Is Trump the New Palin?

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Donald Trump has been all over the news as of late making his bid for the presidency. His criticism of Obama has been received with glowing accolades from the Right. However, is the Right just so desperate for anyone to pick up the mantle of their cause that even Donald Trump would suffice?

Trump has even joined the “birther” bandwagon, wanting to know where Obama’s birth certificate is. Of course, this all seems a little Johnny come lately considering that the Right has taken severe blows for even asking this question for the past two years.Orly Taitz, most of all, has been made out to be some deranged psychopath whose only interest is taking down the United States government. So why is it now suddenly not the height of treason to demand the President actually follow the Constitution in terms of proving his eligibility.

Like Palin before, everyone  on the Left is sort of writing off Trump as some kind of quack. However, what the Left has yet to learn from their row with Palin is that Right is not so quick to cast people aside because they don’t fit into their notion of what a politician should be. If anything the fact that Trump is NOT a career politician might actually work in his favor.

Palin struck a chord with the American conservative public because they saw their own lives in her. She had respect for the conservative values and did not talk about conceding their values in the name of bipartisanship. (Of course, we all know bipartisanship only works in one direction, the conservatives must always be bipartisan, the Left never does!)

The glow seems to be fading somewhat from Palin but could it be restored with Trump’s emergence into the political arena. Will they team up together and run as a ticket? Or will Trump overtake Palin as the next supposed conservative icon? With Planned Parenthood on the ropes, despite its temporary reprieve in the Senate by cowardly Republicans who wouldn’t know a winning situation if it spit in their face, and with more backlash against liberalism everyday and with the Tea Party emerging as viable third party we are seeing the demise of liberalism. However, who will be able to take the conservative momentum and parlay it into a doable agenda and help restore our republic?

Trump? Palin? As much respect as I have for Palin and as much as I generally admire Trump’s rise to power, I don’t think either of them have what it takes to make this country great again. Who does? Only time will tell. Let’s just hope whoever it is remembers that the American people are their employers not  the DNC or the RNC. God bless America.


One thought on “Is Trump the New Palin?

  1. As unlikeable as he is, Donald Trunp at least has some key credentials that would qualify him to lead a government. He is very intelligent, he has succeeded in a variety of business adventures, and he commands the respect of those who know him. Obviously he has a long way to go politically, but I would have considered voting for him.

    Sarah Palin literally does not have a single qualification to run for president. She received the support of conservatives the moment she was put on the 2008 ticket, regardless of her credentials or lack thereof.

    I was so enthusiastic and hopeful that an American hero like John Mccain could run this country. When the Palin announcement was made I was hopeful that she might prove herself to be worthy of the candidacy. Every single thing I learned about her afterwards made me sadder and sadder. As a Republican, and as an American, I am embarrassed that Sarah Palin is considered a leader of my party. I am ashamed to say it, but I couldn’t in good conscience cast my vote for the Republican ticket with her name on it.

    Back to Trump though. I think he showed some potential and I am upset that he has dropped out so quickly. I have no idea why he associated himself with the pathetic cause of proving Obama’s birthplace. That is certainly a black eye on our party over the last few years. What a pointless and unjustified cause.

    I am looking forward to see who steps up to lead the GOP in the next few months. I was so hopeful for McCain, and now it’s back to the drawing board.

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