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Tom McClintock’s Response to President Calderon

You tell them Tom McClintock! It is about time someone stood up to these Leftists who want to tear down America and told Mexico’s President exactly what he could with his “dialogue” about our laws. Dude, when we stop caring for your people, when we stop educating them, feeding them, housing them, providing them with […]

Charlie Minn Comes to LACC

Charlie Minn made his debut at LACC last night during the Legal Association’s weekly meeting. He was there to talk about his new film chronicling the 1990 murders at the La Cruces Bowling Alley that left 4 dead and 3 others wounded.  Of the four that died, three of them were children. One was two, […]

Maurice Strong and Global Warming Scam

This program shows how the global warming alarmists are trying use fake data to scare the population and trying to create an one world government and more importantly an one world bank that would be under the control of just a few elitists. Be afraid be very afraid. But most of all follow the money!


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