My Christmas Wish

I only want one thing for Christmas this year and it is not some new electronic gizmo or anything that can be bought from the store. What I want for Christmas is to find someone I can build a life and family with. Someone I can marry in the temple. Someone who brings out the best in me. It should be simple enough, I am not asking for world peace or for liberals and conservatives to join hands and sing Kumbaya. All I am asking for is one man, with the billions on the planet, it shouldn’t be that difficult.

Anyway, I have been floating around a few different scenarios of how I would like things to go for me these next few weeks. I am hoping my world will change on December 19th but we will see.

My first scenario-the Mormon doctor

There is a young man I know (and I say young man because he is eight years my junior) and who I see on a weekly basis. He will often give me rides and we will talk about my son, politics, and other things, especially our respective spiritual journeys at this point in our life. He will be taking the last of his medical licensing exams on the 13th, so this is how I see it going.

Once again I am in his car and we are talking. We have arrived at my destination but we are still talking. I work up my courage and ask him, “Your exam is tomorrow right?” He replies, “Yes it is.” I smile nervously, “Well, I know you are going to do quite well, but all the same, here is a kiss for good luck.” I give him a kiss on the cheek.

Personally, I am all a flutter and he seems to be having some kind of reaction too. I tell him, “You know I have high expectations for you. I don’t want you just to pass the test, we both know you can do that. I want you to go in there and take no prisoners, blow those other doctors out of the water. Totally ace that test, alright?” He smiles at me and nods his head. “So was that kiss for me to ace the test then?” I reply, “Yes it was.”

He shakes his head and says, “Yeah, that kiss is not going to motivate me to ace the test. I would probably get the equivalent of a C with that kiss.” he explains. I figure he is just wrangling for another kiss but that is okay with me. “I see, so if I kissed you on the lips would that be proper motivation?” I ask mischievously. “I think so.” he answers. So I lean in and give him a soft peck on the lips. It is feathery and sweet. The kind of kiss that has been far too long since I experienced. I try to pretend it had no effect, but it did.

“Yes, definitely a better kiss and I definitely would improve with that kind of kiss but it is still not acing the test material.” he tells me. He is looking at me like I have never seen him look. I can see the desire in his eyes, I am wondering if he can see the desire in mine. “Let me show what I mean. ” He takes his hands and places them on my face, he pulls me closer to him and this time we really kiss. It is explosive and passionate. Our bodies are pressed together or as near as they can be from across the car. He holds me tight and I put my arms around his neck. The heated exchange seems to go on forever but finally we stop. He pulls away. He slides his hand down my face and looks me in the eye. “Now with that kind of kiss, I can do anything.” he tells me.

“Yeah.” I say breathlessly. “It was an amazing kiss.” He agrees. “We need to talk.” he tells me. “So I will drive you all the way to your son’s school.” With that we are off and by the time we end up at my son’s school he has asked me to be his girlfriend and has confessed to always finding me exciting, funny and attractive. I confess that I feel the same way about him. He promises to call me later and when he does we talk for hours. Ah and so is the beginning of our brand new relationship.

I am tired so I will do two and three tomorrow. And yes, I know the above scenario is a bit corny but that is only because I am a sucker for corny. LOL

Okay this is the reality of the above scene:

After our meeting, he came up to me (he never does that, I always go up to him) and started talking to me.  He was rather close as we were talking  (I should’ve paid attention to his stance, according to Yahoo guys stand with their legs apart and pelvis forward when they are into a  woman. It is an unconscious way of standing so he wouldn’t know he was doing it. )  He then asked me if I needed a ride. (He has only done that one other time, I am usually the one asking him.) We left together and when I got into his car I bonked his head. I laughed and then tousled his hair while I apologized. He didn’t seem to mind touching his hair.  And I kind of liked it. He joked that I almost took his head off and that he needed it to drive.  We talked about the Obama situation and how there is always a situation with this man.  Both of  us believe Obama somehow is tangled up in the selling of his Senate seat by the Illinois Governor and Jesse Jackson, Jr. He then told me he was leaving the next day. I was surprised I thought I had a couple more days with him before he left to Utah.  Instead he is taking his licensing exam in St. George. I hugged him and wished him a Merry Christmas. He wished me one as well. I then told him good luck on his exam and I expected him to ace it not just pass it.  He smiled and I got out of the car and left. Part of me wanted to kiss him just to see what he would do.  But I couldn’t bring myself to do it.  So I settled for my hug and hair tousle. Maybe in the new year, who knows?

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