The Immorality of Abortion

Abortion, put simply, is murder and therefore cannot be codified by our government. Thereby, allowing it under Medicaid and other measures they are not only doing the immoral thing, but an unconstitutional one as well. In fact the fifth amendment of our constitution reads: No person shall be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law;  (Constitution 5th amendment, 4th clause)  This is why pro-choicers get hung up on them word life. They know that they don’t have a leg to stand morally so they try to act as if they have one constitutionally.  So what makes abortion immoral?

  • It is the taking of an innocent human life.  While many religions, cultures and nations have standards for the taking of a human life, all of them repel at the thought of taking an innocent life.  No one celebrates when an innocent person is executed. An unborn child is completely innocent. It has not incurred any wrong and to take the life simply because you don’t want remains the heart of true evil.
  • It is not your body. You will hear pro-choice people say it is their body so they can do whatever they want. But it is not your body, it never was or will be. If that is the case you do not exist, because you are part of your mother’s body, who is part of her’s mother’s body, all the way back to Eve (or Mitochrondrial Eve, if you are an evolutionist)  So every man, woman and child is thereby Eve and you have no rights or consciousness because it all belongs to one body. Even as a Creationist that sounds like absolute nonsense, so if you exist then the body inside you exist as a separate entity and though it is coming through you it is not of you! Both of you are separate individuals and do not deserve to die because of someone else’s comfort.
  • Lastly, it is immoral because murder is not a solution to life’s problems. Whether those problems be poverty, domestic violence, rape, etc. You don’t get to solve your problems by killing someone else especially when they person you are killing had nothing to do with your problem. It is heartless and barbaric. If you can’t solve your problems yourself, that is unfortunate, but you do not get to pick murder as an option.

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