Winning the Pro-Life War

If you look around the pro-choice side seems to be running scared. More and more people Constitutionare understanding that an unborn child is indeed a human being and should be protected under the fifth and fourteenth amendments. While the opposition tries to say they have science on their side, it is our side that really seems to be the champions of science and not some pseudo-science that the pro-choice side purports as truth.

We are beginning  to see more laws not only restricting abortion but I am the Pro Life Generationalso a large movement to cease funding to Planned Parenthood. Since July of last year there have been 10 states to defund Planned Parenthood, starting with my favorite governor, Bobby Jindal of Louisiana. Other states soon followed;
Alabama, Arkansas, Kansas, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio,  Texas, Utah, Wisconsin. We still have forty states left and California being the liberal oasis it is will probably never defund Planned Parenthood. With 124 clinic in California alone, Planned Parenthood and California are too financially connected to ever put women’s health and needs first.

woman symbol


 Alabama recently proposed a bill that would add an amendment to their state constitution defining an unborn child as a person.

The proposal came from state Rep. Ed Henry, R-Decatur, who pointed out that “science makes it clear that [life] begins at fertilization.” His bill would define a person as “any human being from the moment of fertilization or the functional equivalent thereof” in the Alabama Constitution, the Montgomery Adviser reports

The pro-choice crowd is getting smaller everyday. With science consistently confirming what pro-Standing with Planned Parenthoodlifers know to be true, hiding from the truth is getting harder. From 4D ultrasounds to films like the Silent Scream produced by now deceased former abortionist turned pro-lifer, Bernard Nathanson, people are seeing abortion for what it is. It is not a right, it is society’s greatest wrong. Killing another person because they are inconvenient is not how we handle problems. If it is, we need to apologize to every murderer incarcerated and set them free.

PImage result for roe v. wadeeople assume that it is Roe v. Wade that created the whole abortion “right” but it wasn’t. Roe v. Wade allowed for abortion to be  restricted by the state at certain points in the pregnancy. It was Doe v. Bolton that made it possible for a woman to have an abortion throughout her entire pregnancy. Both Roe and Doe were decided on the same day. However, it is Doe that carries most of the power that makes abortion legal all through pregnancy. So even if we got rid of Roe without getting rid of Doe, abortion the way it is would still stand following the decision. It is Doe we need to be concentrated on.

Both Roe and Doe were duped by their lawyers.It is time the American public stopped

being duped by them as well. The lawyers in each case were out to make a name and a buck for themselves and we have allowed our own children to be the victims to their duplicity. The pro-life side is winning. As more Planned Parenthoods are shutting down like the one in Winter Haven, Florida that was opened for 23 years, the general attitude about it seems to be one of acceptance and not of general outcry. []  After all, according to Life Action News, 23 Planned Parenthood have closed down since 2015.     However, we still have a long way to go.

History is on our side. When people look back at the Holocaust, they don’t talk about the brave Nazis. When people look back at slavery, they don’t talk about the brave slave masters. And when people look at abortion years from now, they won’t talk about the brave pro-choicers. They will be seen for the purveyors of diabolic hedonism and death that they are. The pro-life side will be seen as the heroes in this fight for humanity and unborn children will no longer be sacrificed in the name of convenience!




Top Ten Reasons to be a Black Conservative


Dena Leichnitz

Being a Black conservative is not always easy, you have ignorant Black people calling you a sell-out and ignorant White people calling you a lazy liberal the first time they disagree with you. However, overall 99.9 percent of the conservative crowd is kind, loving and generous and that is what makes it worth it. So it decided it is time people look at the upside of being a Black conservative and give you ten reasons why you should be one too. (Well, you should if you are Black and I don’t mean Rachel Dolezal “Black” either.”)

  1. Should the next “Revolution” pop off you are on the side of  with all the guns. Say what you want about the NRA and their members, all I know is if America engages in another civil war, I will be safe! While every liberal is trying to figure out if they kill that thug with a paring knife!
  2. I am able to slip into “Ebonics” mode whenever someone pisses me off. Sure I go around pronouncing my g’s and listening to people like Def Leppard and Toby Keith but get me angry and I can start spewing all that Ebonic slang in a heartbeat and since I am Black, it doesn’t look too ridiculous or like I am “trying to be Black” because we all know that’s how we roll.
  3. I am not on Jesus’ hit list. Since I am not out there selling drugs, prostituting or defending evil like Black Lives Matter does an a daily basis, I am in good with the Big Guy. Sure, I got plenty to repent for, but I KNOW I have plenty to repent for and I don’t spend my time justifying breaking into people’s houses and businesses. Also, conservatives didn’t boo God on TV. Yeah, because we have not done enough to tick off the Supreme Ruler of the Universe let’s boo him so the whole planet can see! Yeah, smart people.
  4. Because conservative people are more attractive.

    And who doesn’t want to be surrounded by beautiful people right? I mean come on, if you had to pick between Hilary and Mia Love what red blooded man is picking Hilary, Bill didn’t even pick Hilary! Heck, even our lesbians look better. 

    Rosie O’Donnell couldn’t hold a candle to Tammy Bruce any day of the week! Yep, we are definitely the most attractive bunch. And should I ever start to date again I get to choose from the world’s hottest guys-Woo hoo!!!

  5. Because as long as I am conservative I will always be Right! I could be 100% absolutely, without a doubt wrong, but then I remember, “Oh wait a minute, I am not a leftist so therefore  I am not wrong, because I belong to the Right! Whew that was a close one!” And then my world goes back to normal. It is wonderful always being Right. and being I am a woman on top of that, I will never be proved wrong!
  6. Conservatives make all the money so should I ever need a loan I might actually get it. Man_throwing_moneyNot that I go around looking for loans, but it is good to know where you can go if the need arises. Like your Netflix is about to run out and you need 12 bucks and payday is  a week away.
  7. Male conservatives pull up their pants. Unless they are plumbers then by law you have to see their crack again. Personally I think all gangbangers should have to become plumbers if they want to sag their pants. Plumbers and gangbangers of the world unite!
  8. Conservatives eat food, so you don’t have to pretend you like all that so called food with vegetables you have never heard of and names you cannot pronounce. Meat, potatoes, that is food. If you need a year of French to pronounce it, it is not food. It is pretentious slop. Oh yes, feed me snails, I much prefer that over a double bacon cheeseburger!
  9. football fansConservatives have more fun! And they won’t tell you how to have fun. Unless fun for you is killing unborn children or selling meth, then there might be some issues, but otherwise we leave you alone! We won’t tell you Oreo cookies will kill you if you don’t stop eating them. Got milk? Good. We won’t arrest you if it is raw! So sit back, watch a football game, eat some Doritos, drink a beer (or a Sprite if you are Mormon) and just enjoy yourself. We won’t screw it up!
  10. And finally,  you should be a conservative because we are not psychos. Oh we may have our occassional fruitbar, but liberals seem to have some kind of monopoly on it. Let’s pretend delusional people like Bruce Jenner are real women! Let’s allow grown men to go into women’s restrooms! Oh we are Swedish and we are morons-we want to legalize necrophilia and incest! Yes, conservatives still have our sanity! That is you too should be a Black conservative.

The Opening of Cuba…or Is It?

Barack Obama

On Febuary 3, 1962, President John. F. Kennedy signed a trade embargo against Cuba. From that time on America has not allowed trade between the two countries. Being that they were communist country with allegiance to Russia during the height of the Cold War period such precautions were absoultely necessary.

But as Barack Obama walks on Cuban ground he does so as the first President to do so in 54 years. This indeed is an historical event, but as we have seen with Barack himself, just because it is historical doesn’t mean it is beneficial to the American people. How will this affect our foreign Gitmopolicy with Cuba? It is not like we don’t have any contact with Cuba, after all. They do house the world’s worst prisoners and terrorists. It always seemed like a strange arrangement to me; “No, we won’t buy your cigars (legally anyway.) but  we give you the world’s most dangerous terrorists to house, how does that work for you?”

Of course, people are coming down on both sides of the issue. There are people who think the embargo is unneccessary and it is time to open up to Cuba and start establishing a new diplomatic relationship. In fact, prior to Obama’s vist there was already talk about opening up embassies in each country’s respective capitals. []. And there are others like Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, who are both from Cuban parents, that feel Cuba hasn’t lived up to Proclamation 3447 and therefore the embargo should stay in effect.

rubio with flag in IowaDuring his campaign Rubio said:  “In fact, I think they’re [the embassies] in violation of the law,” Rubio said during an interview at the tail end of a three-day campaign swing through Iowa. “The statute passed by Congress specifically prohibits many of the things he [Obama]’s now undertaking. It says those things can only happen after certain conditions have been met, none of which have been met. As president, I will follow the law.” []

Ted Cruz broke his silence on the news with a bang, calling the decision “a tragic Ted Cruzmistake.” He went on to further state: “Just like the administration did with Iran, right when the [Iranian] administration was feeling the maximum pain, [Obama] throws them an economic lifeline and continues the brutal repression and dictatorship of the Castro brothers,” said Cruz, whose father emigrated from Cuba in 1957, four years before the U.S. imposed a strict trade embargo on the country.

And it is not just Cruz and Rubio who disagree but Cuba’s own anti-government protestors who were arrested shortly before Obama’s arrival.  [See video of protestors here] Just add this to another long line of Obama’s foreign policy failures. While many people are trying to paint this as  Nixon’s reopening of China to the West, is that really a good thing? After all, we are up to our eyeballs in debt to China, we outsource all our work to China, and they only recent changed their one child policy so now people can have a whole two kids! Wow, two kids, let me catch my breath! China didn’t exactly stop its human rights abuses when Nixon normalized relations, so what is the likelihood that Cuba under Fidel’s brother, Raul will?

Obama has a penchant for making friends with our enemies and alienating our allies. From Benghazi to the deal with Iran he has consistently shown his ineptitude in dealing with foreign adversaries. Do we really need another Benghazi in Havana? If we do normalize relations with Cuba how will that affect Americans at home? For instance, will jobs now be outsourced to Cuba? After all, it much easier to send jobs to Cuba than to Obama_erect_1210868iChina. If that happens, how will that affect our relationship with China? Will that cause them to be less forgiving of the debt we owe them and if so, what will be the end result of their dissatisfaction? Not to mention, Russia is friendly with both nations. If  Cuba restablishes its relationship with the United States how will Putin take that? It is not just simply a matter of “Oh I love Cuban food, Desi Arnaz and cigars, let’s be friendly with Cuba!” There is a lot at stake here and I don’t think Obama is grasping the entire situation. But then that is par for the course for him.

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        • (@Barack Obama)


Pocketbook Voting and its Costs

pocketbook girlOne of the things I spent a lot of time talking about in my many political science classes at UCLA was pocketbook voting.  It is a practice that seems widespread and accepted.  This practice is something I have never done. I have always voted for what I felt was best for the city, state or country at the time.  So what exactly is pocketbook voting and what has it costs this country?

Pocketbook voting is the concept that people consistently vote not for dfd-family-pic2their values but for the politician that will put money in their pocketbook.  For instance, Blacks are very much social conservatives. They are historically very traditional, going to church more than their White counterparts. [] They are also more likely to be pro-life, for traditional marriage, etc. Yet when they vote, by and large, they don’t vote for parties that share those values but for Democrats who in many ways feed their pocketbook. Whether it is minimum wage jobs, affirmative action quotas or welfare, the Democrats have a myriad of ways to line the pockets of Blacks, rich and poor. So when they walk into the voting booth, they don’t vote those values that they hold in their heart. They vote their pocketbook. This is not meant to pick on Blacks, it is only an example.

voting boothOf course, political behavior on behalf of the electorate is not so easily defined. So while one cannot say that pocketbook voting is  the sole reason people vote, polls have consistently proved that people cite the economy as their main concern in choosing a political representative. While there is nothing inherently wrong with that, when we completely forgo voting for our values we get a more corrupt society. While every half-decent statistician will tell you  correlation doesn’t equal causation, a half-decent political scientist will look at that same information and say, “Yeah well, but majority rules.” Translation: Pocketbook voting doesn’t cause the corruption in society but it certain can contribute to it.

It does this in the following ways. 1) If people are neglecting their values in the voting Jesus Statuebooth they are probably neglecting them outside of it. If you consider yourself a Christian and Christ is not in the voting booth with you when you vote, it is unlikely he is walking with you the other times outside of it. I could get into that deeper but that is a whole other article. 2) “For the love of money is the root of all evil.” 1 Timothy 6:10. Whether or not you believe in God or not, this is a simple truth. Once you make money your god, you will do anything to obtain it. This will lead to all kinds of corruption. Not only within yourself but the environment around you as well. 3) Lastly,  pocketbook voting encourages selfishness instead patriotism. Oh there are many so called patriots who tell you by thinking about the economy first and foremost, that gives people jobs and leads to less crime and a better society. Of course, if having money meant you didn’t commit crimes how do you explain O. J. Simpson who had plenty of money and killed his ex-wife? Or the Melendez brothers, who were loaded, and killed their parents? Or the millions of poor people who don’t commit crimes? It is not that simple. Poverty does not equal crime. But lack of values does. When you step into that voting booth, you are supposed to do what is best for the country not yourself.

My hottie picIn conclusion, in order to rebuild our nation we need focus on more than just mere pocketbook voting. A.better society is more just the economy. Do I want people to have jobs? Of course I do. I also want unborn children to be protected under the law and not sacrificed under choice. I also want children, all children, to have a real education and not mere indoctrination. I want sex slavery to be stopped all over the globe. I want a lot of things that cannot be achieved through pocketbook voting. After all, I am not a unborn child or a sex slave, so why should I care?  I care because the minute I walk into that booth, I am not Dena. I am a U.S citizen, a daughter of God and a representative for good in this world. It is a heavy load but I carry it with pride. In doing this article I discussed it with my Constitution imagessister. She asked if I voted that way. I told her most certainly not. She said she did not as well. She said she voted according to social issues. I told her so do I. We come down on different side of those issues but we both voted according  to what we feel is best for this country. We are patriots.  We are patriots not because we come down on the same side of the political fence but because our countrymen come before us in that booth. We are patriots because we stand by our nation and not our pocktebooks.


Super Tuesday-The Super Bowl of Politics

football fansEvery year football fans gather together and huddle around their tv sets. If they don’t have one, they find and they watch their favorite teams go at it, pounding the pigskin and watching it hurl through the air. It is a time-honored tradition, filled with excited screams, chicken wings, and tailgating parties.

Well for us political junkies our Super Bowl is Superdonald-trump Tuesday. The time we find out who will be the be the candidates for the upcoming presidential election. Right now it is Trump going against Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz. The primaries and the caucuses are our playoffs. While people like me complain I won’t even see a primary until it is absolutely meaningless and the candidate has already been chosen. Other states like Iowa and Ohio will own the “season.”

rubio with flag in IowaSo who will it be this time? Will be the Republican version of Barack Obama-Donald Trump? Whose supporters seem just as crazed as Obamabots. Will be Marco Rubio who has been deemed the most electable when it comes to beating Hillary Clinton? Or will it be Ted Cruz who also has a strong following and could also beat Hillary in November. The smartest thing would be to create a Rubio/Cruz ticket, they could decide who would be President and who would be Vice President. By doing so, it would ensure a Republican win unless they pulled a Romney and pulled defeat out of the mouth of victory. [Romney owned that election but lost it to weak campaign and a record he defended poorly.]

The GOP is running scared, so they just might give it to Trump to shut up the electorate. Jesus Statue“Here, you “poorly educated” here is your new Savior. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.” Of course, the GOP hasn’t listened to the voters in a long time, so it is doubtful it will start now. Yet the voters seem determined to give the most powerful position in the world to a man who has not an inkling of how to run a state let alone, a nation! Basically, we are on a road to self-destruction.

Ted CruzA ticket that featured both Rubio and Cruz would a very solid ticket. You would have the youthful ideas and energy of Rubio coupled with the strength and fortitude of Cruz. They would complement each other and our nation would be stronger for it. I guess I have to wait for my Super Bowl though to find out who wins.

However, they don’t get a Super Bowl for their victory. They get a chance to lead the best nation on the planet.