Is Madison’s Becoming the Unofficial Sponsor for Third Parties?

Open Rebellion Radio0What started out as a single debate is developing into a series of debates. The debate of Tom Hoefling and Chris Keniston was one of the Open Rebellion Radio Network’s highest listened to shows.  Not only the day after the show when Madison’s has no other show taking place there were higher numbers than for the actual debate. Which is understandable, many people were interested but couldn’t listen to it at the time so they went back later and listened to it.

While the debate was fast approaching, two other groups came forward wanting to be a part of it. We told them that it was too close but that we would do a debate just for them. So now we have a second debate. Obviously, people are starting to look to Madison’s to get the word out about third parties that they can’t get elsewhere. And that is our goal, not just with third parties, but to report on things you can’t get elsewhere.

The third parties this year definitely have a chance of changing the course of this election. By more Americans’ seeking out third parties due to the overgrowing dissatisfaction of the main two parties, this election will look unlike any other before it. Third parties have a real chance to grow their bases this election cycle if they only grab the opportunity to do so. Of course, we would not ignore the main parties totally. We have had on our radio show, Lori Bartley who is a Republican. We haven’t had any Democratic leaders on our show, but not for the lack of trying, we are trying to get  Congressman Xavier Becerra and Assembly member Sebastian Ridley Thomas on our radio show. Both are from California and both are Democrats.

MadisonsCPCThe goal of Madison’s CPC and Open Rebellion Radio Network is not to eliminate the two party system per se, we believe that should be up to the people and if the people want it gone then so be it. But we do believe at the very least there needs to be greater participation in the political system and not just from Republicans and Democrats, but from those who are voiceless now. So if the Nail Biters of America wanted to create a party and they were able to get their people into elected office, then bravo to the Nail Biters! Our goal at Madison’s is to make sure people are heard.

So if more third parties should see Madison’s as their voice in their fight to bring constitutional conservatism back, well we would have to say, “Welcome to Madison’s!” After all, one of our Open Rebellion commercials tags us as the new home for constitutional conservatives. And when you’re right, you’re right.

And the Debate Goes On

3rd Party Debate with Tom Hoefling and Chris Keniston


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