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Fighting the Progressives

I often wonder how a group of people that are so dead set against progress could ever call themselves “progressive.” MostĀ  progressives are very much anti-progress even when that progress actually agrees with them on another and supposedly more important issue. Let’s take the Bus Riders Union here in Los Angeles. TheseĀ  people are the […]

Colin Powell Hires Illegal Immigrants

I have never liked Colin Powell but I like him less as a conservative than I ever did as a liberal. It is this kind of weak-kneed liberal hogwash why we are in the mess we are in. It is disgraceful that liberals are always trying to paint criminals as the victims while completely ignoring […]

Lee Paige to Speak at LDS Church

Lee Paige will be giving a talk at a local LDS Church. Lee Paige gave a talk at LACC last semester on becoming a paralegal. He will be one of the many people giving a talk tonight. Two current students from BYU (Brigham Young University) and one from USC Law school will be speaking as […]


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