My Mixed Feelings About Iran


She was a little black girl sitting in front of the television, watching the news with her mother.

Broadcasts would come on the television about Americans who had been taken hostage by a group of Iranian students. Every day, they would broadcast the number of days the hostages had been held. That little girl only knew one thing about Iranians, they were mean and they took her people.

A four-year-old, Iranian boy sat in his house, doing things four-year-old boys do. Unaware that world around him was surrounded by chaos. Or was he? What did he think of the Americans who hated him? Did he know about the Iranian hostage crisis? How did his young mind process that? Did he know he would one day live in America?

Dr. Shamsa and me at my UCLA graduationWhat these two did not know is that in 33 years they would be good friends. They didn’t know that that same four-year-old boy would save that nine-year-old girl’s life. They didn’t know he would be only one who would be able to save her. They didn’t know he would be there for her college graduation or that because of his generosity she would develop a bit of a crush on him.



All grown up and on her own, that nine year old is now dating an Iranian man.  Yet that nine year old girl who was distrustful of all Iranian still raises her head whenever she hears about taking our naval officers or some other high profile story. It is gets complicated because the nine year old girl is always there whispering in her ear, but the man she thinks about, the man she is falling for, the man who can make her head swoon just by holding her hand is Iranian.

As her about her best date and it was with him, walking along the beach holding her hand, looking up at the stars and talking in the sand. She loved and accepted. It was absolutely perfect. She didn’t see a “terrorist” she saw the man she loved. She saw the man she wanted to be with. When he held her, it was perfect. When she was in the hospital and he had barely any gas, he came to see her. He stayed by her side and took on the staff on her behalf. When she needed him, he was there. So how could he possibly be the bad guy? She lit up when he was around. He was her hero, not the villain.

She didn’t actually go to her prom but ask her about it and she will tell the best prom date was when she was the time she spent with her Iranian life saver-her cardiologist who came to her UCLA graduation. Spending time with him,  speaking about their lives was more exciting and fantastic than any prom date she would had at 18. That nine year old was nowhere that night and that four year old boy was anxious to meet her sister, an event that didn’t take place.

13619938_10208853458485744_7044993032052646618_nAsk her about her best time studying for finals and she will tell you about her friend, Robert who is also Iranian. She and her walked with their arms around each other to get some food. He was much younger than her but she didn’t care, she was flying. They both were transfers, they both had sat on their prior student government, and they both found UCLA a little overwhelming but they were definitely dealing with it. And though he had a Jewish background, he was a Christian now and they would spend a lot time talking about Christ. That night after they had pulled and all-nighter at Powell Library, Robert took her and Adonai  (her son) to Subway. Subway is Adonai’s favorite restaurant.

Whether it was friendship, her best prom date ever or falling in love her life had been surrounded by Iran (though she still thinks they should go back to calling their country Persia, it is so much more beautiful). Her heart now belongs to Iran in a way she thought it never would. So how does she reconcile the two or does even try? She is an American, if there is one thing she knows is how to love a country without loving the government. She will just “Americanize” Iran, thereby she can love all the people who matter to her without necessarily loving their government. It is the American way, after all.




Was Hillary Really Sick at 9/11 Memorial?

I have more sicknesses than any one person should. In fact, my sickness take up a page and a half when printed out. So I get how sickness can suddenly hit and wear you out.  However, when I heard about Hillary’s sickness at the 9/11 memorial my sickness radar went on alert. While there did seem to be something wrong with Hillary, there is also something very suspicious about the whole thing. .

The reasons I am suspicious:

  1. If she was truly dehydrated why was she taken to her daughter’s house and not a hospital. I have been dehydrated and it is not fun. But I took myself to the hospital, I didn’t go to my sister’s house.  The New York Times states: “Mrs. Clinton was taken from the morning event at ground zero to the Manhattan apartment of her daughter, Chelsea.” It would be understandable if Chelsea or her husband were a doctor but neither are, so what is the point of going to your daughter’s if you are indeed in need of medical help.
  2. Ninety minutes later she is saying she is feeling great.  “About 90 minutes after arriving there, Mrs. Clinton emerged from the apartment in New York’s Flatiron district and waved to onlookers, posing for pictures with a little girl on the sidewalk.

    “I’m feeling great,” Mrs. Clinton said. “It’s a beautiful day in New York.” the New York Times again stated.  Let’s say she was simply dehydrated from the heat. Well I have stated I have been dehydrated and I wasn’t bouncing back from it in 90 minutes, I can tell you that much. It took about a day and I was better. And I was much younger with fewer health problems back then. Given Mrs. Clinton’s advanced age, it is doubtful she would also bounce back that quickly.

People are pointing out that she probably has a doctor on call and does not need to go to the hospital like us peons. However, if it is true that she does have pneumonia which is what is now being said she has then that calls for an x-ray of the lungs.  And I have never met a doctor who carries around his own x-ray machine. So if that it is the case, that means she went to Chelsea, did her wave thing, and then went to her doctor’s or the hospital to get that confirmed. That seems like a lot of running around for a lady who has pneumonia.

Secondly, I get the whole telling people you are great when you really want to die. I practically invented that. But if she has pneumonia even if she is telling people she is fine, she would have looked a lot worse. Something is not right and my sickness radar does not lie. So whatever is going on with Hillary it is not clear, but I don’t think anyone is being forthright in this situation.

For video: click here

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Sick! Promotion of Abortion-Sept. 28

lots-of-babiesThis weekend we remembered the unborn slaughtered by abortion by visiting grave sites. However, the pro-choice side will not be outdone by human compassion and love for all human beings. They must promote their evil. So in line with that on September 28th they will have their own macabre event. It is called the Global Day of Action for Access to Safe and Legal Abortion.  

Of all the lies they pose as the truth on their site this has to be most upsetting and demonic is this sentence: Access to safe and legal abortion is a HUMAN RIGHT and a MORAL GOOD. Since when did killing innocent people become a moral good. And just because you say it is a good does not make a good. Otherwise, we would have no laws or crimes because people could just say it is a moral good.

the worldAnd if that did get the hairs on the back of your neck standing on end, here is something that will: A few weeks ago, a coalition of 430 pro-abortion groups sent a letter to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, as well as to the heads of UN Women, the UN Development Programme, the World Health Organization, the UN Population Fund, the UN Children’s Fund, UNAIDS, and UNESCO, requesting the establishment of the would-be infamous date. That is right there are 430 organizations around the world that promote killing innocent children! And not only do they promote it they are trying to get the UN on board! This petition goes on to state “According to the letter,  September 28th was declared an international day of action for the decriminalization of abortion in 1990 by the so-called women’s health movement, and it has been “celebrated” annually ever since.”

So since 1990 there has been an attempt to create a worldwide abortion day. The good thing is that more people are becoming pro-life despite days like this. I did a little poll and 24 people out of 51 considered themselves pro-life. That is nearly half. The other people considered themselves pro choice or neither pro-life or pro-choice.  That is pretty representative of real polls done  by actual polling groups. The pro-choice crowd is running scared and they need days like this to push their diabolical agenda.

If you want to make sure we don’t the UN to sponsor such a day, get in touch with your representatives and make sure they know this is unacceptable. Also tell them it is time we get out of the UN. It has become a harbinger of evil with its population control agenda and we should not associate ourselves with this organization any longer.

My 911 Memory…Or Lack Thereof

I don’t really have a memory of 911, not in the traditional sense anyway. When you think of memories, there is usually some kind of connection, something that truly pulls at your heartstrings years later. I don’t have that. There was no one who I lost, thankfully. Though I was beginning to leave my liberal ways behind I was still very much anti-America back then. That is not to say I wanted any of those people to die, but I did feel we brought it on ourselves. That would change dramatically over time.

However on that day, I remember getting up and turning on the tv. I saw the plane go into the Twin Towers. The volume wasn’t on so I didn’t know what it was. I thought it was a trailer for a movie. Then I saw the same “trailer” again and again, by that time I came to realize there was something going on and whatever that image was, it wasn’t a trailer. So I turned up the volume. The news announcer told me we had been attacked and airplanes had been hijacked and one of them had hit the Twin Towers and another one had hit the Pentagon. There was more shock than anything else.

Being an empath [Go here to find the definition for an empath] I have to be very careful with emotions. I watched as much as I could but I knew if I watched the 24/7 coverage, I was going to be in trouble emotionally. So I looked around on tv for anything I could watch, anything that wasn’t that awful image. Anything that just temporarily would allow me to forget we were under attack. Whether or not we deserved it became a moot point rather quickly. It may have been 9/11 but it might as well been December 7, 1941. Was this what my grandparent’s generation felt like on the day Japan bombed Pearl Harbor?

I looked what seemed like forever and then she came across the screen. It was an episode of I Love Lucy. If anyone could get me though this, it was Lucille Ball. So I sat there watching her, never changing the channel because I knew if I did I would have to see my nation under attack.  So it was just me and Lucy that day. Because it was Lucy, the saddest day in U.S history (at least while I have been alive) became the funniest, not because of the situation, of course. That will never be funny. But because I transported myself to a world where terrorists were not a part of my reality at that point, but Lucy wanting to be in Ricky’s show was.

So what did I do on 9/11, I invited Lucy into my home to take the shock away.

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National Day of Remembrance for Aborted Babies This Weekend

National Day of Remembrance for Unborn Children, September 12, 2015

The National Day of Remembrance for Aborted Babies  is taking place all around the country this weekend. There are several locations so hopefully if you can’t make it one day you can the other. So what is the National Day of Remembrance? It is a day where people go to cemeteries that have taken aborted babies and given them a proper burial. Too many of those tragic lives have just been tossed in the trash like everyday refuse.  This allows these lives at least to have the human dignity of being buried.

The National Day of Remembrance of Aborted Babies helps put into perspective the tragedy of abortion and the human costs of it. We are about sixty million when it comes to how many children have died via abortion. That number is way to high. It is time abortion was not justified by the state and given money to quack doctors to perform. It is time abortion was ended and not regulated.

The first one of these remembrance days was held in 2013 and they had 100 memorials back then. Today there is 164 memorial sites. These are basically vigils for the unborn, so there will be prayers, candle-lighting and I would gather those sharing their stories of their own abortion, people with their own grief.  Organizations like Silent No More Awareness, that helps women recover from their abortion by allowing them to speak out about their experience will be out there, along with Citizens for a Pro-Life Society, Priests for Life and Pro-Life Action League. They are all major sponsors of this event.

Even if you can’t participate in any of the events, you should continue to fight for the lives of the unborn. It is time we abolish abortion altogether, not regulate it. You cannot regulate what is already illegal.



Is Madison’s Becoming the Unofficial Sponsor for Third Parties?

Open Rebellion Radio0What started out as a single debate is developing into a series of debates. The debate of Tom Hoefling and Chris Keniston was one of the Open Rebellion Radio Network’s highest listened to shows.  Not only the day after the show when Madison’s has no other show taking place there were higher numbers than for the actual debate. Which is understandable, many people were interested but couldn’t listen to it at the time so they went back later and listened to it.

While the debate was fast approaching, two other groups came forward wanting to be a part of it. We told them that it was too close but that we would do a debate just for them. So now we have a second debate. Obviously, people are starting to look to Madison’s to get the word out about third parties that they can’t get elsewhere. And that is our goal, not just with third parties, but to report on things you can’t get elsewhere.

The third parties this year definitely have a chance of changing the course of this election. By more Americans’ seeking out third parties due to the overgrowing dissatisfaction of the main two parties, this election will look unlike any other before it. Third parties have a real chance to grow their bases this election cycle if they only grab the opportunity to do so. Of course, we would not ignore the main parties totally. We have had on our radio show, Lori Bartley who is a Republican. We haven’t had any Democratic leaders on our show, but not for the lack of trying, we are trying to get  Congressman Xavier Becerra and Assembly member Sebastian Ridley Thomas on our radio show. Both are from California and both are Democrats.

MadisonsCPCThe goal of Madison’s CPC and Open Rebellion Radio Network is not to eliminate the two party system per se, we believe that should be up to the people and if the people want it gone then so be it. But we do believe at the very least there needs to be greater participation in the political system and not just from Republicans and Democrats, but from those who are voiceless now. So if the Nail Biters of America wanted to create a party and they were able to get their people into elected office, then bravo to the Nail Biters! Our goal at Madison’s is to make sure people are heard.

So if more third parties should see Madison’s as their voice in their fight to bring constitutional conservatism back, well we would have to say, “Welcome to Madison’s!” After all, one of our Open Rebellion commercials tags us as the new home for constitutional conservatives. And when you’re right, you’re right.

And the Debate Goes On

3rd Party Debate with Tom Hoefling and Chris Keniston

Open Rebellion Welcomed Pro-Life Icon, Jill Stanek

jill-stanek-and-meOn September 6, 2016 Madisons CPC’s  Open Rebellion Radio Network welcomed Jill Stanek on their radio show with Danielle Pechette Graham and Dena Leichnitz.  It was an amazing conversation. Jill started out as your average pro-lifer but something horrible and tragic would take place that transformed her into  a staunch advocate of protecting unborn children.

Jill was working at Christ Hospital as a registered nurse and had been there for a year when she learned that there were abortions going on there. But not just any abortion, what was going on was basically infanticide. The children would not be aborted in utero but would often be born alive and then left to die. Jill held one of these children for forty five minutes and at that point she became pro-life in a way she never had before.

She talked about how children with birth defects whether it is Down Syndrome or children with severe heart defects are often given the only option of abortion to deal with the pregnancy but many parents are beginning to speak out about this: “Many parents are coming forward and saying these kids are a blessing and not something to be aborted.” Jill has been named as the national chairman of Susan B. Anthony’s List which Jill refers to as the opposite of Emily’s List for Democratic women. It is also different in another way, Susan B. Anthony was a real woman who had real accomplishments in securing rights for women. EMILY stands for Early Money Is Like Yeast. Which shows it is not about women, their rights but about securing money for the politicians they want in office, nothing else.

Jill talked about how we are winning the culture war when it comes to the pro-life vs. pro-choice side  of it. According to Jill the number of abortion clinics has decreased. At our all time high it was around 2176. Right now, it is about 728. We have passed approximately 334 pro life laws and abortions have gone down from 1.6 million to 1 million even. Even though that is still way too many, the overall progress is good. Jill confirmed more people are becoming pro-life. It won’t be much longer until abortion is a thing of the past. And while women may still abort their children should abortion become illegal, at least we won’t have the state justifying it any longer.

Listen to Jill on Madison’s Open Rebellion Radio Network at and learn what you can do to make a difference in saving the life of a child.



Conservative Icon, Phyllis Schlafly Dies at 92

Phyllis Schlafly was anti-feminist before being anti-feminist was cool. She was a conservative icon and promoted traditional values long before they became known simply as “family values.” Phyllis Schlafly was 92 when she died.

Phyllis came to the rise in the 60’s due to her opposition to abortion rights and as mentioned earlier, feminism. She wrote a book called “A Choice, Not an Echo.” which was as NBC News referred to it: “A call to arms for conservatives and an argument for the 1964 Republican candidacy of Barry Goldwater.”  Phyllis strongly opposed the Equal Rights Amendment and many people believe she is largely the reason it didn’t pass ratification.  There are few women who are more despised by the Left than Phyllis but she never let that deter her from her work.

Phyllis Schlafly is credited with giving rise to the conservative movement in the late 20th century. The New York Times describes her followers as “foot soldiers for Reagan.”  They go on to say ” The conservative theorist and organizer Paul Weyrich said that ‘Mrs. Schlafly dressed up the conservative movement for success at a time when absolutely no one thought we could win.'”

Phyllis Schlafly called Donald Trump, the last great hope for America. I guess we will see.

Young, Black Woman Killed by Planned Parenthood


A young woman by the name of Cree Erwin was killed by Planned Parenthood. This is nothing new for Planned Parenthood. The fact that she is Black is even less of a rarity. Cree Erwin was 24 when she was killed by an abortionist.

She died just three days after her abortion. The complications were so bad from the abortion that she had to go to the emergency room. Once she was there, she ended up dying a few hours later. She died on June 30, 2016. No doubt you didn’t read about her death in the mainstream press because such things are covered up by those in power.

Laura Castleman, who prescribed some medicine following the abortion of Ms. Erwin, though we not sure if she did the actual abortion as well, has a history of other abortion-related injuries. “Castleman’s Drug Control Location License for the Kalamazoo Planned Parenthood lapsed on January 31, 2016. In Michigan, medical providers must obtain a Drug Control Location License for every facility where they routinely dispense drugs.” (Life News)

If Castleman’s license is indeed “lapsed” it is confusing why she is still prescribing medication to anyone at the clinic. Castleman has also been involved in other abortion-related deaths at other clinics as well in the cities of Ann Arbor and Kalamazoo. All of these were Planned Parenthoods that Castleman worked at. Planned Parenthood who is supposed to provide “safe and legal” abortions has been caught killing and injuring other women in the past, the most famous being 18-year-old Holly Patterson who died in 2003 from the abortion drug RU486 dispensed by a Planned Parenthood clinic.

Cree is just the most recent of abortion deaths. “A complaint has been filed by Operation Rescue against the Kalamazoo Planned Parenthood, seeking a revocation of its facility license that permits it to conduct abortions. Meanwhile, a homicide investigation conducted by the Battle Creek Police Department remains open pending the release of Erwin’s autopsy report, which may not be available for weeks or months.”  (Life News)

Even if there is an investigation there is no guarantee this case will go to trial. There is even less chance that if it does that the clinic will be closed down or the abortionist will go to prison and serve any serious time for it. It is about the slaughter of women, especially Black women who seem to have a higher death rate for abortion than White women since they undergo more abortions, does not go unnoticed. It is time to speak out for these women and it is time that the pro-choice movement took responsibility for the carnage they are producing. Until that comes it will be the pro-life side that will have to speak out for women like Cree.