The Gay Agenda

Chicago’s Gay High School

Talks are under way to build a high school in Chicago specifically for the alphabet community. [I call them that because every other day they are adding another letter to their so called community in order to deceive society that there are more of them then there really are.] New York was the first state to have such a high school. Such schools are dangerous. Why? Because this is no more than segregation 21st-century style. You can sit there and say how it is important for gays to have an environment to feel safe in but in the end, you are recruiting youth into a deadly lifestyle that takes 20 years off the average gay person’s life and you are isolating them from the real world. It is a very elitist thing to do.

High schools like this don’t encourage people who are different to work together but instead says you need to be separated from straight society. If I was a gay teen I would be ten shades of mad at these so called liberal adults who want me to go to some other school because obviously I am not good enough to be around their straight kids! Let’s just ship her somewhere where she won’t bother those nice normal kids! If I was a gay teen I would tell them where they could stick their school! As a Black woman, I heard all the stories of Black students being forced to go to “Black only” schools. Are you going to sit there and tell me that those children felt “pride” at being treated as some kind of leper? Do you think little Black children were going, “Goody! We’re not good enough to associate with White folks so they built us this school, so we won’t infect the good White folks! Yipee!” Four Black children died so all of us would be able to go to school together and now you got these ungrateful brats who think they’re oppressed. Baby, you don’t even begin to understand oppression!

Matthew Shepherd does not an oppression make! 100 million dead Black men, women and children an oppression makes. Interning Japanese during World War II-does an oppression make! Wiping out several Native American tribes to near extinction DOES AN OPPRESSION MAKE!!!! One dead gay youth does not will not ever come close to being an oppressed minority. One dead gay youth is a tragedy nothing more. The so-called experts will say gay youth need this because of bullying! Give me a break! I was bullied as a kid and once I stood up for myself and knocked some people out it stopped! I was teased, harassed, put down, called nigger and somehow I got through it without a separate high school built just for me!

The whole premise is a slap in the face to civil rights activist everywhere! Is this why Medgar Evers died so we could once again segregate our youth? Is this why Dr. King died, so homosexuality would be normalized and taught in public schools? It is sad, very, very sad. Another thing, how does this really make them safer? If I was some “gay bashing homophobe” what would stop me from going to the school after hours and just having a field day with all the gay guys who were leaving the school? You might not like that closet but there is a certain amount of protection in there that a Black person will never have. When I walk anywhere people can tell I am Black. When a gay man walks down the street no one knows unless he is flamboyant about it. That part of his life can be a secret. However, skin color can NEVER be a secret. And while hate crimes for gays have been going down, hate crimes for Blacks and White males has been going up! In fact, you are MORE likely to be a victim of a hate crime if you are white male then if you are gay. The FBI stats prove this: In 2006 there were 890 anti-White hate crimes while only 747 anti-male homosexual hate crimes. There were 26 hate crimes committed against heterosexuals. So why don’t we hear about that?

And why is it only gays that deserve protection from bullying? Why don’t we protect the little girl that wears glasses or the boy who has big ears? Don’t they deserve protection? And why aren’t they getting a school built to protect them? The little girl can’t help if she has bad eyesight and the boy was born that way so why aren’t they protected? All that this is about is recruiting youth into the homosexual lifestyle. It is not about helping the youth. It is not providing education. It is not about anything at all except allowing teenagers to engage in risky and lethal sexual behavior and nothing more. Jean Bapiste Du Sable would be rolling over in his grave if he knew what was happening the to the city he helped create. It is a shame that we are sacrificing our children to political correctness. A shame indeed.

8 thoughts on “The Gay Agenda

  1. I like your point about the little girl with glasses or the boy with big ears.

    When I was in High School I was girl crazy, but school wasn’t supposed to be about sexuality nor a place for me to express my romantic desires or intentions. It just seems remarkably bizarre to create a school where kids can do precisely that without fear of retribution.

    My wife and I were talking tonight about how 100 or 1000 years ago there were despots that were just as evil and in some cases more evil than people today and there was a lot of wickedness, but the difference is in the permissiveness. Not only permissiveness but open celebration of what was commonly regarded by all as evil, not because they were stupid and backwards but because they weren’t stupid and willing to trade in their conscience.

    The world appears to be going to hell, and they get angry and vindictive when we try to slow down that process, or protect our very own kids over whom they should have no charge nor interest. God help us.

  2. dena,

    you should look up the stories on the school in new york. it’s a total failure. there are all sorts of issues with drugs and sex and bullying.

    i’ll see if i can find the article i was reading.

  3. dena, can you delete that last comment? i can’t find the article and i don’t want to spread rumors.

    but i will leave you with this:

    “California Public Health Department statistics on HIV/AIDS reveal that 76% of cases involve male-male homosexual sex. While the 51% rate in the nation as a whole is bad enough, California’s is much higher. AIDS in the U.S. is indeed a “gay” disease, and safe sex is being ignored, or it’s not working, or both.

    Will this be revealed in California public schools? If I gambled, I’d put big money on a “no” to that question, despite the 69,000 total HIV/AIDS deaths in California directly attributable to males who have sex with males. Apparently, these are “throw-away”people and we really don’t need to spend much time figuring out why they died.

    But if California cares about kids, it will notice that this epidemic is bleeding quickly into the lives of our youth ,according to the Centers for Disease Control, which revealed that between 2001 and 2006, HIV in the U.S. rose an average of 12% per year among males having sex with males between the ages 13 and 24 years old.”

  4. While I can’t delete your comment before, I will look into it from my end and see what I can find out. Thanks for the other information about HIV/AIDS. The former president for some prominent gay organizations actually came and said, “HIV is a gay disease!” and people about had a cow! The Right couldn’t believe he was honest enough to admit to the truth and the Left couldn’t believe…..well that he was honest enough to admit the truth. After all, the liberal organizations make big money off AIDS they are not looking for a cure and a slew of gay men have to die for a lie….so be it. Leftists are always saying, “Bush lied and people died.” Well Bush has nothing on the death toll by the liberal establishment. We have to stop them. These are our children’s lives they are messing with.

  5. Because I am being forced to whether I want to or not. Because their agenda is being forced down my throat and my religious liberty is consistently being mocked or compromised. Because the higher my child goes in the public school system the more likely he is to be indoctrinated into the gay lifestyle which is downright lethal. Because if I don’t care about something so wrought with physical, emotional and spiritual ramification such as homosexuality I have no business calling myself a “Christian.” If I know there is a gaping hole ahead of you and I don’t do anything to warn you, I am also culpable for your fall and injuries. And on my last day I will have to answer to Lord Jesus Christ and our Father, Elohim on why I did nothing to help save those who were encompassed by homosexuality. I will have plenty of explaining to do in my last days but I will not explain why I would rather let my brothers and sisters die then speaking out and telling the truth about homosexuality. If you want that conversation with the two of them, be my guest but I am not having it.

  6. i’m thinking this school will put out one fabulous spring musical.
    but the football team will suck.

    In more ways than one, Gino. LOL And hey they could manufacture meth in their science lab and could give a class in “Cruisin’ 101” Ah the joys of public education.

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