America’s Tea Party

The video is from the Santa Monica Tea Party.

So I went to a Tea Party in Santa Monica, California.  I got my kid out of school early so I could take him to it.  I got my master flier printed up but couldn’t find a Kinko’s or Office Depot close to where I was to run it off.  Very disappointed about that! There were hundreds of people in attendance.  Well over the 152 who originally replied yes, I will be there.

There were Blliberal-media-biasack people,  White people,  young people, old people, mothers, fathers and a Democrat with the sign that read, “I’m a Democrat and I regret voting for Obama!”  I had a few signs for the event. One for my son read:  Mommy! Congress is trying to steal my piggy bank!” Everyone loved that one.  I had three others for me.   One said:  Politicians-  They R So Taxing!  Another one said: B.O.  You and Your Stimulus Stink!  The last one read:  Die you commie pig….no I am just kidding it didn’t say that! It said: He promised “Change” Now That Is All I Have Left!”  My favorite sign  was by this conservative hottie that read: Let Me Make This Clear-I Don’t Want You Stimulating My Package!”  I laughed so hard at that one.

Code Pink showed up but did little to affect the outcome. Though at one adonai-at-rallypoint the crowd did start chanting “Code Pink Sucks!”  My son though they were saying “Go Pizza!”  America was present today.  Everyone from all walks of life.  From the poor to the soon to be the poor.  From college students to housewives.   When Republicans can stand with Democrats and demand change from our government, you know there is hope.  A woman held a sign that said Lesbian for Liberty. At some future rally we might be fighting over gay marriage rights, but today we were united.  You had bikers standing with men in business suits.  Everyone came, everyone was accepted, everyone was loved. Well except for Code Pink.

dont-stimulate-my-package-guyIt was a wonder to behold.  What the media and leftist talking heads failed to grasp was this was not about conservatives vs. liberals.  Do you think conservatives are the only ones feeling the pinch or feeling betrayed by a government out of control? Do you Democrats in the real world are immune from high unemployment or that the trillions to pay this off is going to come strictly from conservative checkbooks? No sweetie, they are coming after you too! They are coming after everyone. So everyone must stick together.

obama-does-not-speak-for-meThe mass media wanted to make this out to be a racist movement but we proved them wrong today.  They wanted to make this out to be a Republican based movement but we proved them wrong today.  The press wanted to incur anger at one another but instead it was all focused on the government.  There were no incidents of violence when I was there and the people were too busy hanging on the speakers word when I left for it to be afterwards either. There was no hate. I was smiled and hugged and made to feel like part of the family. I was interviewed and I may not have sounded super intellectual but I didn’t sound like the idiot the mainstream media was hoping to portray. I responded respectfully and put thought and reason into my answers.  When asked if I thought this movement was moving people to anger, I replied that there have been no incidents of violence at any of our Tea Parties and while people have every right to be angry, it doesn’t mean we are violent. Those are two separate things.

We busted myths today,  some that even I believed.  Myths like there are no true conservatives in Los Angeles, let alone California! Boy, they sure shut me up about that one real fast.  Code Pink had a sign that read “Human Need not Corporate Greed.”  Granted I am a big woman but do  I look like a corporation to you? How is not wanting the government to spend the next 50 generations into the ground-corporate greed? If they are referencing AIG, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac-fine. But if they were referencing those speaking out about it-then they are insane! Of course Code Pink was sucking up to the media while they were there, simply nauseating.

It was a great event, despite the wind.  Despite the guy with a sign that read: Christianity=Paganism=Heathens=Nazis. Burn in hell. Okay, there is always one loon at these things. I did feel sorry for this older woman who held a sign that said “I support Obama.”  She was simply ignored.  No hatred, no threats, just left alone to the side. In any case, it was well worth my time and I will do it again in a heartbeat.

*Pictures will be forthcoming.


10 thoughts on “America’s Tea Party

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  2. Excellent write-up Dena! I like that you pointed out that there is a difference between anger and violence.

    I look forward to seeing your pictures. I’ve already seen a few of my friend’s pics, who was in attendance at the Santa Monica Tea Party.

    I was at the one here in Las Vegas. You can check out my post on it here.

  3. Thank you White Lily. One day my son is either going to grow up and say, “When I was a kid my mother was always dragging me to one rally or another. I can’t stand politics!” or as I am hoping, “Shoot when I was a kid I was always going to rallies with my mother, I love this stuff!” LOL

    I will definitely check out your Vegas picks. It is kind of ironic Vegas would be having one, the town makes its livelihood on people gambling with their money. LOL

  4. Like ‘White Lily” said in her comment, “Excellent write-up Dena!”. I would also like to take this opportunity to say “Good for You” with your blog. Hope you are having fun!

    I find myself sometimes at cross-purposes with the line that is drawn between Liberals and Conservatives. It seems to me that the terms are too broad- that there should be some other terms used- as if there are two opposing camps facing each other across a divide laced with a minefield.

    I have my own blog which I use as most bloggers do as a scratch-pad for what ever thoughts are running through what I laughingly call a mind at that time- anything from my take on current politics to how my landscaping is going. The point though is that it is titled “The Right Wing Liberal Blog”. The reason for that is simply that I find myself often as not in that minefield between the two camps.

    Listening to Hannity (least I think it was his show) I liked the use of such terms as “Fiscal Conservative and Social Liberal. See .. here I am not sure if that should be Liberal or liberal. One should, at least in my opinion, indicate a member of the group that believes Obama is the Chosen One (capitalized?) while the other simply indicates more open social views. I like the phrase- so will continue to use it until I find something more apt. For now, it fits well enough I think.

    There was a point I was trying to make- at least I suppose I was .. somewhere in that. It was liberal thought (small caps) that says we should take people individually and judge them on themselves, their actions, their lives without regard to color, religion, sex and so on. Yesterday, I was talking across the fence to my neighbor. He is a conservative, an older, church going, retired gentleman. I brought up one of those subjects- women in the military. I was shortly given a lesson on “In biblical times..” the roles of women. I politely, and simply stated that, in my opinion that it isn’t up to one person or a group of person or the government or any other organization to ‘decide’ on the rights of individuals. You are either a full citizen or you are then a second-class one. If someone- a woman is restricted based on her sex then she is not a full citizen of the country but someone of lesser status. The same thing can be said for a variety of people- in that if you restrict someone based upon skin color, religion and so on .. then you are violating their rights.

    Whew! There. See- there you have me on “women’s rights”. If my support for the “rights of women” as one example is considered ‘liberal’ then I am fine with that. I actually never put much thought into it during daily life. I spent twenty years in the Army and it is vital that you and the people you work with be professionals; know their job and that you can depend on them for that. That is success and anything else if failure. That the person that is ‘doing the job’ is male or female, black, white or green doesn’t matter in any way. Never understood how it could be otherwise. I have always thought that ability and excellence should be promoted while anything else should be rejected.

    If the discussion is on Pirates then my answer is for the military(s) to go in and destroy them. Kill them. I think that would fall well into the conservative arena and bring horror to the ‘Liberal’.

    I find that countries that have adopted Socialism such as that which Mr Obama is moving our county are either failures or- at the least- bland and while that might be ‘fair’ it isn’t the way that society has advanced. That has been through Capitalism. Uh Oh. there go supporting the Conservative side again! ha.

    So. Good luck with your blog. I, as a ‘Right Wing Liberal’ support your efforts!

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  6. I know isn’t it sickening Afrocity? I just want five minutes alone with Ms. Jeaneane Garafolo who has taken upon herself to besmirch everyone who believes in freedom in this country and being the mother I am-give her a good spanking for being so obnoxious. Someone needs to.

  7. There you go, typical right-winger, threatening and believing in violence and bullying. Threatening to spank Jeaneane Garafolo. Now please don’t give me the ‘I was just joking” crap. Though when it comes to right-wing humor, hatred and violence is usually at its core (y’all find that stuff funny. I find it and your thinking or lack thereof sickening).

    Freedom, I believe Jeaneane is free to express her views. Just as I’m free to say that I know that Christian freedom really means freedom to rape, murder, and pillage and now thanks to Bush and you his foot soldiers, we can add torture.

    Yep that was me with the sign telling you pig-eating pagan nazi christians where I know and where I hope and pray to God and Jesus that you will end up. No one and no group is more deserving of Hell than the pig-eating godless evil nazi christians. So sorry to ruin your whining party. If it were pagans only I wouldn’t have been there.

    Now start your name-calling. I’m sure Hannity could help you. It won’t affect me though, sorry. I take it from whence it comes.

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