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Tea vs. Kool Aid: My Response to Nathan Gawronsky at SMC

Nathan Gawronsky is a writer for the Corsair at Santa Monica College. I attended the Associated Students (AS) meeting yesterday and was given a brief tour by their AS President, Tiffany Ibuyani along with my ASO Presidents Shawn Adamski and Jaden Ledkins. I was impressed with the wealth of the community college but not with much […]

Is Trump the New Palin?

Donald Trump has been all over the news as of late making his bid for the presidency. His criticism of Obama has been received with glowing accolades from the Right. However, is the Right just so desperate for anyone to pick up the mantle of their cause that even Donald Trump would suffice? Trump has […]

Barely A Family

Some words blow on the wind only to evaporate into nothingness. Other words live on in your heart and mind long after they are spoken. Then there are those that haunt you forever. Such was the case when my son, who was then about three, told me “Mom, we are barely a family.” Those words […]


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