Boy Scout Earns All 121 Merit Badges


With the Left’s hatred of the Boys Scouts, we have to make sure these young men are not hung out to dry. And when one accomplishes a feat like this we have to make sure he is acknowledged. So my hero of the week is this young man, Shawn Goldsmith. The following is taken from Fox News:

Boy Scouts Earns All 121 Merit Badges

Oceanside resident Shawn Goldsmith earned his final badge — for bugling — in time for his 18th birthday in November. He far surpassed the 21 badges required to achieve the elite rank of Eagle Scout.

He says he took about five years to earn his first 62 badges and then nearly doubled that number in a matter of months. He did it with the encouragement of his grandmother, who died shortly before he reached his goal.

The Binghamton University freshman was awarded his final badges on Dec. 19. He says he hopes to become a businessman and politician.

What a young man! He might actually be the kind of politician we can use in DC instead of the losers we have currently sent there! Clean Washington up Shawn-go for it!

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