It’s A Blog People!

IMG_20180102_012548_576People don’t seem to understand  what a blog is! It is an online opinion piece. Which means I am not a news source nor should you use my blog as a news source. You want a news source go to CNN, ABC or FOX or National Compass

It also means unless I feel compelled to do so I do not owe you any sources. Look it up yourself. Also because it is my opinion I believe what I say to be absolutely right…for me. You can believe I am a bigot, but all that does is show how small minded you are to other people’s opinions. It does not prove you are anymore right than me. If anything it proves you immaturely resort to name calling when you do not like another person”s poimt of view.

A blog is a reflection of person’s life. It comes from the heart and how they feel about a certain subject. You are not owed political correctness  on a blog nor will you ever find it on mine. It is my blog, my opinion and if you do not like it no one is forcing you to stay.



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