Tech Inventions and Websites

I will use this page to list all my favorite new websites and tech inventions.

That way you can visit my blogroll and visit them as well but you also know why I love them and why you should check them out too.

My new favorite tech invention is a blogging service started by Cheru Jackson, I think I found my dream guy, who started Alpha Inventions. Alpha Inventions is a way to drive readers to your site. You list your blog-for free!- and then the readers come. I have received over 185 hits in one day just from Alpha Inventions alone. It is a great site and I highly recommend you checking them out! Even if all you use it for is to find other blogs that may be worth your time reading!

Alpha Inventions

Blogs I Like

Life As Me

You want to peruse a blog with a nice Mormon woman doing the blogging, well here you go! Now you know me, I am not super big on nice but I do love the quaintness of her blog. It is very warm, inviting and friendly. So if you want to fight with a Mormon, I’m your girl. But if you just want one to chill out with one head over to her site!

2 thoughts on “Tech Inventions and Websites

  1. LM*A!! oh Dena you are just so cool!!! ;)
    Thanks for the lovely write up there……mind if I copy n paste it on my blog? I HAVE to record this moment!!! :)
    Hope your day is great!!

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