Obama: Punished With A Baby

When you go and vote on November 4th, remember this is a man who equated his own grandchild with STDs and called each one a punishment! Should I have a daughter one day and she comes to me at sixteen and says “Mom, I’m pregnant.” I will not be overjoyed at the thought of my little girl being pregnant out of wedlock because I know firsthand how tough life is going to be for her but I would wrap my arms around her and say, “You are my child and you are carrying my grandchild. I love both of you. I will be willing to do anything you want to help you and your child. You might want to consider adoption, I was adopted and got the greatest family in the world. If not for adoption you wouldn’t have your aunt and uncles. You are not abandoning your child, you are giving them a chance. It is a noble thing to do. However, if you want to raise your child, I will help you in caring for it, just like my family helped caring for your brother. I will not help you in aborting your child. If you do that you are killing yourself, you are killing me. I’m in there too. I think we are pretty great people, so let’s bring another part of us into the world. ” With that in mind, I would hold her in my arms and let her know she is not being punished for anything. In fact, whenever God in the Old Testament wanted to punish society he did it by making the people barren, not by giving them children! Therefore, having a child HAS NEVER BEEN A PUNISHMENT!!!! And for someone to say otherwise is vicious and cruel!

Next how many of us were born to unwed, teenage mothers (including Christ himself!)? Were we all punishments? Is my son a punishment to me because I am an unwed mother? How dare he say such a heartless comment. God help his girls, if they ever fall short of their father’s expectations. I feel for those girls. I hope they know even if they disappoint Daddy, that there are people out there who will love them regardless of whatever predicament they find themselves in at the time. We call these people Christians, real Christians. May God have mercy on Obama’s soul.

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