Back They Go!

Back They Go!

I love this cartoon! Mostly because this is what most conservatives talk about when discussing ending illegal immigration.  It is called attrition. You don’t need to round every illegal up, you just make it hard on them to gain employment, education, housing and they will go back on their own accord.  Nothing is wrong with immigrating to the United States, just do it legally. If you can raise 5,000 dollars to pay a mule, you can come up with the funds to pay the fees to become a legal resident.  America doesn’t owe the world a better life.  Make a better life where you are and if your government is some corrupt political machine-well guess what it is over here too! The illegals don’t think it is because it is corrupt in their favor, not the American citizen’s.

By not allowing any illegal immigrant, whether they be from Mexico, Canada or Timbuktu, access to employment, education or housing, we simply uphold the laws we already have on our books, we don’t need to hire additional law enforcement but rather have INS and local authorities do their job they should be doing already and we can eliminate the motivation to enter the United States illegally. If they know there is really nothing waiting here unless they go through proper channels they will be more willing to go through proper channels.  It definitely is worth a try and it is time we hold businesses and law enforcement responsible for cleaning up the mess they have made.

Professor Dena? Surely You Jest!

Me in silver top I was so close but it just didn’t happen. My professor wanted me to teach her last political science class and offered me twenty bucks to do. It was mostly in jest, but I did call her bluff. It didn’t happen and the poor class was so confused. But it would’ve been real fun.  Maybe next time, if I get the opportunity, I will fight a bit harder for it.  In any case I couldn’t have taught the whole class anyway because I had to pick my son up early today from school. But  it did get me thinking.  We need more conservative professors in academia. There needs to be more than one point of view coming from the professors and students.  If all the professors are liberal and all the students are liberal,  then you just get regurgitation.  You need the back and forth and opposing views to really strengthen up your own arguments and to hopefully get others to think for themselves.  As long as liberalism is the presiding point of view, others are going to have a hard time finding their place in the academic world. So they will either shut up about it or take the abuse that will be heaped on them.

One thing I will say about Professor Cole is that even if she doesn’t agree with you and we never do, she respects people’s efforts to learn and she will listen to your side if you listen to hers.  There are plenty of liberals that agree with her inside the class but she has on more than one occasion pointed to me as someone to emulate at least in terms of trying to learn the material, etc.  I find that interesting.

However, you only have to go to “Professor at  LACC LACks Civility” on here to see that not all professors at my school show that kind of fairness. And I have never been blasted by her for my conservative views, she just doesn’t agree with them.  That’s fine with me.  Heck it makes it more fun to me to have someone to debate with.  That being said what would’ve happened if I had taught that class today? You know there would’ve been at least one student who would’ve reported it.  Even if she would’ve stayed in the class the whole time with me.  I also feel at some point my conservative views would’ve come out and that would’ve been the biggest problem.  Because I would’ve been “teaching” conservativism.  So I would be a uncredentialed teacher teaching a point of view that is not considered part of the accepted curriculum.  It is one thing to spout ideas from the student’s desk, it is quite another to do so as a teacher. I wonder what would’ve been the outcome. Maybe nothing,  but maybe there would’ve been a firestorm, you can never tell in these kind of situations.

In any case I was this close (puts index and thumb really close together but not touching) to teaching a political class at LACC.  Professor Dena Leichnitz, has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?

Star Trek Review

James T. Kirk from Star Trek

Uhura-girl, how can you say no to him?

Once upon a time I did reviews for a living.  It was music and book reviews but I haven’t had stretched those review muscles in a long time so I will review the new Star Trek movie.

I am not a Trekkie by any stretch of the imagination. Mostly because I can’t stand William Shatner, the man just gets on my last nerve.  Uhura was my girl and Scotty was also a fave of mine probably because he was always beaming people up.  After watching Star Trek, I love both characters even more.  Leonard Nimoy is the only original cast member to make an appearance.  And while I liked him on Star Trek, he will always be the host of “In Search Of…” to me. Spock and Kirk

Captain Pike has a stronger presence in this film as well. I barely remember him from the original series but the great thing is you don’t have to know anything about the original series to enjoy this movie.  Sorry hardcore Trekkies no one speaks Klingon in this movie.  In fact, they are mentioned once or twice but the major foes are the Romuluns.  Most specifically, a crazed Romulun named Nero who is intent on destroying Spock.  I don’t want to give too much of the movie away but it is definitely worth checking out.

One of my favorite part was the romance between Spock and Uhura.  One scene that cracked me up was when Spock and James Kirk (he wasn’t the Captain yet, Spock was)  were going to go down to the Romulun ship to get the drill and the red matter that had the ability not only to destroy planets but turn them into a black hole.  So they are on the launch pad waiting to be beamed down when Uhura kisses Spock good-bye.  Jim looks at the two uncomfortably and then Spocks says, “Good-bye Nearda.” and Jim had been trying to get her first name forever.  So as she walks away he goes, “So her first name is Nearda?”  and while I can’t remember the actual line, it is along the lines of “That would be classified.”

U.S.S. EnterpriseThe U.S.S Enterprise (like the Millennium Falcon in Star Wars) is the real star as far as I am concerned.  It is a given that the ship will be asked to pull off some pretty fancy manuevers and sustain some pretty heavy damage but yet it is expected to “walk away from it”  There is something heroic in and of itself in the Enterprise.  When we first meet the Enterprise she is a brand new ship, ready to go on a humanitarian effort to Vulcan.  Not knowing it is a trap by the Romuluns to capture Spock. So the ship is out there bopping around, thinking “This is cool, I’m the U.S.S. Enterprise.” Then it is all shields and photon torpedos in a matter of seconds.  Of course, she gets battered but is able to continue her mission.  Though I am kind of weird anyway, when watching a western and a guy gets shot while on his horse, I am more worried about the horse. When I am a watching a chase scene and the car tumbles over consecutive times I cringe, not for the driver but for the car.  See told you-I’m weird.

All in all, I found the movie very entertaining and the new James T. Kirk much more hot and less annoying then the original by William Shatner. In fact, I only went with the assurance I would not have to see William Shatner at any point during this film.  It is an excellent film with an very intelligent and thought provoking story, I would definitely recommend everyone go out and see Star Trek even if you are not a Trekkie, like me.

Social Security Surplus Depleted

social_security_626_articleAccording to Money News  the surplus of the Social Security Adminstration has run out.  Originally they thought they had enough to get through 2017 but due to faulty Wall Street investments, all the money is gone! 

Social Security Surplus Already Gone

So what does that mean for people who are already receiving Social Security payments? Will they stop? Will millions lose their only source of income? The ramificiations of such a huge loss and how could this happen? Social Security has been warning people for years that they were on the brink of insolvency.  That if something wasn’t done and pronto that they were going to go bankrupt.  In fact, any time you called Social Security you got a message to that effect on the other end.

This wasn’t the Social Security trust fund however, this was a surplus.  A surplus that was supposed to take us to 2017 according to the article.  So what happened? They gambled it on the stock market! We are not talking bonds or CDs that mature over time and will pay an interest on the principal amount. We are talking straight up, Las Vegas type roulette gambling of other people’s money! We are basically talking taking millons of taxpayer dollars and going, “Yeah I got 20 showing, hit me!”

So what is going to happen now that we have fettered all the money away? Well, we are going to have to go begging money from people like China and Japan. Yeah, because I am sure they are just thrilled to lend us money considering we are already in debt up to our ears with them. 

“The decline means that the Treasury Department could be forced to borrow an additional $700 billion from foreign investors like China  and Japan just as those seem unwilling to hold the trillions in bonds they already own.”

Now it is one thing when government borrows money from another government that will be used to help the country as a whole. It is quite another when it is borrowing money, specifically for a government run program like Social Security.  Because then China can say, “Well since we are saving  your Social Security system, we also get a say in how it is run.” I don’t see China giving us the money without that condition attached to it.  And do we really want the Chinese with their notorious human rights abuses being in charge of any aspect of our government, especially Social Security that goes out our elderly and other vulnerable citizenry.

It is just too scary to think about.  So if your next Social Security check comes in the form of yen, you know why.

Utah Governor is New Ambassador to China

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So we are sending 2.6 million to China for their drunk hookers along with a Mormon missionary! LOL. I  hope he has more of a positive effect on them than vice versa.  I know he will probably will have nothing to do with the Alcoholic Hooker Study (AHS)  but can you just picture it.

Obama: So John, we want you to go to China and be an ambassador over there.  And part of your duties will be to check in periodically on the AHS study.

John: AHS, Mr President?

Obama: Yeah, we are studying Alcoholic Hookers in order to alleviate or reduce HIV, it is a bunch of crap really but hey who am I to look a gift horse in the mouth? So you periodically check in on the hookers make sure they are not drinking too much and report back.

John: Too much sir?  I don’t drink at all.  You know that whole Mormon, word of wisdom thing, so how much is too much, Mr. President?

Obama:  I am sure you can figure it out, John.  (Obama chuckles) I was just thinking I am sending a John to check on other johns. Anyway,  let me know what is going on.

Three months later:

All the hookers are reading the Book of Mormon and discussing the First Vision.  And instead of selling themselves they sell tuna casseroles and homemade scrap books to support themselves.  They no longer drink, not even tea which was tantamount to Chinese blasphemy.  They dress modestly and do their visiting teaching religiously.

Obama comes for a visit, ready to party! “Okay so where are the hookers…..I got a bottle of Jack Daniels all ready to go! Michelle, get me a cigarette! I am going to need one after this!”

“Who are you?” the former hooker asks

“I’m Obama, I’m the President of the United States, we sent 2.6 million over here to help you drink responsibly on the job.” he explains.

“Oh you evil man! We don’t like you! John, nice man. He free us from alcoholism and prostitution. We nice girls now. You bad man….very bad man. ”

“Okay, we just spent 2.6 million dollars and none of you still drink or  sell yourselves? Where is that stupid Li character, heads are going to roll tonight! I came all this way to help “participate in the study” and this is what I get? John, get over here!”  John walks over to the President and without saying a word stands before him.  ” Did I ask you to convert them? You see this is why people don’t like you Mormons always impose your values on people. So instead of drunk hookers, I now got……what?”

“Relief Society sisters.”  John replies.

“Yeah, well I was looking to have some of my own relief from these sisters, thanks a lot!”  Obama storms out.

Now there is another possible scenario.

Three months later-

John is swinging from the chandeliers, throwing back some cheap wine and on his cell phone to the White House is telling Obama. “Study is going great! Don’t think I am ever going back home to Utah!”

U.S to Spend $2.6 Million on Chinese Prostitutes

China's flagSome things are just so outrageous that you couldn’t make them up even if you sat down and tried your hardest to come up with the most insane premise.  Remember that fellow that got elected in November who keeps telling us that we are in the worst financial situation since the Depression (guess he missed the 70’s with its energy crisis that forced motorists to get gas on certain days and skyrocketing unemployment! )?  Well obviously we are not so bad off that we can’t spend 2.6 million dollars on Chinese hookers to help them with their drinking problems.  That is right, we are going to send federal funds to China to help them get their hookers into AA! It is under the guise of trying to alleviate HIV. Yeah right,  basically it is just some horny politicians trying to figure out how they can get the taxpayers to foot the bill so they can get drunk and laid Asian style!

According to CNS News:  The National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAA), a part of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), will pay $2.6 million in U.S. tax dollars to train Chinese prostitutes to drink responsibly on the job.

U.S. Will Pay $2.6 Million to Train Chinese Prostitutes to Drink Responsibly on the Job

So let’s look at this carefully. They don’t want them to stop drinking altogether.  They don’t want them to stop prostituting themselves. They simply want them to have a white wine spritzer instead of  Wild Turkey while servicing their john! The whole world has lost their ever loving mind! Hookers are the new gays.  Like gays before them, they want acceptance for the deviant acts they commit.  Also like gays before them they want to decide what they are called-sex workers.  Yeah and I would like to be called slender or a rocket scientist-ain’t happening dearie! But that is another essay altogether.  Let’s stick with the topic at hand.  Our government sees fit to send 2.6 million dollars to China for an immoral purpose, while trying to maintain it has a humanitarian benefit.  Heck, even if you are an American prostitute you should be ticked. Why are they sending money to China, a country who hasn’t known a human right they can’t abuse, instead of the streetewalkers right here on Hollywood and Vine? I am sure they would like a cut of the 2.6 million and if they had to drink less to get it, they would be more than willing to cut back to one six pack instead of three.

The whole thing is utter lunancy.  We can’t afford to get updated library books for my son’s my_brothers_sideschool but we can afford to send 2.6 million dollars to Chinese hookers? Are you frickin’ kidding me? If it wasn’t so utterly and morally repugnant, it would almost be laughable.  If  I didn’t have to make the hard decisions about how many teachers would be hired back at my son’s school next year,  I could have a good hearty laugh about how simply outrageous this is.  However, when you are nickeling and diming yourself to death,  when you can only have a nurse at your child’s school 2 days a week because there is not enough money in the budget, then it stops being funny real fast.  With an additional 2.6 million how many teachers could be rehired? Not a whole heck of a lot, but at least we wouldn’t have to lay off 5,000 teachers.  Now mind you, this is coming from someone who absolutely abhors the public school system. Personally, I think we should fire everyone and just start all over.  But even with all its countless faults, it provides a much needed service.  And I would rather see 2.6 million go to the schools then to some drunk hookers!

So I mentioned earlier this was all in attempt to alleviate HIV.   Here is what they are proposing:  Previous studies in Asia and Africa and our own data from FSWs [female sex workers] in China suggest that the social norms and institutional policy within commercial sex venues as well as agents overseeing the FSWs (i.e., the ‘gatekeepers’, defined as persons who manage the establishments and/or sex workers) are potentially of great importance in influencing alcohol use and sexual behavior among establishment-based FSWs,” says the NIH grant abstract submitted by Dr. Li.

“Therefore, in this application, we propose to develop, implement, and evaluate a venue-based alcohol use and HIV risk reduction intervention focusing on both environmental and individual factors among venue-based FSWs in China,” says the abstract.

Okay now let’s try this in English and not Mandarin.  What in the world are they talking about? I know if you want a reduction in HIV tell them to stop being whores!!!! You think that might do the trick! (Pun not intended).  First of all the two biggest groups with HIV are men who sleep with men (MSM) and drug addicts that use needles.  In fact, it is almost unheard of for a woman to pass it to a man! So how are you reducing HIV, because even if she has it, her chance of passing it to her john is very slim! He is a lot more likely to give it to her than vice versa.  So if you were being intellectually honest, wouldn’t it make more sense to do the study on the johns and not the prostitutes? The only way you can reduce HIV in that environment is by testing every john that walks in the door, otherwise this whole thing is futile.   Truthfully, this is a load of bull that they are trying to pull over the American taxpayers’ eyes.  Let’s look at this logically:

1) They are testing the wrong population! The prostitutes are not the ones transmitting the virus therefore they shouldn’t be the target of the study.

alcohol2) It is drugs that have the larger impact on whether you get AIDS, not alcohol.  Specifically drugs like heroin, in which you inject it with a needle are liable to share needles. Mind you, this whole alcohol/AIDS correlation is based on that alcohol lowers your inhibitions so you are more likely to engage in risky sexual behavior.  Excuse me he’s at BROTHEL and she’s works at one!!!! I think any time you step foot into one risky sex is PROBABLY WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR!!!

3)  Seventy percent of those with AIDS are gay or bisexual men.  Therefore wouldn’t it make more sense to concentrate on male prostitutes,  if we are going to do this insane thing, then female ones?

Now here’s the clencher:  Li said his study is being done in China rather than the U.S. because prostitution occurs with alcohol use in the United States like it does in China, Americans will be able to benefit from the project’s findings.

What? We are doing it in China instead of the United States because it is going to help people in the United States? Does that make sense to you? Now remember, seventy percent of HIV positive people in the United States are gay and bisexual men! So how is surveying heterosexual sex in China going to help them? The whole thing is nothing but a sham and they are hoping the people of the US are so scared and intellectually backwards when it comes to their knowledge of  HIV that they can push this through.  Basically, it is about some perverts getting their freak on in China! You are doing a bang up job Obama! Oops was that sexually inappropriate? Because this whole study is that is for sure.

The Cheerios Coup

This is a fictional account of what would happen if  Obama and the FDA go through their ridiculous claim that Cheerios is a new unapproved drug because it claims it can lower your cholesterol. The FDA says it will seize the product if they don’t change their claims. Personally, I think the people at the FDA are high and just want to seize Cheerios because they got the serious munchies. But let’s say Cheerios says, “Shove it! We are keeping our claim!” and then the FDA goes to General Mills and takes all the Cheerios.

This is the original link:  FDA Says Cheerios Isn’t As Wholesome As It Claims

Now for the Cheerios Coup!

The news vans were everywhere,  helicopters were flying overhead. It looked like a madhouse.  Toddlers and their parents were storming the  Food and Drug Administration.  “Obama stole my Cheerios! I hate Obama!” one angry toddler cries out.  The FDA has locked all its doors and grown men cower as thousands of ticked off toddlers demand justice!  A two year old cries, “I want my Cheerios, why did you take away my Cheerios.  I hate broccoli, take away all the broccoli!”   A reporter stands in front of the FDA building.


We have a lot of angry children here,who are demanding the release of their beloved Cheerios. Let’s speak  to one of the distraught parents here. Ma’am, what has it been like for you since the FDA seized all the Cheerios?

Distraught Parent:

It has been sheer…oh kids are watching aren’t they…well you know the place! (she puts her hands over her face and cries) I can’t believe this is happening.  I went to the store to get some Cheerios and they were out! I went to another and another, same thing! Then I found out the FDA seized it! My kids have been yelling and crying for their Cheerios, half the time it is the only thing that shuts them up! You suck Obama!


Well there you have it, parents are clearly upset by this sudden seizing of Cheerios.  The FDA has not come out to comment yet and it has been reported that Malia and Sasha along with Michelle are refusing to speak to President  Obama for his part in this fiasco.  General Mills has issued a statement that they are pleased to see people standing up to big government and demanding their Cheerios be brought back to market.  They claim it is the American thing to do!  Back to the station.

INT.  FDA Building. Product Room

A bunch of grown, middle aged men are sitting around in a circle passing a joint, while others are  munching on Cheerios.

FDA Guy:

Hey dude,  does Doritos make any health claims so we can seize their products too? I so love Doritos!

The other employees are locking themselves in whatever rooms they can find.  You can hear the rocks hit the unbreakable Plexiglas.  Little fists are pounding on the doors, cries of rage are getting louder. The atmosphere grows more hostile as the FDA keeps hiding out.  A little girl speaks into her oversized microphone she got as a Christmas gift. It has a picture of Cheerios on it.

Little Girl:

I want my Cheerios Obama! You are a bad man! My Daddy is a Repuvican and he said you were no good! My Daddy is right!  You’re a big ol meanie and I hope innectarine you, so you get kicked out of the White House.

The crowd cheers her speech.  A little boy tugs at his mother’s blouse,  “What does innectarine mean?” he asks.  “I think she means impeach and that means we kick Obama out of office.” the mother explained. “Yes then let’s imbleach him!”

Meanwhile, in another conference room down the hall the Commissioner for the FDA and Obama are going at it.  Obama is screaming that he took over General Motors and he can take over General Mills too! That no one can stop him.

The commissioner yells, “I hate to burst your bubble but there are thousands of angry children and their parents who are not going to stand for you riding roughshod over their right to eat whatever they want! I am sorry I ever agreed to this stupid idea to begin with!”

That is when Obama screams, “They are just kids, who cares!”

The commissioner gets on the phone to security and tells him to let everyone in.  The security guard asks him to repeat the order.  “You heard me, let everyone in and guide them to my office Obama wants to tell them something!”  If he runs they might see him on the way out and attack him. Besides it will seem cowardly.  If he stays it will look like he is standing his ground.  So he stays in the office and waits for the mob. He will charm them the way he always does, he thinks to himself.

When they get in they immediately go after Obama. Toddlers are kicking, biting, hitting and generally attacking the President.  The parents try to pull the kids off of him but there are too many, Obama cannot defend himself.  They are finally able to get the kids off, when Tony the Tiger enters the room and gives Obama another kick while he is still on the floor.  “And don’t think of coming after Kelloggs’ or you will get worse than that you elitist dillweed!” He storms out of the room and the kids cheer Tony as he makes his exit. They are then lead to the product rom where they find only half of the Cheerios seized, the intoxicated  FDA guys have eaten the rest. But there is enough for everyone and all the parents and children go home happy.

The End.

Arlen Specter Loses Seniority

arlen_specterJust when I thought things couldn’t be any better I find out the wonderful news that Arlen Specter won’t retain his seniority on his various committees.  Finally, a reason to like Democrats again! Arlen Specter only one week after switching sides was suddenly demoted to the most junior senator by his fellow Democrats.  After betraying the Republican party for the last five years at least (I have been a Republican since 2004 and even then he was up to his old tricks), even after making a deal with Bush that he would support him in his re-election if he would use his influence with the confirmation of Alito and Roberts, only to get elected and quickly renege on his promise-Arlen Specter is finally feeling what it is like to feel betrayed by his party.

Ah sweet karma, sometimes it seems slow but it is always perfect.  I Karmahave been trying to teach my son about karma, what you put out in the world is what you get back.  He has taken it to mean karma is Santa Claus and if he is nice he will get a great toy! I will keep working on it.  However, it seems like Arlen never learned that lesson either. That you can’t go around breaking promises and not have it come back on you. That you can’t go around standing against y0ur party and think it will be just be acceptable. Not only did Arlen stand against the Republicans, mostly out of political manuvering then any real principles, but when he switched teams he voted against the Dems.  Well you can’t do that and not expect retaliation.  I will say this about the Dems-they demand loyalty and if you don’t give it to them, they will make you pay.  They will not back anyone who doesn’t back them. It is a lesson the Republicans might like to learn.

Henry ReidArlen had struck a deal with Henry Reid before switching that he would retain his seniority and then only week after switching he was told…NOT!!!  They said they would revisit the issue after the 2010 elections. The man is 79 years old, he could drop dead within the next five seconds! It is pretty optimistic to think that he will even be around for them to honor that commitment.

“Sen. Reid assured me that I would keep my committee assignments and that I would have the same seniority as if I had been elected as a Democrat in 1980,” he said in a statement, adding that the caucus will vote on his seniority at the same time subcommittee chairmanships are confirmed after the 2010 election.

“I am confident my seniority will be maintained under the arrangement I worked out with Sen. Reid,” he said.

Arlen Specter Loses Committee Seniority

Yeah, good luck with that Arlen. Considering he just stabbed you in the back, you really think he is going to go to bat for you after 2010 elections.  The man sounds a like a woman in an abusive relationship, sure he smacked me around this time but he promised after the 2010 elections it will be different.

The article also states the following:

Specter rankled many Democrats with his stated opposition to their legislative priorities, including the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA) — legislation that would make it easier for workers to form unions — President Obama’s budget and his nominee to head the Justice Department’s Office of Legal Counsel, Dawn Johnsen.

“But if he shows us he’s with us on health care, on Supreme Court nominees, on EFCA, some other stuff, then maybe he gets a top or senior spot on some committees in 2011,” the aide said.

If that does not sound like  a bit mafioso to you, I don’t know what does. “So Specter, you disappoint me. You have gone against the family. That is not looked favorably upon. However, if you want to get back into my good graces you will vote the way I want on health care.  Otherwise you might need some health care. Compeche?”

Oh Arlen, dear Arlen, will you never learn? You keep stepping on toes and they are liable to step back on yours! You haven’t gotten that in 79 years?  Kind of sad, dude.  In the meantime, who needs DTV when you got Democrats Live! It is a much more compelling show! Can’t wait for the next installment.

Colin Powell, Will You Please Join Arlen?

Am I socialist or an American....hmmm?

Am I socialist or an American....hmmm?

When I was a Democrat, I disliked Colin Powell because he was  a sellout to the Republican party.  How could any self respecting Black man be a Republican? It just didn’t make sense. Now that I am a Republican I don’t like him because he has sold out the Republican party. I guess Mr. Powell will always tick me off and be on my list of enemies.  Chris Strohm of Congress Daily, recently wrote a piece on Colin Powell and this is what Colin Powell had to say:

“The Republican Party is in deep trouble,” Powell told corporate security executives at a conference in Washington sponsored by Fortify Software Inc. The party must realize that the country has changed, he said. “Americans do want to pay taxes for services,” he said. “Americans are looking for more government in their life, not less.

human brainOkay when did Colin Powell get his lobotomy and why weren’t we told? Are you kidding me? What American gets up in the morning and goes, “Isn’t it great I get to work 40 hours a week and at the end of it I get to give most of it to the government, the wonderful government that I want more of  in my life not less, how lucky am I?”  First of all a willingness to pay taxes for services like schools, roads, and other necessities does not meant they want to do it.  I am willing to do dishes because I want clean dishes to eat my food off of, it does not mean I want to do dishes! But regardless of how I feel about dishes, it is necessary and it has to be done.  That is how most people feel about taxes.  It is necessary for a  society to function but that should in no way constitute them as “wanting to pay taxes for services.”And it sure doesn’t mean they want to pay more in taxes. Did Mr. Powell simply DontStimulateMyPackageGuyignore the Tea Party!? Isn’t that what it was all about getting the government out of our wallets and out of our lives!? I would like to ask Mr. Powell, what are you smoking and can I have some? It is obviously some good stuff if it can make you forget that  a million people came out April 15th to protest everything you say they want!

Dude, get some ovaries first before holding the sign! Idiot!

Dude, get some ovaries first before holding the sign! Idiot!

Now let’s look at the second part of this heresy.  Americans want more government in their lives, not less. As someone who has had the government so far up their backside that they could’ve given me a colonic, I can personally vouch that Americans don’t want more government in their lives.  What do pro-choicers say? Keep the government out of my womb!  Keep your laws off my body. They are always talking about government intruding on decisions like abortion, euthanasia,  the death penalty, etc.  Now they want the state to kill babies and grandmas just not rapists and axe murderers, they should live! So even the radical, liberal Dems who hate all that is good and holy definitely don’t want more government in their lives. How about the Libertarians, they think we should decriminalize everything and just have great big party with porn and pot for all! They don’t sound like they want more government in their lives. So who are these Americans who want more government in their lives? Because I surely don’t know any?

Do you want to pay taxes for services? How about services like abortion, or paying teachers NOT to teach? Do you want to have a say in where your taxes go or do you just think you should hand over the money and the wonderful government can decide from there on out? Do you want government more in your life, not less? Maybe I am mistaken, maybe Americans are a bunch of imbeciles who can’t decide what to do with their own money and who want Big Brother to make every life decision for them. But I doubt it. Americans are not dolts who don’t know up from down. They are intelligent, efficient and a hard working bunch and how dare Colin Powell say such blatant lies.  I hope you will make it clear to Colin Powell that his views in no way represent true Americans, that we are not weak-kneed socialists waiting on the government to solve our every problem and that we are far more capable than what he gives us credit for.

Really, Colin please join Arlen with the Democrats and I am sure they will treat you with the same respect they gave him. Which in my mind would be poetic justice.  It is time we tell these RINOs that anyone who doesn’t agree with the GOP platform can take a hike. That if you don’t like it that there are other parties out there  you can join, but at the crux of it is limited government and lower taxes and if you can’t wrap your mind around that, if you don’t believe that-fine, go elsewhere! But don’t try to change the GOP to suit your own individual agenda. It is one thing to bring new blood into the GOP, it is quite another to sabotage it and that is what Colin is trying to do-sabotage everything we stand for.