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Arlen Specter Joins the Democrats

Woo hoo! It is high time that traitor switched parties! I have been wanting him to switch since I first registered as a Republican in 2004! Praise God! Hallelujah! If I was Irish and knew how I would do a jig! Now if we can just get Zell Miller to come to our side we […]

I Am Your Warning: My Socialist Life

While people are up in arms about the impending socialism starting to take over our country and while it is some foreign abstract concept for them, it is my reality. I know all too well what happens when government runs your life. What you have to give up, what dreams you deny. My life started […]

The Rise of the Black Conservative

Being a Black conservative can be a lonely experience. You are told you are a sell out to your people. You are called a self-loathing Black person while the actual self-loathers seem to make their way unscathed. And sometimes it seems like you are the only Black person out there that feels this way then […]

Freddie Mac, CEO Commits Suicide

David Kellerman, the CEO of Freddie Mac,  was recently found dead at his home in the basement and was a victim of an apparent suicide.  Does this remind anyone of Vince Foster’s suicide during the Clinton years? Or even Marilyn Monroes’ suicide during the Kennedy years.? Excuse me if I go all Oliver Stone on […]

Oh My Goodness! I’m a Hippie!

Some realizations are just more painful then others. This is one of those, I was joking at SGP that my son is going to grow up and tell people,  “Yeah all my family did growing up was protest the government.  It was like we were hippies but with morals.”  After that little realization hit me […]

U.S. Boycotts U.N Racism Conference

Okay Obama, don’t try getting all decent on me now, buddy. It is not going to work. But in the spirit of giving credit where credit is due, even to the likes of Obama (and boy do I hate when I have to take his side for anything, it unnerves me!) he has decided not […]

America’s Tea Party

The video is from the Santa Monica Tea Party. So I went to a Tea Party in Santa Monica, California.  I got my kid out of school early so I could take him to it.  I got my master flier printed up but couldn’t find a Kinko’s or Office Depot close to where I was […]


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