Micah Grimes-Man of Integrity

Micah Grimes is my hero of the week.  Micah Grimes is the coach that got fired for having an excellent girls’ basketball team.  His girls were so good they crushed the competition 100-0.  His girls were making three point shots and generally playing a good, fair game. However because the other team is full of crybabies, he got fired.

Even when the school and girls apologized for having won by such a large margin, he didn’t. He stood his ground and refused to back down. And because he stood his ground, he got fired. Micah worked for a private Christian school and I know Christ is far more impressed with the actions of Micah then he is with the actions of the school and the opposition’s parents.  Winning is not “un-Christlike” but sour grapes is.  And I will tell you what is really Christ like standing up to people who are trying to tear you down.  Standing by what you believe and not compromising it.

You have a fan in me, Mr. Micah Grimes and I will be  praying for you that out of this adversity you will find even greater blessings. Covenant School obviously doesn’t appreciate character or excellence and you clearly possess both. You deserve even a greater school who will value what you bring to it.  Christ is pleased with you Micah, just as us true believers are as well. You are a credit to Christians everyone.  God bless you.

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