My Christmas Wish, Part 2

As I mentioned earlier in part one, my Christmas wish is to find that special man to build a life with. So far there three men who seem like they might fit that bill but one has told me in no uncertain terms he only sees me as a friend (but something about his demeanor at a Halloween party seemed to me to be that of jealousy, so I am not so sure he was honest about his feelings-at the very least he may not have been honest with himself.) One is so far out of my league it is not even funny (that was the first scenario I did in part one, but a girl can dream can’t she) and the last one has some real possibilities.

Okay so we are going to go with Potential Jealous Guy (PJG) in this upcoming scenario. Here is how it goes in the wonderful make believe world that is Dena Leichnitz’s Neighborhood:

PJG walks through the door. I am doing karaoke when he spots me. I love karaoke even though I am the worst singer on the planet making Johnnny Hung look like an angelic voice in comparison. I go over to him and give him a big hug. I always give him hugs, heck I always give everyone hugs, but something about this one feels different. It feels less like two friends hugging and more like a man hugging his woman. I tell myself I am probably mistaken.  PJG doesn’t feel that way about me I keep reminding myself.

He then gently bends me backwards and plants big kiss on my lips. He brings me back up and smiles at me as he says, “Hello Dena, it’s been awhile.” I am definitely taken aback. First of all, the whole thing seemed a little out of character for PJG. He isn’t big on public displays of affection. So I am not sure what is going on here. I thought he didn’t feel that way.  If PJG was a prankster, I would mark it up to his wacky sense of humor but this kiss felt like he meant it.  Oh what to do now? I figure before this goes any further we should talk.

I take his hand and lead out to the corridor where all the benches are. We sit down. “PJG, you know I like you a lot and have a tremendous amount of respect for you but what was that? I am not complaining mind you. It was great. But I thought you didn’t feel that way about me.” I tell him sweetly as I look into his eyes. If eyes are the windows to the soul I should be able to read what is going on behind them.  As I look into his penetrating gaze, I see there is something more beyond  the mutual respect of two friends.

“Well a man is entitled to change his mind right? Besides I have tried to forget about you, I have tried  going out with other women but none of them came close to you.  There is no use fighting it Dena, we belong together. Won’t you give a second chance?” he says as he slides his hand gently down my face. I lower my head demurely.

I blush, which is no easy task for a Black woman, and I take his hand from my face and clutch it in mine very slowly, “I will give you a second chance.  Let’s see if this will work for us. I think it will.” I tell as joy exudes from me. He lifts my hand up to his mouth and kisses it.  He pulls me close to him.  I put my head on his shoulder and  we just sit quietly for a moment. I’m home.

Okay now for number three.  This is a man much like myself. We are both strong conservatives, we both wish to make our living on the computer and we both love the church. We are both are more naturally reserved and quiet. I know what you are thinking-No, you’re not! Stop lying! You can’t shut up at least on here!” And that is true, I do all my talking via writing. In real life, I am much more shy.

So this is my scenario for him.  We will call him Web Head  (WH) in this one since he is into the internet like me.  Okay trolley do your thing:

It is the night of the Christmas party for all the Singles. I am busy running around like a chicken with my head cut off.  Making sure we have enough food (this time more casserole and jello, I promise!)  and enough drinks.  The karaoke is set up and people are participating, people are dancing inside and outside.  The video game room has people doing their thing and we are getting set up for the speed dating. There is so much to do.  As I am on my way to the kitchen, I see  Web Head and I approach him.  I can’t believe he is here, I didn’t think he would come.

“Hey Dena, how is it going?” he asks with a bright smile.

“It is going good.  I am happy that you made it, I didn’t think you would come.”

“Well I had to see you. ” he replies sweetly.

“Oh that is so sweet. Thank you. Well we have a lot of activities going on. What would you like to do first?” I inquire.

“I don’t care, I just want to hang out with you.”  he tells me.

“Okay then, I just have to go to the kitchen and put more food on the table but I am free after that, why don’t you come with me?”  I offer.

As we go into the kitchen, he pulls out something from his jacket pocket. It is a small wrapped box.  He then says nervously, “Dena, I got you something for Christmas. It is nothing spectacular but I thought it was nice and I wanted you to have it.” he says, his hand slightly shaking as he hands me the box.

“Oh WH, you didn’t have to do that.  I don’t know what to say. I mean thank you but I don’t want you spending money on me. ” I tell him

“Please take it.  I really want you to have it. It’s important to me.”

“Okay, if it is that important I will.” I take the box and open it up. It is a gold necklace with a gold D and a gold letter representing his first name as well.  I am moved by the sweet and thoughtful nature of the gift. The necklace is delicate so I handle it with much care.  I go over to him and give him a soft kiss on the cheek.  “This is wonderful, I will treasure it always.”

“It has a special meaning you know. It is my way of asking you, would you be my girl?”

“I won’t be your girl but I will be your woman. Haven’t been a girl for a very long time you know. ” I tell him kiddingly as I give him a quick wink.

“You’re right. You are all woman and what a beautiful woman you are.  I am glad you said yes. ”

He puts the necklace on me and then kisses my neck. I hold his hands tightly and we go out and enjoy the rest of the evening together.

Now, I am not greedy, I am just hoping one of these great men will make a move and soon. Just don’t let all three  make a move because then I would be in trouble.  In the meantime, the trolley has come full circle and it is time for the Dena Leichnitz’s Neighborhood to come to  close. See you around the neighborhood.

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