Anti-Mormonism on the Rise

Utah gubernatorial election, 2004

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With the entrance of Jon Huntsman in the 2012 Presidential race, Mormonism has once again become a hot topic. Mitt Romney has also decided to try at this presidential race again despite his overwhelming unpopularity with the GOP constitutency, which probably has a lot more to do with his more liberal positions then it does his religion. However, for quite a few people his religion was a huge stumbling block. Why?

While I can understand the backlash against Muslims due to their continuing violence against the U.S and women in general-we do have a Muslim president regardless of what the Lying Left tells you.  So let me get this straight, America is okay with people who are intent on killing Americans for being part of the Great Satan but a Mormon who actually reveres the Constitution, now that’s a threat! Okay Rod Serling you can come out now because we must be in the Twilight Zone!

One thing I think enrages people is that we actually practice what we believe. When Prop 8 was on the ballot in California, the Presidency sent a message to the members in California to do what they could to see to the passage of Prop 8. A sister of mine, Margie Christofferson, paid a very high price for her dedication to the Gospel. When it was done and Prop 8 was passed the opposition placed the blame of their failure on the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints even going so far as to send death threats to President Monson. Even though many other people and faiths were involved in the passage of Prop 8, Mormons became an easy target.

Three years later not much has changed in the attitudes about Mormons. We are seen as being in some kind of cult. The hatred can become almost unfathomable sometimes, but on the upside Missouri no longer has a law calling for the extermination of Mormons like there was in 1838 by then governor Lilburn Boggs. However, most of the hatred against Mormons is based on misconceptions and untruths.

With the LDS religion growing as fast as it is, it will only be a matter of time before we do have our first LDS President. In fact, the LDS seems to be growing the most on the African continent.

Africa is one of the fastest growing areas of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints with some 320,000 members, the majority of whom have joined the Church over the past 30 years. They have found that hope and happiness spoken of by Elder Holland by embracing the teachings of Jesus Christ.

With 320,000 Black Mormons in Africa and the countless ones in the United States, it is time for people to really re-examine the LDS Church and to stop with the unfounded bigotry that is so often one of the criticisms of our church. Whether you like Mitt or not, that is immaterial. I am  personally not a fan of Mitt because I think he does both the GOP and the LDS a great disservice with his liberal leaning positions, but to simply write him off based on being a Mormon while having totally inaccurate information about what that means, well that is something completely different.

If you want to know the truth about Mormons go to you will find your answers there.

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