly-parton Dolly Parton, who is definitely the queen of country music, has again had to answer questions about her sexuality.  What bothers me about this is not that  Dolly may or may not be gay (she’s not by the way, she has been married for 43 years. ) but how the gay community in this country continually tries to use the threat of homosexuality against others.

Dolly will be the first one to admit she has no problem with gay people peter-labarberaand I believe her but the gay community  has a huge problem with itself.  Why else would they try to label people “gay” that they don’t like.  Take Peter LaBarbera of Americans for the Truth About Homosexuality. Peter is a former All State agent that was fired for writing Christian commentary about homosexuality on his own time.  Since then he has taken up to revealing the real purpose behind the gay agenda in this country.  Yet every chance they get they try to label him as “gay.”  If being gay is so good and wonderful, why do they use it as an insult against their enemies?  I believe my Blackness is special and even adds to my worth.  There is something intrinsically beautiful in it and you will never hear me go around saying to my enemies,  “Oh you are such a Black man!” If I love that part about me why would I use it disparagingly against another? Yet gay people, especially the more militant ones use it to shut down communication from their opponents. They think if they level the charge of homosexuality that will stop the person in their tracks because they won’t want anyone thinking the other side is right.  Yet the ploy wouldn’t work at all if the person leveling the charge didn’t believe that homosexuality was wrong!

Yet there is a flip side, with Dolly I believe they want her to be gay because they love her so much.  So if someone like Dolly could just be gay too their world would make more sense.  Sure they got Elton and Ellen, even Portia De Rossi, but with the gay community it is all about numbers. They need as many people to be gay so they can normalize it, so they can gain even more political power than they already have with their limited numbers.  They want us to  go: “Hmm if a down  home, country girl like Dolly is gay,  I guess it ain’t so bad. ” It is even more important for Dolly to be gay then it is for Elton or Ellen because people who listen to country are overwhelmingly conservative. Therefore if they can get an icon like Dolly to be on their team, it would mean having an in, in the last bastion of conservative entertainment-country music.

Dolly is a class act, so she just laughs it off and goes about her life.  Which is exactly what she should do.  My problem is how they continue to dog her with this rumor. This isn’t the first time she had to answer it.  If it was just about Dolly or Peter, I wouldn’t care.  My beef is how gays try to play both sides of the field.  We hate you, so you’re gay! We love you so you’re gay! Make up your mind. The truth is homosexuality is not a permanent state.  The truth is there is something inherently dysfunctional in homosexuality. The truth is this war we are in right now has nothing to do with equal rights.  This war is about total domination and utter annihilation of moral codes starting with religion! This is not a fight between gays and straights, it is a fight between God and Satan….very simply put.

Dolly is a fantastic artist and I would still love her music even if she was gay (I still listen to Elton John) but  I might just pray a little harder for her if she was.  In the meantime, the Gay Elite needs to respect the privacy that it is always saying it wants for itself.

A Real Feminist Would…..

I am so sick of feminism being associated with these hateful, leftist women emma-smithwho want nothing more than to tear donwn the traditional family, our country and even God himself. I am part of an organization that was built on true feminism-The Relief Society of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. These women knew they were daughters of God and acted accordingly. So in line with the true feminism of the past, I have decided to write a short essay on what a real feminist would do today.

A real feminist would……

sonogram-pic61) Fight to end abortion.  No true feminist would ever pit mother against child and would help the mother improve her lot so she could raise her child more successfully. She would know abortion is about man’s freedom, not hers and she would fight the greedy profiteers who get rich off women’s pain.  A true feminist would abhor abortion as a man’s way of ditching his responsibility to the woman and the child.  She would not view it as a woman’s right at all but as women being failed.

2) Fight for school choice. She would want all children to be able to go to the best schools and would allow parents to pick the schools instead of school districts.   Her allegiance would not be with the failing schools, the inept teachers and bureaucrats but with the parents and the children. She would encourage homeschooling and allow parents the opportunity to educate their own children without government interference.

you_may_now_kiss_the_bride3) Fight for marriage which provides women and children the best opportunity for grow.  She would know that women are safer in a marriage than they are out of it.  She would fight for true marriage equality which keeps the woman a necessary part of marriage through heterosexual unions and would fight gay marriage which removes woman as a necessary part of marriage.  She would understand authentic marriage is already equal and gay marriage is a discriminatory practices that relegates women to second class citizens unworthy of marriage.

4)  Fight for capitalism.  It is not socialism that brings people out of man_throwing_moneypoverty, rather it keeps them in it. It is capitalism that allows people to be successful and promotes individual effort. It is capitalism that rewards creativity, ingenuity and self-reliance. It is capitalism that allows us to have choice-Pepsi or Coke,  Dell or HP, Big Mac or Whooper.  Without the competition that forces companies to produce better products at reasonable prices we would all live under monopolies and be forced to buy from a solitary company (mainly the government) that never had to produce a quality product because they knew we had no other choice.

5) Fight for the rights of men. That’s right-men. They wouldn’t allow their brothers, fathers, sons, husbands and other important men in their life to be degraded and abused.  They would see that men and women are not enemies but complementary units needed not only to survive but thrive. They would understand that by working with men and not against them we achieve a level of excellence we cannot achieve otherwise.  That their strengths does not make us weak.  That by building all people up, men and women, Black and White,  Jew and Gentile, that we are building up God’s kingdom on Earth.  We are building a nation of supreme beings. We lose ourselves not because we reach out to men but because we cut ourselves off from them.

old-new-testament_bxp255616) Most importantly, they would fight for God and the free expression of religion, most specifically Christianity.  The belief in Jesus Christ has done more to uplift people than any liberal social program has ever done.  The belief in God has caused people to leave behind life long addictions and change their life. That no one has ever been able to top the Ten Commandments as the most complete guide to living a moral life and achieving happiness.

Ah, yes this is what a real feminist would believe and fight for. Too bad there are not more of them. We need all the real feminists we can get.

The Lies of Tom Gregory

tom-gregoryTom Gregory has recently wrote an article entitled “Sean Penn’s Suit Against the Mormons.”  In it he talks about anything but Sean Penn suing the Mormons.  The whole article was laughable but this part really got me.

“Standing before me like a vision from Déjà vu hell were two young men clad in dark suits, white shirts and boring ties. “Hello” they said. “Yes?”, I said as I bucked up for the smack of irony that about to was about to knock the wind out of me. “We’re missionaries from the church of Mormon, we’d like some of your time to talk with you about eternal peace.”

If you are going to lie you should at least do something research first. No missionary from my church has EVER claimed to be from be from the Church of Mormon.  We are the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and any missionary introducing himself to an investigator would introduce himself as such! Our scripture is called The Book of Mormon but we are not the Church of Mormon. That tells me right there that this incident never happened! Moreover they are more likely to say they would like to talk to you about the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Plan of Salvation, then they are about “eternal peace.” The man is a total liar!

His next lie was typical liberal drivel about the world being overpopulated:  “Over population, not sex is the critical issue today. This danger of a population out of control darkly looms over countless scientific models; but scientific sense never prevails against fundamentalism, the Pope, or rapture.”

Actually it is depopulation that is the problem, not overpopulation. Ask Russia if they are overpopulated. More people die in Russia than are born every day.  Former President Vladimir Putin went so far as to threaten childless couples with higher taxes and wanting to provide economic incentives to those who would have children. Doesn’t sound like a country worried about overpopulation does it?  In fact, it is only the left that keeps perpetuating the overpopulation myth.  Everyone else knows that it is depopulation that is destroying us.  This is from the UN website: 

The International Conference on Population and Development (Cairo, 1994) served as a powerful impetus for countries all over the world, including Russia, in developing and pursuing national population policies and addressing demographic challenges (that is governmental code for “We’re running out of people!”) within concepts of long-term social and economic development of states.

The rest of it is a bunch of rantings of an insane person. Really, Tom get some Prozac already and seek some therapy. You know those Mormons you hate so much? Well if you join the church-they will pay for therapy for you! You might want to get on the horn and join up today!