Evelyn Norman

My hero for today is Evelyn Norman. She is a member of my church. She is in the Adams Ward. ~Love worketh no ill to his neighbour: therefore love is the fulfilling of the law. Romans 13:10

I really like that I have to add scripture to each hero. It has definitely gotten me to open my scriptures more that is for sure. But now on with the tribute.

Evelyn Norman, is a beautiful woman in my church who has shown me and mine such un…conditional love. She comes to my classes when I teach Preach My Gospel. She has been a true friend and whenever I was in need has given freely to me. I hope I do the same for her. For whatever reason I have been surrounded by the most amazing people in my life and to try to fit them all in, in 30 days would be a miracle.

Evelyn and I are both single mothers and she understands the struggles that I go through. It is great to have someone in my life that gets that side of me. There have been times where she has dropped me off at my house and we have just sat in the car talking forever. She is such a wonderful spirit and I am so honored that I know her.

She has a wonderful daughter, Britney who I adore to death. Britney is like a ray of sunshine and she clearly gets that from her mother. They are truly awesome. Evelyn has done so much for Adonai and I am forever grateful for the love and patience she has shown him. Her guidance has been immeasurable.

As I was coming up for names for my 30 days of heroes, I found it much easier to come up with the ordinary heroes God wanted me to highlight then the famous ones. For they clearly have much more profound impact on my life anyway. God bless the angels in my life, they are truly cherished.

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