All Abortions are Forced Abortions

English: Rep. Albert Wynn (left) joins Gloria ...

English: Rep. Albert Wynn (left) joins Gloria Feldt (right), President of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, on the steps of the Supreme Court, to rally in support of the pro-choice movement on the Anniversary of Roe v. Wade (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The pro-choice crowd or as I refer to them the “poor-choice” crowd would like you to believe that a woman goes into an abortion clinic, the same way she goes into a nail salon with a smile on her face and a happy tune in her heart. Not only does she walk in that way, she walks out skipping and singing “Skip to My Lou

However, that is almost never the case. We all know Lorena Bobbitt, men quake in fear at the name. The woman who cut off her man’s penis while he slept. How many know the story behind the story though? According to website Green Left: “For months we have been subjected to nauseating, titillating news coverage of the case. Lorena accused her husband of repeated rape and beatings and forcing her to have an abortion.” Green Left is definitely  a leftist site hence the name but even from this tidbit we do see that women are forced into abortions. But even if the Lorena Bobbitts of the world do exist and are forced into abortions that surely does not prove my point that all abortions are forced does it. It just means some are.

How can I possibly all abortions are forced abortions? I say it because no woman truly wants to abort her child, she feels forced into the decision. Whether it is due to circumstances, her significant other or already having prior children, there is a driving force behind her that leads her to believe she has no choice but to commit this horrific crime. There are the relatively few monsters out there that have abortions the way they have their teeth cleaned, with no remorse and relative ease. But they are not the majority, they are not even the minority, they are so few in number as to be an anomaly.

People  think forced abortions only happen in places like China but since a child is dying we are not going to concern ourselves whether or not they actually wanted to abort their child. At least not here in America.  So let’s look at a pro-choice site who has an article about this very controversial subject. whose tagline is Defending Reproductive Justice had this to say:.

In a national study of women, 64% of those who aborted felt pressured to do so by others.1This pressure can become violent.2 65% suffered symptoms of trauma.1 In the year following an abortion, suicide rates are 6-7 times higher.3

Yet they seem to be the only pro-choice site talking about this phenomenon, since talking about it would cut into the abortion industry’s profits. Now you may be saying, 64% is still not all. It is close but there is still a third that obviously didn’t feel forced. Well, sometimes that force comes internally as well.

Reasons women give for having abortions:

  • Forced by mother
  • Father opposed
  • Husband or boyfriend persuaded me
  • No other option was given
  • Would have been kicked out
  • Loss of family’s support
  • Lack of support from society
  • Clinic persuaded me4

In 95% of all cases, the male partner plays a central role in the decision.5 Of men interviewed at abortion clinics 45% man and woman picturerecalled urging abortion, including 37% of married men.6 Many of these men reported being justified in being the primary decision maker in the decision to have the abortion.6

Okay, now we are up to 95% when it comes to who ultimately made the decision, the man and not the woman. Not only were the men the primary decision maker, they felt justified in being so. At this point, five percent is such a small percentage it is pretty easy to say that all abortions are indeed forced abortions.

So what does this tell us? It tells us that we have been lied to. Women are not clamoring for abortion. Men are. That the line pro-choice people try to feed us about women wanting abortion is pretty much an outright lie. After all, who are the majority of abortionists? Men. Who gains the most from the woman aborting? Men. Who is making the most money off of abortion? Men. This was never about women and their rights. It has always about the sexual freedom of men. It has always been about the abandonment of women and the children made with them. It was about men in 1973 and it is about men now.

Betty Friedan did not mention abortion in the early version of The Feminine Mystique. It was Lawrence Lader, co-founder of NARAL, who convinced her that all feminist work-based demands depended on a woman’s ability to control her own body and fertility. Both Nathanson and Lader persuaded Friedan (and NOW) that abortion was a civil rights issue.

So if abortion was such a women’s right why didn’t Betty Friedan mention it in her earlier version of the Feminine Mystique, why did it take men to convince her that it was, if it as plain as the nose on your face? Because this was always about the male agenda, not the welfare of women. Just like Lader and Nathanson forced abortion, as a concept, onto Betty and Betty forced it onto the feminist movement. It has been forced onto women ever since. IN 1973, we gave women the finger and told them we could care less about them and their children. It is time we correct that error. It won’t bring the 61 million lives back but it might save 61 million more.

Why I Left Liberalism

I haven’t always been a die hard conservative. However, I am the kind of person that no matter what I do, I do 100% wholeheartedly. So when I was into liberalism, I was a hardcore liberal.  But as time went on I realized that I could no longer support the liberal agenda and keep my relationship with God or my sanity. It was going to have to be one or the other.  So I decided that God and sanity had to come first. Of course, those are not the only reason I left liberalism behind.

1. I got tired of being a victim.

VictimsLiberalism runs on the ideology that everyone is a victim and I have spent my life fighting for every ounce of dignity. I didn’t want pity or to be thought of as incapable. You didn’t have to like me, but you were going to respect me. I have fought cancer, lived with epilepsy, survived a triple bypass and having my two valves replaced along with getting a pacemaker. The last thing I was, was weak. No matter what life threw my way from rape to institutionalization, I survived it all. Therefore I was  not a victim, I was a victor. When I had that cognitive liberation, I knew I could no longer be a liberal. I could not give in the idea that my skin made me inferior or that my illnesses were a barrier. I was going to beat it all and I was going to show them who I truly was underneath it all.

2. They promoted abortion.

baby killed by abortion

If you can’t look at this and still promote abortion you are a monster!

As an adoptee, this infuriated me more than anything. How dare they say my life wasn’t worth anything because my birth mother didn’t want me. What gave them the right to sit in judgment of my life or anyone’s life and tell them that they weren’t “viable human beings” because “Mommy” had issues with them? Abortion is never a solution to a pregnancy, but adoption is always is. Adoption is not like it was back in 1970 when I was adopted. We now have what is referred to as open adoption. This allows you to see your child and is not a “closed” adoption. You are even allowed to pick the parents of your child. It is so much more available to prospective birth parents than what was available when I was a baby looking to be adopted, yet the pro-choice crowd still only wants to tell you about abortion being the only solution. It is absolutely abhorrent that the death of an unborn child could ever be seen as a viable solution to an unplanned pregnancy.

3. The liberals have disdain for Heavenly Father.

In 2012, the Democratic National Convention decided to remove the mention of God from their platform. However, when those in the Democratic Party wanted to put it back in, there was a vote and there was an outcry when the amendment that would put it back passed, It wasn’t just the mention of God, however, it was recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.  Liberals are historically anti-Semitic. Let’s look at UCLA as an example. Just last year a young woman who was Jewish was being denied an opportunity to sit on the USAC (that is the student government of UCLA) as a judge simply because of her faith.

“Given that you are a Jewish student and very active in the Jewish community,” Fabienne Roth, a member of the Undergraduate Students Association Council, began, looking at Ms. Beyda at the other end of the room, “how do

Rachel Beyda

Rachel Beyda

you see yourself being able to maintain an unbiased view?”

For the next 40 minutes, after Ms. Beyda was dispatched from the room, the council tangled in a debate about whether her faith and affiliation with Jewish organizations, including her sorority and Hillel, a popular student group, meant she would be biased in dealing with sensitive governance questions that come before the board, which is the campus equivalent of the Supreme Court.

If Ms. Beyda had been Black or a lesbian she would not have been questioned about where her loyalties lie. They would have looked at her impressive  resume and overwhelmingly voted her onto the board. Yet her Jewishness was considered a liability. Things like this  made my decision to leave liberalism so much easier.

4. I like money, trans fat and making my own decisions-good or bad.

I don’t hate the rich, In fact, I admire them. I don’t envy them or want everything they have, but I would like to have  my own little nest egg. I don’t think being rich is some awful sin in and of itself. I think I can learn from them. Conversely, I can learn lessons from “the least of my brethren” as well. I see people as people independent of their wealth. I also like Oreo cookies and if you try to ban them again, someone is liable to get hurt. It should be my decision if I eat them or not. I don’t need the food police. Heck, Dr. Shamsa has been trying to get me eat healthier the whole time I have known him to no avail. But milkunlike liberals, he hasn’t resorted to bullying. He doesn’t tell me that my heart is going to explode next week if I don’t. He just keeps encouraging me. Lastly, it is up to us to make our decisions, not the government. Sometimes I make really bonehead decisions, sometimes I make really good ones. Whatever the decision, the consequences are mine to deal with not anyone else. Sure there are some decisions the government has the right and the duty to step in when I make them, things like murder, rape, theft and the like. Those decisions the government has an obligation to stop people from making. However, things such as drinking raw milk or picking the school your child goes to, the government has no right to prevent you from making.

5. Because I loved society more than myself.

With liberalism, everything is about what makes you happy and you concentrate all your efforts on hedonistic pursuits but I care about society and the impact my decisions have on it. I am for traditional marriage not because it will affect my nonexistent marriage but because I think and believe it is the healthiest option for society. I am for incorporating God into the public sphere not because I get some kind of kickback from my church for every pro religious law that gets passed but because I think the more God  is a part of our society the more moral we become as a nation. I am anti-abortion because it is murder and it will have an impact on our society as the loss of 61 million souls are felt. Sure I have my greedy and  selfish moments but I certainly don’t want to live my whole life like that. I want to live it being the best person I can be and I can’t do that being a liberal