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Ann Coulter vs. Joseph Farah

Joseph Farah has pulled Ann Coulter from his Taking Back America conference due to her appearing at a pro gay conservative conference. Ann said they never had confirmed it to begin with and now the name calling begins. Farah has been at the head of the “birther” controversy so he is a “radical”! Actually, there […]

Bush Welcomes Home Returning Vets

You have just got to love the look on that  young soldier’s face as he sees and greets President Bush at the Dallas airport.  Say what you want about Bush, he truly does care for our military men and women.  More so than his successor, Barack Obama. As you can see the military men just […]

Violence in Girls: A Growing Epidemic

Note: I recently came across this article that I started writing after the March for Women’s Lives in 2004, due to a lot of technical computer problems it was only recently discovered. I have decided to post it anyway, because truth has no time limit. On April 25, 2004 there was a march in Washington […]


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