San Fransicko!

I was born in San Francisco, so it is with a heavy heart to see what is becoming of my birthplace. Even back in 1970 it was littered with “alternative” lifestyle people. The hippies set up shop and Haight Ashbury was soon overrun with “free love” and acid-dropping freaks. The so-called Sexual Revolution was not about freeing people from the shackles of sexual mores but to free oneself from responsibility, from adulthood and most of all fatherhood. While abortion focuses on the mother, it is the father that is truly freed in the deal. The mother is too busy drinking herself into a stupor to fight off the suicidal thoughts to be “free.” The father however is free to go about impregnating whomever he wants because abortion will be there to save him. This is what the hippie movement brought us.

Once the value of women and children was effectively destroyed by other women no less, San Francisco soon became a haven for homosexuals. Just this past week we had an administrator at a Frisco charter school take the students to see their lesbian teacher get married. I will say this the teacher in this case was surprised to see her students at her nuptials. Yet the administrator at this school called it a “teachable moment.” One articles, said she got permission from all but two parents but the point is if this had been a heterosexual woman marrying a man would have still been a “teachable moment.” Would she have thought to take these children out of school to see a traditional wedding? Most likely not. This wasn’t simply talking about homosexuality in schools which opponents of Proposition 8 say won’t happen (obviously a lie!) this is active recruitment and participation in the homosexual lifestyle!

Now if San Fransicko hadn’t given me enough reasons to doubt its morality and its ever loving mind, we now have Proposition Kinky, oops, I mean Proposition K to worry about. The proposition is a  measure that would effectively decriminalize prostitution.  The lie is that since prostitution would still be on the state books as illegal, meaning those in other parts of California could still be arrested for it, that it is not really “decriminalizing” it. It does say that enforcement of prostitution will be halted.  Here is a beaut:

”It will allow workers to organize for our rights and for our safety,” said Patricia West, 22, who said she has been selling sex for about a year by placing ads on the Internet. She moved to San Francisco in May from Texas to work on Proposition K.

Speaking as a daughter of a prostitute, I find the whole thing to be utterly ridiculous.  Prostitution wasn’t some benign life choice my mother made and it surely effected me as she had no idea who my biological father was!  She did have enough common sense to place me up for adoption instead of keeping me which would’ve meant exposing me to her life of heroin, alcohol and endless johns!  And while I have since forgiven my mother for the pain she caused me, including making me epileptic, that by no means I condone anything she did.  Prostitution is not a victimless crime-I was once its victim!

And once again we go back to the kids! What about those who are forced into the sex slave trade or who find themselves on the streets after running away from the sex abuse at home, are you telling me we are just going to allow them to suffer even greater indignities as a prostitute!  That we cannot prosecute those that procure their so called “services?” You have got to be freakin’ kidding me! These people are beyond sick, they care only of their sexual pleasure and not what happens to the rest of humanity. They are demented beyond comprehension.

Awhile back, some 20/20 type of show did a documentary on prostitutes in the Netherlands where it is legal and they sit in the windows naked waiting for clients to use their services.  The talked to one who was all gung-ho about the rights of sex workers and all that liberal garbage, was talking like it was some empowering thing to be a prostitute.  She had a daughter, when asked if she would encourage her daughter into prostitution, she said “No.”  All of it sudden it wasn’t so empowering anymore.  When pressed why not-she didn’t have an answer.  I am a writer and I am forever encouraging my son to be a writer.  We work together on writing the letters, sounding out words, spelling words-you know the “tricks of the trade” so to speak and each time he does a little better I get more excited and more encouraged. I just  know he will be a great writer someday, even better than his mother.  He likes poetry and I am determined to make him a poet as well.  My point being, I am doing all this because I truly believe reading and writing is empowering! So if being a sex worker is all so wonderful, why would you not encourage your daughter to be one! Because when called on it-she couldn’t lie anymore. It is one thing to lie to yourself but to wish that kind of life on your daughter, well even she couldn’t do that.

The liberals are destroying any sense of decency in my beloved birthplace. I am now ashamed to admit I was born into this city of hedonism.  San Fransicko cares more about carnality, more about decadence and wealth then it does human beings.  It is a travesty to see what is becoming of what was once San Francisco.  The irony is that San Francisco was named for St. Francis of Assisi, any good twelve stepper knows his prayer which reads as follows:

Lord, make me an instrument of your peace,
Where there is hatred, let me sow love;
where there is injury, pardon;
where there is doubt, faith;
where there is despair, hope;
where there is darkness, light;
where there is sadness, joy;

O Divine Master, grant that I may not so much seek to be consoled as to console;
to be understood as to understand;
to be loved as to love.

For it is in giving that we receive;
it is in pardoning that we are pardoned;
and it is in dying that we are born to eternal life.

In that prayer show me anything that says it seeks to have its own way and other people be….you know the word.  San Francisco was named after a man who dedicated his life to others who turned his back on self-will and wanton desires, who only wanted what God wanted for all of us…a life of purity and happiness.  For his name to become synonymous with homosexuality, prostitution and all kinds of deviancy must be absolutely heartbreaking for him.  I know it is for me.  San Francis, some of us still remember who you were really were and what you truly stood for, we won’t let San Fransicko continue to tarnish your precious and sanctified name.  We will fight to restore it to the proper dignity it once had.  If I as a Mormon can honor you as a man of God and his humble servant then your brethren shall too and we will not let the sheer depravity of San Fransicko continue to spread throughout this great land.  We shall rise up in the defense of all that is good, holy and with honor.  We entreat all those with any moral compass to tell San Fransicko, enough is enough and reclaim what has been stolen through judicial fiat, bullying and intimidation.  Shall Proposition 8 lose and Proposition K win, then California will cease to be a haven and just become a land for the craven.  May God have mercy on our souls.

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