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America’s Eulogy

While I am by no means willing to give up on America! While “doctors” like me known as patriots continue to fight for the life of this nation, while we continue to try to infuse her with life saving blood known as sacrifice and liberty, while we search our “medical books” known as the Constitution […]

Cali’s Garage Sale

[In her best announcer voice] Everything must go people! That’s right-one day, tons of sales! We are selling our jobs overseas, good education and pretty much our souls. So come one, come all-you are sure to get a heck of a deal! While that may not be what they are really selling-at least on Craigslist […]

All Ning Sites Are Down?

So I go to check my Ning site, “A Black Conservative Digest” and it can’t be found. I go to Ning-nothing. I go to Smart Girls Politics, also down. I go to NO WE WON’T! want to guess if that was up? Nah, it was down too. So I am wondering, if Obama’s cyber czar […]

1984-The Movie

1984-Reagan was re-elected president. My father had been killed by a drunk driver and I was locked up.  It was my own Orwellian nightmare. George was right, 1984 was going to be one sucky year! That being said I will review the movie after I watch it all. Hope you enjoy it!

We the People Health Care

As we debate the health care “crisis” in this country, we hear all kinds of solutions. We should have the government take over. You mean the same government that just ended dental benefits for adults on Medi-Cal. You mean the same gov’t that  forces me to jump through hoops after all this time to get […]

2010-Lloyd Marcus

Besides Zo, Lloyd has to be my favorite Black conservative. I mean not counting myself,  of course. LOL Then again I am truly not that conceited.  This is a great video.  For the best of Black conservatives check out

Jeane Robertson’s Comedy

In recent years most comedy has been vulgar and demeaning. No matter if it was a man or a woman, you could be certain to hear the most vile and crass things ever uttered out of the mouths of a comedians.  As a stand up comedian myself, I have often wanted to do my comedy […]


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