Tom McClintock’s Response to President Calderon

You tell them Tom McClintock! It is about time someone stood up to these Leftists who want to tear down America and told Mexico’s President exactly what he could with his “dialogue” about our laws. Dude, when we stop caring for your people, when we stop educating them, feeding them, housing them, providing them with medical care, when you start taking of your own then  maybe you won’t be such a joke and will be listened to! People are fleeing your country to come over here, don’t you dare sit there and tell us how to handle it once it crosses our borders! Especially many of YOUR criminals are victimizing OUR people! You have no right to stand here and debate American laws when you can’t even keep your own people in YOUR OWN country!  Tom McClintock was way nicer than I would have been President Calderon!

Charlie Minn Comes to LACC

Charlie Minn made his debut at LACC last night during the Legal Association’s weekly meeting. He was there to talk about his new film chronicling the 1990 murders at the La Cruces Bowling Alley that left 4 dead and 3 others wounded.  Of the four that died, three of them were children. One was two, one was six and was a teenage girl.

Charlie talks about the profound effect the crime had on him while watching a re-enactment on Unsolved Mysteries starring Robert Stack. He was horrified at the brutality of the crime because children were involved. To execute children takes a special kind of monster in my opinion.

Charlie was originally a sportscaster who turned filmmaker.  He shared that a pro athlete he knows in the course of his work as a sportscaster has been primarily responsible for getting the film made.  Not your typical fundraising venue, definitely.  Charlie has been working to promote this film nonstop since the beginning of the year. After its premiere  on May 14, 2010 at the Beverly Center he will go to Western New Mexico and debut it there.

Alongside of him, working on distribution is Stephen Silvestrini, who was integral in getting the word out about this important documentary.  (Sorry the picture is so dark, didn’t seem so dark on my camera.)  Both Charlie and Stephen have been working tirelessly to promote this picture. Stephen and our own Andrea Bari seemed to hit it off instantly (maybe it is that shared Italian ancestry they have going)  and Andrea was nice enough to tell them about my blogging and internet skills! What a sweetie! So we will see what will come of that.

Charlie spoke with passion about the crime  and wanting to get justice for those involve but you could sense that he would rather be behind the camera than doing public speaking. However, he was knowledgeable about the crime and answered all our questions.  Charlie appeared on an episode of  “America’s Most Wanted” about six weeks back and John Walsh gave him credit for reinvigorating interest in the 20 year old murder mystery.

The trailer was quite powerful and I believe it is a movie not to be missed. The actual victims were instrumental in the entire process. Charlie said they were hesitant at first but when they saw that he genuinely wanted to help them catch the murderers they came on board. If you want to see the trailer go to http://www.

It is playing at the Beverly Center 13 for a week during the following times:  5:30pm, 7:45pm and 10:05pm. With all the junk we are willing to pay ten bucks for, we should give our support to this very important documentary that is truly an independent endeavor and a creation of passion for justice.  Charlie had no connection to the case, yet he felt compelled to see it solved-that kind of determination deserves to be rewarded. Of course the greatest reward that could come from this film is someone comes forth and identifies the still unknown killers and the remaining survivors are able to get the justice they so richly deserve.

Excerpt from LA Times Review:

Minn has done a creditable job recounting the details of this heinous event and probing its haunting aftermath.

Straightforward and deftly assembled, the film mixes archival news clips, actual crime-scene footage and reenactments of the crime itself with a host of candid, highly personal interviews with the massacre’s survivors, the victims’ families and the case’s various investigators.,0,4582234.story