Sisters In Deed

December 24, 2008

My heroes for this week are the young women in my ward and the Olympic ward of my church. Because they are under 18 I will not be using their names in order to protect their identity but their deeds should not go unnoticed.

On the 19th of December the Singles had a dinner and dance. We were expecting a big crowd, eighty plus people had RSVPed for various aspects of the event. We had speed dating, karaoke, dinner, photo booth, and showed movies while everything else was getting ready. I had to go to Pasadena to drop off my son, which was a two hour bus ride to and fro. I didn’t get back to the church until 6pm. By that time the food was already cooking thankfully. Unfortunately the people who were supposed to help out our chef did not show up and our chef had to do a lot of the work herself. Ordinarily that might be overwhelming but doable but due to a recent heart attack cooking for so many people was a tremendous strain which made her sacrifice all the greater. It was then that the young women in the Olympic ward stepped in and helped out. They offered their services without being asked. They didn’t complain but simply went to work. They were awesome and if it wasn’t for them the whole night would’ve been a disaster. We owe a debt of gratitude for everything those young women did. They are a testament to charity and the pure love of Christ. I wish them tremendous blessings for all they did to help us old, decrepit singles that night. LOL

I would also like to the thank the girls in my ward-Wilshire-as well who also offered their help and did the Christmas cards. They come from a very large family (in fact, their family takes up two rows in our church) and their family has been awesome in helping the Singles pulling off our karaoke nights! They are a talented bunch and I have nothing but tremendous love and respect for all of them. That night they made my night just a tad bit easier. God bless them all.

Lastly, this is for an older sister who has been nothing but forgiving and kind after I let her down. I was in charge of the karaoke and I left the karaoke discs unattended and they were snatched. So I have offered to pay out of my pocket to have them replaced. However it is not that easy, they had sentimental value to her and she was going to use those in her upcoming wedding. I felt beyond bad for letting my sister down that way but she has been nothing short of forgiving and hasn’t uttered one unkind or hurtful word towards which is more than I deserve. I hate that my thoughtlessness caused her any pain and I am truly repentant. She is amazing and I wish her every happiness in her upcoming marriage. So these are my Wednesday’s heroes of the week.

I wish each and every one of them a wonderful Christmas and a joyous New Year.

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