Colin Powell Hires Illegal Immigrants

Colin Powell, Secretary of State.

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I have never liked Colin Powell but I like him less as a conservative than I ever did as a liberal. It is this kind of weak-kneed liberal hogwash why we are in the mess we are in. It is disgraceful that liberals are always trying to paint criminals as the victims while completely ignoring the real victims of this mass invasion of our country.

While he talks about the need to protect our borders you can’t do that by letting everyone in. If anyone should understand this it is an Army General and the former Secretary of State for crying out loud. He goes on to say he is not happy to see the direction the Republican Party is going in.  Neither are we, Mr. Powell! People like you are calling yourself Republicans when in truth you are nothing but a traitorous liberal.

I was talking to my son as we were walking to his school and we started talking about immigration and he said and I quote “You just can’t let everyone into the country Mommy. What about the bad guys and the people who are sick!” HE WAS IN KINDERGARTEN WHEN UTTERED THOSE WORDS!!!

So you mean to tell me a 5 year old understands immigration in its most basic form and a four star general does not? Are you friggin’ kidding me with this. Granted my son is highly intelligent, more so than even most of the adults I know but come on people, it doesn’t take a genius to realize that in order to protect our borders you can’t let just anyone in. With the murder of Arizona rancher, Robert Krantz who was killed by an illegal invader a few months back, it is time we get serious about illegals!

As for Colin, if he is knowingly hiring illegals he should be brought up on charges for hiring people he knows are breaking the law. As a military man he is supposed to be about law and order. If a four star general is getting away with this what is stop anyone from doing the same. Until people like him are jailed or fined heavily, this will keep happening. And Colin there is no illegals working in my house and I resent you saying so!

Any way you look at this statement by Colin it does  not spell good news.

1) He is knowingly hiring people he knows are in this country illegally. As such he is betraying his own country and turning his back on her citizens by hiring these people.

2) He is just assuming every Hispanic guy who is fixing his house is here illegally when they could very well be legal residents or citizens.

So he is either complicit in a crime or he is straight up racist. Either way does not bode well for him.  Colin,  if this is how you are going to treat your country then please jump ship and go over to the rest of the America haters in the Democratic party.


5 thoughts on “Colin Powell Hires Illegal Immigrants

  1. And another thing, Powell is not going to switch parties because being a democrat will lower his status. Yes, its actually embarrassing for a black who has attained stature in life to be a democrat. For a black to be a republican is an indication of “moving up” or accomplishments in life.

    Another reason why I think he wont leave the republican party is because he want to be a thorn in the GOP’s side. I dont know what really happened in the WH between Bush & Powell, but what ever happened must have made him a very bitter man. He’s damaged goods to the point that he’s worthless to both parties. Remember Arlen Spector.

    Powell, it seems to me is on a vendetta mission against the GOP. He needs to chill.

    ps: I say all of this without being dismissive of his honorable military service.

  2. Being allowed to stay in any elected position seems to rot most pols minds. Most
    elected officials need an intervention on a regular basis. Say every two terms? Or one for Senators? That would be our job.
    Some time ago I believed General Powell would have been a fine candidate for POTUS. I only wish that we had the opportunity to find out.
    On a more cheerful note……..being a conservative isn’t a dirty word anymore.

  3. I agree with you both Janelle and Arlene. At one time, he might’ve done some good and I will never bad mouth his military service but as Arlene pointed out he is damaged goods. It is too bad, he has ditched his conservative values.

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