Heaviest Man Weds

From the files of: Take a gun and shoot me now!

Manuel Uribe who at one time weighed in at 1230 pounds and lost 550 pounds was set to wed his fiancee, Claudia Solis at the end of October. Now there is the girly girl part of me that gets all misty eyed when true love prevails.  There is the jealous, bitter part that is going, “You got to be kidding me? He can find someone and I can’t? He couldn’t even get out of his house without the use of a flatbed truck, how in the world did he find someone?”  As far as the flatbed truck goes, that is not spite talking but an actual fact.

“We checked in with Manuel Uribe — the world’s most obese man — in March when he was being carried on the back of a flat-bed truck to go on a date. Well, now it seems those difficult romantic arrangements are finally paying off.”

I guess a part of me is heartened by this. I figure if he can find someone, then I definitely can.  Then again at the same time, I figure if I hear about one more person being wed, I am liable to go postal at their nuptials.  While gays are fighting for all the monetary benefits of being married, the only benefit I want is the ability to call myself Mrs.  I am not picky, Mrs. Murdock, Mrs. Johansen, Mrs.  Caphart,  Mrs. Swallow, just pick one God and let’s get on with it already!

In the meantime, I do hope that the new Mrs. Uribe is happy and that they had a wonderful wedding.  Love is not easy to find in this life and it gives me hope that love can come to anyone-no matter what the size.  God bless you Claudia and Manuel and may you have a long and fruitful marriage.

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