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Back They Go!

I love this cartoon! Mostly because this is what most conservatives talk about when discussing ending illegal immigration.  It is called attrition. You don’t need to round every illegal up, you just make it hard on them to gain employment, education, housing and they will go back on their own accord.  Nothing is wrong with […]

Professor Dena? Surely You Jest!

I was so close but it just didn’t happen. My professor wanted me to teach her last political science class and offered me twenty bucks to do. It was mostly in jest, but I did call her bluff. It didn’t happen and the poor class was so confused. But it would’ve been real fun.  Maybe […]

Star Trek Review

Once upon a time I did reviews for a living.  It was music and book reviews but I haven’t had stretched those review muscles in a long time so I will review the new Star Trek movie. I am not a Trekkie by any stretch of the imagination. Mostly because I can’t stand William Shatner, […]

Social Security Surplus Depleted

According to Money News  the surplus of the Social Security Adminstration has run out.  Originally they thought they had enough to get through 2017 but due to faulty Wall Street investments, all the money is gone!  Social Security Surplus Already Gone So what does that mean for people who are already receiving Social Security payments? […]

Utah Governor is New Ambassador to China

more about “Utah Governor is New Ambassador to China“, posted with vodpod So we are sending 2.6 million to China for their drunk hookers along with a Mormon missionary! LOL. I  hope he has more of a positive effect on them than vice versa.  I know he will probably will have nothing to do with […]

U.S to Spend $2.6 Million on Chinese Prostitutes

Some things are just so outrageous that you couldn’t make them up even if you sat down and tried your hardest to come up with the most insane premise.  Remember that fellow that got elected in November who keeps telling us that we are in the worst financial situation since the Depression (guess he missed […]

The Cheerios Coup

This is a fictional account of what would happen if  Obama and the FDA go through their ridiculous claim that Cheerios is a new unapproved drug because it claims it can lower your cholesterol. The FDA says it will seize the product if they don’t change their claims. Personally, I think the people at the […]


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