South Central Tea Party Organizes

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Yesterday I went to the South Central Tea Party. I had a good time and for once no one said, “It is good to see a Black person here.” Not that I mind all that much, but it was great just to be one of the bunch. Gathered around were people who were concerned about their country and the color of their skin did not play into it.

We were out there to protest the lies of the NAACP, who were busy holding a conference at the Convention Center.  Jesse L. Peterson who is the founder and director of BOND was the primary organizer of this event. An event that was a long time in coming. Did we make a dent in armor of the NAACP? Probably not, but then again nothing worth fighting for is ever easy.

This past Sunday was just the beginning. It was to let the NAACP know that they can’t depend on support of every Black person because if anyone is racist, it is the NAACP. Any other organization that would advocate for the death of millions of Blacks would be brought up on blatant discrimination charges yet the NAACP is able to get away with it? Why is that? Abortion is the biggest killer of Blacks and yet the NAACP has sided with those who seek to destroy us.

Anyone who would side with people who want to destroy the poor and Blacks which oftentimes are the same thing are nothing more than thugs. What South Central Tea Party gets that other Tea Parties don’t is that this cannot just be about how the government spends money. That how it spends money, is a root of something much deeper. That if you don’t fix the moral compass of a nation, nothing else is going to matter.

Abortion was not only brought up at this Tea Party, it was specifically addressed as one of the issues deeply affecting the Black population. That is something that is seldom addressed at other Tea Parties and while I understand you don’t want to get bogged down with too many issues, the issues of life and death and our government actively promoting death should be a topic to be addressed within the Tea Party framework.

While we may not have made a dent to Ben Jealous and his organization, we might have at least raised some awareness of what the NAACP believes and what the average Black person believes and that can only benefit the dialogue between the two.