Urban Conservatives: Who Are They?

Blogger Vanessa Jean Louis of http://blog.afroconservative.com wrote a piece recently on what she has termed the “urban conservative.”  So who is this urban conservative and does having such a group help or hurt the conservative movement?

First of all, we must remember though conservatives share basic tenets, their individual ideologies can differ. Fiscal conservatives are often at odds with social conservatives. Fiscal conservatives often argue that we should simply ignore divisive topics like abortion, gay marriage and gays in the military and instead should focus all our efforts on restoring the economy. Social conservatives (of which I proudly claim to be one) say restoring the economy is a lesson in futility if you have a society that decaying all around you. We believe our first priority is to lift the human spirit and bring back the promise given to us in the Declaration of Independence. That all of us are entitled to “the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”  The right to life being first and foremost.

So who are these urban conservatives? Do we really need another breed of conservatives considering the battle already brewing between fiscal and social conservatives? Urban conservatives might be the answer though-according to jean Vanessa Louis’ site urban conservatives combine the social conservatives need to focus on societal issues with the fiscal conservatives view of limited government, especially concerning monetary matters.  Urban conservatives, according to Ms. Louis, should not be confused with black conservatism, since many urban conservatives come in all shades.

Urban conservatives are usually from the inner city (so am I an urban conservative by default?) and don’t see the solutions to solve the problems in their community as a one size fits all kind of deal.  There is this quote from Akindele Akinyemi (pictured on the right) on an urban conservative website titled Hip Hop Republican-http://www.hiphoprepublican.com

When we discuss the need for urban conservatism we do not seek to be validated by mainstream conservatives. So when we say we are not interested in Rush Limbnaugh, Ann Coulter or other radio shock jocks its not because we think what they are doing is not effective. If you like that level of entertainment then please support them. We simply want to concentrate on policies that we can help shape and develop to execute.

Urban conservatives seemed to have found a happy union between their social conservatism and their fiscal one. Maybe Jim DeMint was right when he was quoted as saying, “You can’t be a fiscal conservative without being a social conservative.” Obviously, urban conservatives already knew that. Maybe it is time for the rest of the conservative to figure it out to.

Dorifornia-How Soon We Forget!

Finding Nemo (video game)

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For those of you who are Finding Nemo fans,  you will understand why I compared my state to the little blue fish, Dori. Dori suffers from short term memory loss.  Because she forgets so easily she is often caught in perilous situations. She is a good fish but her forgetfulness makes it harder to make friends or even basic decisions. This is where California finds itself right now.  Suffering from shert term memory loss.

Instead of picking someone new to help us weather this financial freefall we are currently experiencing we went and elected a governor from 1975! Are you kidding me, people! Granted, a big portion of the voting electorate wasn’t even born in 1975 but shame on you for those who were!  While the rest of the country was busy cleaning house and putting in conservative candidates to the point where we actually reclaimed the House again, California was busy being nostalgic and remembering how good they looked in hot pants to actually do anything to help our state. It is absolutely despicable that Jerry Brown would be elected…again!

  Let’s look at what California was like during his tenure as governor. We had the worst energy crisis to the point where gasoline was being rationed. You could only get gasoline based on your license plate number and on certain days.  We had ridiculously high unemployment and though I was young back then, I clearly remember the constant cuts to education. So where are we today? We have ridiculously high unemployment, high gas prices and cuts to education. Hmmm, he didn’t fix anything the first time around, what makes you think he is going to do anything this time?

California is clearly being run by a lot of brain dead dolts who haven’t the foggiest clue about their own history.  What is worse is that California seems unwilling to admit that their liberal policies have done more to depress not only the people but the economy itself. They seem unwilling to try anything new instead they keep banging their head against the proverbial wall while complaining of a headache. It is pure insanity in California. The only good thing is that they had enough brain cells not to legalize  pot! Other than that,  they have shown themselves to be liberal to the point of utter and complete retardation. It is a shame because California holds such promise. Too bad we keep wasting it on people like Jerry Brown.

Unhappy Voters, Happy Country?


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With the growing discontent among voters, especially with the two party system that seems to mirror each other, how can we turn that around and become a happy country? First of all, what are we? Are we happy, upset, discontent, and just out all angry? What is the pulse of the American voter

While I am not a liberal and don’t go around speaking for everybody, I will say the growing frustration among the American populus doesn’t have to be a bad thing. It can actually be a catalyst to making improvements within our country. Some of the improvements I would like to see are the following.

1) Education becoming more valued. I think Americans take their education for granted. It is time we start realizing while we were being apathetic, our children were being dumbed down. We need to empower parents (after we educate–not indoctrinate–them, of course) to make decisions regarding their child’s future. By letting the state have control over where our children go to school, what they learn and how rapidly they can advance, we have severely damaged our children.  There needs to be more done in the way of school choice. Whether it is vouchers, promotion of homeschooling and creating a competitive environment in which schools compete for students to better serve the children, we need to stop looking to the same old liberal doctrine that has created this mess to begin with. We need to eliminate the Department of Education and get the federal government out of the education business. At least in terms of K-12, for postsecondary colleges we need to do better to make sure people are learning the courses they need to be gainfully employed. We need to abolish the No Child Left Behind Act and really get together on a local level to get rid of bad teachers and court good ones.

2.  We need to protect human life from conception to natural death. Nothing we can do is more important than this. If we don’t protect life at all stages, it is up for grabs at any stage. By making sure this fundamental right is granted and that all people have the right to be born, we secure the rest of our rights as well. There can be no rights without the right to life. We must continually press on and fight for the rights of the unborn, disabled and elderly who are often the target of a hateful Leftist regime who sees no innate value in their lives. This is not a political issue, it is a human issue and anyone who cannot understand that doesn’t deserve to be called a human being since they see fit to strip that title from others.

3) We need to secure marriage.  Marriage, in and of itself, is very equitable. It says one man HAS to marry one woman and both parties are entitled to the full rights and benefits of such union. There is no discrimination in marriage as it currently stands. In fact, it is the gay community who wishes to discriminate and make marriage unequal and who promote inequality, not equality. We need to secure marriage because it offers the best hope to families. It is the safest place for women and children. By working to make sure marriage stands between one man and one woman we are actually producing a benefit to everyone in society, even gays, for when societies are stable and not fraught with contention, everyone is more free.

These are the things that inspire me to continue to speak out and try to make a difference. We each need to recognize if there are overwhelming ills in our society, it is because we have allowed them to go unchecked and have neglected our responsibility to correct them. Right now, everyone seems to be divided and fighting amongst themselves. However, if we are wise we can use that unhappiness we feel to motivate us into action and to help move America forward. We  need not settle for what the Republicans and Democrats says are the best and the brightest. The time has come to make a difference. The way you do that is by starting small. Get involved in your local community by volunteering at schools, churches, and local neighborhood councils. You can write letters to your representatives, better yet if their office is near you, drop in for a visit. You can sign petitions or do a 101 other things that will make an impact on your life.  I think we are at this point, where people are seeking out ways to make this a happy country once again. If enough people get involved and start being of service, we won’t need the politician’s paltry band-aids for our ills, for we will have the medicine that can save our lives. That medicine is called Unity. You know as in the UNITED States of America!

Election Day

The White House at night

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It is Election Day and soon it will be found out if conservatives did indeed claim the White House back from the commie hijackers that stole it in November 2008.  This is not so much about party but about what kind of country we want to leave for our children (Yes, pro-aborts some of us still think having children is a good thing and want to leave the world better than we found it! ) For too long now, we have followed the Pied Pipers of Liberalism to our own detriment.

Meg Whitman

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 As of right now, I don’t  know who the governor of California is.  Is it Meg Whitman? Is another round of Jerry Brown (hello! You did a crappy job the first time around, some of us actually remember that!)? Neither one really appeals to me, which is why I will be voting for Chelene Nightingale.  Whether she wins or not, the important thing is to continue to fight for the values we hold dear:

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. ~Declaration of Independence

Our future is on the line. We will either continue as a nation forged in liberty or we will become the slaves of the government who thinks they know better than we do. In each generation, there is a time to stand up, stand tall and raise your voice in freedom.  This is our time! I belong to Generation Me. I grew up in a generation devoted to hedonism, feminism and where corruption became the norm. I grew up in the day of AIDS, sexual depravity and moral relevancy. All these things seeking to lay claim to our shared humanity. I had to make a decision.  I could continue down this path of destruction or I could turn my life around and help others to do the same. My generation more than any other has done more to damage the social fabric of society and it is time that we clean up our mess!  If we can destroy it then we can rebuild it! And it all starts with one election! This election!

We will either continue to do what we have always done-exploit greed. Or we take back our Constitution and our right to govern ourselves. So when you go out and vote this Election Day, remember that we are one vote away from becoming Communist China. One vote away from allowing the government to have total control over every aspect of our lives. One vote away from a media run only by the state. One vote away from being silenced. Will you be silenced? I hope not. Get out and vote!