Why I am “anti-gay.”

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Many will take that title to mean that I hate gay people. That I want them all dead or at least shipped off to the Netherlands so the rest of us could live in peace. The truth is my problem is not so much with the average gay or lesbian I meet in the course of my day. It is with the Gay Elite, the powerful political organizations and PACs, that wish to bend the rest of us to their will. I have never been one to bend to anyone’s will-ask God he will tell you. So it is with those organizations that I do battle with. Even so I have come to realize the seriousness of homosexuality and it is for these reasons that I am anti-gay.

1) I don’t think anyone should have 20 years knocked off their life. Gay sex is inherent with disease, there is no healthy way to have gay sex. I am about to get graphic here so excuse me. You cannot engage in anal sex (and this goes for straight couples too) without inviting a host of diseases into your body. The anus was not created to take that kind of penetration. We also must look at the purpose of sperm. Sperm was created to create children. Therefore when it goes into a woman’s body it suppresses her immune system. It does this so it can find the egg and fertilize it without being killed by the lymph system. It will usually suppress it for a day or two after that it is fair game. Of course, the sperm won’t survive much longer than that anyway. Now imagine you’re a sperm and you are ejected into a man’s body. You still suppress the immune system because that is what you are programmed to do but meanwhile you are looking for an uterus you will never find. There is nothing to fertilize so you die but not before some more of your buddies also make their way into this same body, and some more and some more and some more. And before you know it you have thrown your immune system out of whack because of all this suppressant you keep putting in it and what do you get? AIDS-that’s what. This is why it is so easy for AIDS to travel man to man or man to woman but very hard to travel woman to woman or woman to man. But AIDS/HIV is just the start there are so many other diseases out there that affect gay men specifically more than the general public. It is shameful we care more about their right to engage in sodomy then we care about their lives.

2) Because there is no freedom in homosexuality. By this I mean if you have even one same sex fantasy you are told you are gay, that you will always be gay, that you were born this way and it is up to you to further the cause by embracing the gay lifestyle. People like Jake Taylor, an ex-gay man from England or Alan Chambers, the founder of Exodus-one the largest ex-gay ministries in the U.S.- are told that change is impossible. Even though we know sexuality is fluid, nowadays it must be immutable in order to usurp the civil rights that were fought for and paid with, blood, sweat and tears of ethnic minorities.

3) I am anti-gay because I feel gays and lesbian deserve a better life then one that seems to be affected by depression, suicide, promiscuity, domestic violence, and alcohol abuse to name just a few things. While many will contend that there are an immeasurable amount of people who are happy being gay, there is a much larger group that is not. These people are silenced or are told they suffer from internal homophobia. Reparative therapy is often ridiculed by those in the gay community. A person who might seek it out is often berated for doing so. Even if they feel “wrong” in having same sex relations, they are told their reasons for not engaging in same sex sex are based on bigotry and are unenlightened.

4) I am anti-gay because the collective group as a whole looks down on marriage and child-rearing. Even though not one of them could exist without us “breeders” they are still quite adamant in their distaste for raising children. I have personally been told by a gay man that my having a child is no big deal that even monkeys can have children and where is Planned Parenthood when you need them? Or how about this post from some pro-gay person who commented about a recent story where straight people were being called breeders and Jamaican men had racial slurs hurled their way: “Really? You’re worried about violence from the gay guys calling you breeders? What, are they forcibly going to make you fabulous? And since when was verbally accosting people a crime? I’d totally be in jail by now.” http://www.giveupblog.com/2006/07/damn-breeders.html. Obviously this person sees nothing wrong with intimidating, threatening or assaulting straight people! All of which is ILLEGAL!!!! These people demand respect for their lifestyle but seem unwillingly to give the same respect to the rest of us. People like this blogger are bullies. (Note: Most people think assault is physically hurting someone, assault is actually threatening someone, battery is physically harming them.)

5) I am anti gay because they actively promote division. When it is not gays vs. straights, it is gays vs. lesbians. And there is an intense hatred for bisexuals by those in the alphabet community. You only have to read “After the Ball: How America Will Conquer Its Fear and Hatred of Gays in the 90’s” to understand this. The authors admit to using propaganda on the American public to endear homosexuality to the masses that would exclude, drag queens, pedophiles and anyone else who didn’t resemble the boy/girl next door. They admitted that gay men hate lesbians and lesbians want nothing to do with gay men. And then if that wasn’t enough you have a million sub-categories of gays-tops, bottoms, bug chasers, gift givers, and every fetish known to man. Everything in this world of theirs is centered on whom they sleep with. There is nothing like that in the “straight” community. We may have our preferences but we sure don’t define our entire identity on them.

It is for all these reasons that I am anti-gay. I firmly believe we short change gays by allowing them to live in their sin. Moreover, glorifying it and normalizing it has done more harm than good. One day people will look back and will be amazed at how truly cold we were. They will show nothing but contempt when they read about how we threw our children to the wolves in order not to hurt someone’s feelings. Our cowardice will be epic but hopefully so will our heroism as we finally stand together and fight those who call us bigots for protecting our children. You want to be gay-fine. But you are not taking my child with you! For in the end I am Black and Right!

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137 thoughts on “Why I am “anti-gay.”

  1. Wow. Where to begin.

    #1 – Any sex without a condom is risky. Also, (and I’m not condoning condom-less sex here), what’s the difference between a woman and a man who both engage in a lot of sex without condoms? According to your “logic”, the woman will have her immune system suppressed just as much as the man.

    #2 – Who thinks like this? It’s common knowledge that people often have diverse fantasies, and plenty they wouldn’t act on. It’s healthy. I’ve never heard anyone except homophobic types say that once you have a same-sex thought you’re gay. Experimentation is healthy and many people go through such a phase; this doesn’t mean you’re gay, and I doubt many people who DO identify themselves as gay would automatically say that means you are.

    #3 – Unless you can cite references, this is purely conjecture. If you’re unhappy, you’re unhappy. This is hardly a gay problem – the reason people are often dismissive of it is because the roots of the problem are much deeper than a sexual identity, after all, if being gay makes you unhappy, then making you straight should solve all the problems, right? Well no, of course not – the problem is much more inherent and subtle.

    #4 – This is so ridiculous I don’t even know where to begin. Why would gays look down on marriage when it’s one of their number one desires right now? If gays hated raising kids, why do so many fight for the right to do so through surrogates and adoption?

    #5 – While you have a point that the gay community has issues with internal segregation, I beg to differ that your logical extension to including fetishists and interests as an example of that is a fallacy. For most of them, these are simply INTERESTS that are a part of their overall makeup, exactly the same as a straight person that’s interested in similar ideas (if you don’t think there aren’t gold diggers, S&M / bondage types, and those that have a certain “type” in the straight world, you are deluded). This doesn’t define a gay person any more than a person interested in red-heads defines that person. When you let that interest take over your entire personality, that’s a problem – but that’s not restricted to the gay community.

    And what does it mean by “you are not taking my child with you”? Do you actually think the gay community is actively trying to lure your children into their clutches? Sorry but that is so ludicrous that I can’t even take it seriously. Do you think that most adoptive gay parents do it so they can indoctrinate their kids as “gay”? I mean that’s what you’re insinuating – they are out to convert everyone. Of course any normal person will realize that for the most part, raising kids with a gay couple or influence does nothing for their sexual orientation, and that the most important things are love, caring, and respect.

    I’m so sorry you feel that it’s wrong to “normalize” a person who happens to be gay, to treat them with the same respect you would give anyone else. They don’t want to glorify being gay any more than you want to glorify being straight. The only reason you think it’s being “thrown in your face” is because people are no longer afraid to hide their feelings. And why should they? It’s sad that you feel threatened by something which is not threatening to you in the least.

    If you feel that it’s morally wrong, then that’s fine; everyone is entitled to their own opinion. But at least back it up with real facts and logic, not vague anecdotes and uneven comparisons. But unless it’s affecting the way you live your own life, your opinions and ideas shouldn’t impinge on anyone else’s right to live they want to live.

  2. I live in the UK. I am homosexuality but I want OUT of this path of death. I’ve had enough and I’m sick of it. Is there any way I can get in touch with Jake Taylor featured in your article? I was reading his diary and I was really inspired. I have had enough. God didn’t create me to be like this. I want to be free from the lie I’ve been living.

  3. Your arguments are deeply, deeply flawed for the most part. Either ignorant or flat-out wrong.

    1) This has no scientific basis whatsoever. HIV (which is needed to contract AIDs in the first place) doesn’t come from moving your immune system “out-of-whack”, nor does it come from “ingesting” ‘too much sperm’. What you’re referring to is the fact that sperm cells are coated with a protein that tells the immune system that they shouldn’t be attacked. The same protein coats some cancers, parasitic worms etc. It makes no direct difference to your immune system’s ability to function at all, the only way sperm can have that effect is if it is already infected with HIV. The risks posed by HIV affect all sexualities, and despite common belief the transmission of HIV is more prevalent is heterosexual relations than in homosexual relations.

    2) I don’t think I’ve ever personally come across this, but I can see what you’re saying. Unfortunately this has more to do with education and personal freedom than homosexuality. Similarly, if someone finds that they are indeed homosexual after a lot of thought and consideration, should they not be free to engage in what makes them comfortable, rather than feel suppressed into a heterosexual lifestyle?

    3) The same is probably true for heterosexual people (in terms of proportions) for those who are unhappy. Again, surely if people didn’t hold attitudes such as yours there wouldn’t be such a “taboo” around homosexuality and people wouldn’t have to live such “horrible lifestyles” rife with suicide and other things. Once again I’ve never come across this personally, but I can sort of understand your point, I just feel this has less to do with being homosexuals and more to do with general ignorance on the majority’s part. You yourself admit they suffer homophobia, what then is the solution? Being “Anti-Gay” or learning tolerance?

    4) For a third time, this is something I’ve never come across, but I can assure you that the majority of gays are either indifferent or positive of child-rearing. I myself wish to adopt when I’m older, or conceive a child using the technology available to us. You can call this unnatural if you want but the amount of campaigns for equal marriage and adoption rights the world-over seem to contradict your idea that gays are “anti-breeders”. I think you should research your ideas a little more before taking one source and making wild generalisations from it.

    5) That is just straight up rubbish, in all honesty. The gay community doesn’t segregate itself at all. This whole gays vs. lesbians idea is a stereotype developed by heterosexuals, it holds no truth in the world, and the whole “gays vs. straights” is more accurately described as homosexuals fighting for equal rights. We’re not trying to fight you, just trying to earn equality, I don’t know where you got this idea that somehow we’re personally attacking you, but I can assure you that you’re wrong on that one. Like heterosexuals we all have our personal tastes, and as we’re a diverse and spread out community (like almost any other, including heterosexuals) we have ways to show our personal tastes by affiliating with a “group”, though it has to be said that many gays do not do this at all. “Tops” and “Bottoms” as groups is like grouping heterosexuals into “long-haired” and “short-haired”. Again this “sex-obsessed” gay community stereotype is wrong, and people don’t centre their grouping on sexual interests, it’s about appearance, the same way people group teenagers by appearance such as “goths” and “jocks” etc. When you’re facing up attitudes like these, you’ve got to stick together, eh?


    As an extra, I would like to question your first declaration that you’re anti-gay due to “large groups” or the “gay elite”. None of your arguments are centred on the group instead the individual (apart from your last one, and again that seems to focus not on group behaviour but the fact we’re in groups in the first place). Based on your tags such as “prop 8” and a look around your blog suggest that really you’re just an ill-informed homophobe. “I have no problem with day-to-day gays but the gay elite” followed by points aimed at homosexuals as individuals is as convincing as “I have a gay friend so I can say…”

    This is a perfect collection of the traditional homophobic arguments (all we need is a “but the Bible says it wrong” and we’re golden), and as a Christian it saddens me that such ignorance and self-importance still exists in the world, and worse that people feel it necessary to share these views with the masses on the internet.

    I look forward to your reply.

  4. Right on Donn! Laura, if you are disgusted by my description of homosexuality then take it up with the practitioners that actually practice such behavior. If you are disgusted by me, it is because I am shining a light on the truth and you can’t handle it! I am disgusted by cowards like you.

  5. I’m also reading Jake Taylor, Diary of an ex-gay man. It is very worth the time for anyone who does not understand the homosexual life style, or those who want to know if change is possible.

  6. “Obviously this person sees nothing wrong with intimidating, threatening or assaulting straight people! All of which is ILLEGAL!!!!”

    You wanna talk about what’s Illegal? How about the number of gays and transvestites are murdered each year by bigots? The number of gays tied to trees and lynched, the number of transvestites who get their skulls crushed in by having a car door repeatedly smashed into it?
    And hey, having a gay man call a straight man a “breeder” is about 1,000 times less rude than a straight man calling a gay man a “fag” or “faggot”
    And no gay man can forcibly take your child, so chill out.

  7. Oh please more people get killed by dog bites than the number of gays and transvestites murdered each year. According to some pro-gay organization up in Hollywood, the number comes to a whooping 12 per year! Twelve-are you kidding me! How many people get killed by drunk drivers each year? A lot more than 12 I can assure you! That comes out to one a month, there is no epidemic of gay violence! In fact, gay violence has gone down over the years, while straight violence has risen. That comes directly from the FBI Hate Crime statistics-so get your facts straight!

  8. Funny how you didn’t (probably can’t) counter what Tom and Sam said.

    Why people are so focused on sexuality when it’s ignorance and irresponsibility that’s the cause of almost all problems?

  9. Thank you! Do you ever feel like you are going crazy? 20 years ago, we would have considered what is going on today with the push for homosexuality to be a respected way of life to be “insane”. Today, they want us to accept this as mainstream…and to do so, they adopt mascots to sweeten the pot like characters on Will & Grace and just about every prime time comedy or drama. Gays are portrayed as lovable, caring, funny, lighthearted infallible beings. They make putting down homosexual behavior akin to kicking a puppy dog. It’s all STRATEGY. I am hearing people saying homosexual sex is normal and natural, even…and every last shred of common sense out there says this is irrefutably false.

    There is no pride in being homosexual. The facts on homosexuality CANNOT be refuted no matter how hard these pro-destructive lifestyle people spin their wheels trying to explain it away with pseudoscience. When I speak with frustration here, it is not towards the young man or young woman who is gay and not prideful. It is towards those screaming in the streets for the same “rights” as heterosexuals and proclaiming this as a normal lifestyle. It’s not. If they want the same respect from straight people, they can try giving it first.

    I love every point you have to make and wish I knew more people like you who weren’t afraid to stand up and say what they are thinking…The pro-gay movement BULLIES people into silence and THAT is hate. Everyone should be entitled to an opinion and should stand up and refused to be silence by petty little insults like “You disgust me!” or being called “homophobic” (that’s the funniest one – ever seen someone throw up their hands and scream ‘AAAAH! It’s a gay! Hide me!’) or accuse them of hate speech or other such nonsense. I have never personally met anyone who promoted violence against homosexuals, wished ill will upon them, etc. All I have met are people deeply concerned that they have been falsely misled to believe this lifestyle carries no detrimental consequences to the quality of their lives…oh, and if there IS a detrimental consequence, blame those “hateful” Christians or other anti-gay straight people. No WAY should they ever accept the consequences of their own actions. Just like an alcoholic, as much as he LOVES alcohol should never admit alcohol is the problem, nor a drug addict should never admit drugs are harming him instead of helping him. Life is about urges and temptations being thrown at us left and right. Those who are successful in life and ultimately happy (we’re not talking success=money here) learn how to avoid those vices. Very well written post…and quite a few uneducated comments. You are not alone in your concerns. The scientist pushing for global acceptance of a gay gene pretty much admitted his research was all skewed on opinions. We can call it what it is – a choice – and a very unfortunate one.

  10. Where I live there are more gays becoming more obvious, what can i do when 85 percent of my friends or work colleagues are gay? I am not the type to discriminate against gays.

    Personally I accept your decision if your going to be gay etc.. but I feel now that being “gay” is now becoming the majority and on a large scale to be the norm.

    How does this affect me?

    Well first it affects the society that i live in meaning if your gay you definitely love the more decadent life style, everything associated with “fake” making women feel inferior because most gays I know come with a complex. e.g- “keeping up with the Jones” or “keeping up with the Kardashians” lol…

    This is the part of being “gay” really annoys me because it creates an unhealthy social environment, and can be detrimental to some peoples health especially if you fall under the tittle of being submissive.

    I just wish most gay people i know were happy with themselves… most of the gay people in my life are always trying to be perfect.

    predictions for the future?

    I’m guessing we’ll start seeing “threesome marriages so either way someone doesn’t get left out and needs get met… gay ethnic cleansing anyone?

    This comment is purely to give you an insight for what it is like for a young women in a gay dominated society if it offends you I apologize in advance.


  11. this sick i am bisexual and happy with my life i use comdoms with lads and girls and i like doingv other things with lads girls cant do. I read so of the crap some people have wrote it reminds me of i certain group of people from germany in 1938 if there is a moden ss u sud joine it 2011 grow up i bet if your boss was gay u wud keep ya month shut this website is a hate site.

  12. i am a bisexual i would not change it for the world, i have slept with lads and women. some of the peoples comments say they r not gay haters but u r some of u r properly in gay them serfs but cant admit it to them serfs, the rest of u who think homosexuality is wrong u guys are the ones with the problem. If u want to go live somewhere where its ok to beat up gays and make your self feel more self rightist go live in Iran. u will welcome there with your backwards vie view the world. u r the people who need education i bet u dont even know how gay sex works. if 10 people reply to this 1 of them in gay or bi and if i met u i could tell in a heart beat. (sorry about the spelling have dispriaxa effects my spelling and grammar)

  13. Anyone with a high school education knows that your first numbered paragraph is blatantly incompetent. Did you go to school? Have you ever read a single article on the science behind HIV/AIDS? How did you not at least research HIV/AIDS to some extent before you decided to use it in your argument.

    Honestly why do you write these blogs when you are so obviously misinformed? You are a hateful person who makes the world a worse place.

  14. The immunosuppressive effects of human seminal plasma are mediated by several factors. Semen contains several inhibitors of complement and a unique reservoir of CD59, a major complement inhibitor, is found on the prostasomes which are sub-micron organelles with lipid membranes. The prostasomes also inhibit lymphocyte proliferation (lymphocytes? You mean as in the lymph system which is our immune system? It inhibits their proliferation, meaning it stops them from making a lot…hmmm) and the activity of phagocytic cells (living organisms that ingest or engulf other particles originally used for nutritional purposes back when life on earth was mostly found in the water) . A thesis is proposed that the balance between maximum chances of survival for spermatozoa and minimum chances for micro-organisms has been disturbed by an increased use of non-barrier contraception, an increase in population mobility and sexual contact and the arrival of new diseases such as AIDS. A further major concern is that following infection of cells of the cervix with virus, repeated exposure to human seminal plasma may accelerate the progression of disease. (http://www.humrep.oxfordjournals.org/content/10/7/1686.abstract)
    Okay so where exactly was I wrong? And I got your high school!

  15. Thank you so much for writing this! It’s nice to know that there are other anti-gay people out there

  16. When I have read this post I honestly thought it is a satire, a humorous pseudo argumentation against homosexuality that makes fun of ignorance and stereotypes. It is still funny, however I do not think that it was designed as such.
    p.s. please, write some more.

  17. Also gays and homosexuals are going against what God wants man to be with women Homosexuals disgust me.

  18. Jim, I could care less about what your imaginary deity that you call “God” wants me to do. Get over it! And Christian bigots like yourself disgust me.

  19. Wait… there are people reading this that actually believe it and are thanking the writer?

    LOL! Ignorance loves company, clearly.

  20. Yes, ignorance does and you are are clearly ignorant about the serious ramifications of homosexual behavior but that does not surprise me. With the ongoing sexualization of our youth and our society, all sexual behavior is deemed as appropriate and safe when that is clearly not the case.

    To the person who said I am spreading hate, it is actually people like yourself who won’t speak out and are allowing gays to die these painful deaths because of the acts that they commit that are truly hateful. Not me. That is not love. Love is speaking the truth, no matter what it costs you because in the end it just might save someone from going down the wrong road. That is what I am doing. And just because God loves all his children, does not mean he loves all behavior or thinks all behavior is good and righteous in his eyes. Homosexuality is wrong. And just because I am willing to stand behind that statement does not make me self-righteous. It makes me honest and willing to incur the wrath of the Left, so that I may save my brethern and sisters caught in the grip of homosexuality.

  21. Cool story bro, now tell me why you’re anti-race and anti-woman. Would love to hear your “intelligent” reasons. :)

  22. First of all, learn to read it says Dena Leichnitz’s world in Black.n right. I am a woman. But to answer your question I am anti-race because it a fake social construct based on even more fake science – eugenics. There is only one species of human beings period. Next I am pro woman but anti-feminist because feminists have pitted women against their own children and men as well. They promote sexual promiscuity even the consequences of such.behavior carries a much steeper price than it does for men. So for those reasons I am anti-race and anti feminist.

  23. BlacknRight it seems the article you quoted was published back in the “Hum. Reprod. (1995) 10 (7): 1686-1693.”. Does this really seem like a safe source to be quoting scientific information in? I mean think about it, how many advances have they made in medical science in the past almost 20 years? I wont say I hate you, because we are all entitled to our own opinion. I am a bisexual 21 yo male, and I am no more promiscuous than my straight counterparts. I hope God shows you the light when you get to Heaven. I love the same as anyone else.

  24. Wow. I’m not sure I have the words to adequately address all the glaring ignorance in your posts.

    Suffice it to say that your statements are bigoted and even more important, they’re ignorant. Your “science” is so wrong it’s laughable. In fact, I don’t think there’s a SINGLE point you made that is actually correct or credible. I’m not sure we can “allow” you to live this life of ignorance. It would be too cruel.

    Where ever you’re getting your information, for the love of all that is good in the world – STOP. If you feel gays and lesbians deserve a better life, then stop being “anti-gay.” It’s not becoming.

  25. you are a fucking moron. gay anal sex has nothing to do with the cervix you dumb cunt. you are a fucking loser, and should be locked up. and you still havent responded to sam’s comment, nor tom’s. you are a fucking bitch.

  26. Thank you so much for having some common sense. I do disapprove of homosexuality and quite frankly I feel like the concept has been shoved down our throats at this point. Men and women were created to compliment one another. If it was meant to be man to man or woman to woman, then surely that would have been god’s intention. It is not the people that I hate so much as the concept of homosexuality. Thank you so much for pointing out everything and speaking out. :)

  27. It is a matter of fact that homosexuality is a perversion. Whether or not pervs are going to kill themselves or each other is none of my concerns. However, I wonder what will happen to a society who equates one group of pervs with normality, a group which shows, by the way, a significant lack of creativity because all they obviously strive for is becoming poor copies of normal people. How can this society set a limit towards other groups of pervs? The next insanity may be bisexuals demanding the right to get married to two people, and pedophiles who want to marry minors. If we as society equate one perversion, where is the limit?
    Honestly, I don’t care about those individuals’ sexual activities, but I do care about the institution of marriage in social terms. As a person, I can say yes or I can say no to marriage for many reasons, but how could I expect marriage to adapt to my purely personal attitudes?
    From my point of view, the whole problem is not about sexually deviant behavior but rather about the fixation on sex itself. Sex is never the main thing in a marriage; even today, a successful and stable marriage has many facets beyond sex. People who get married on the basis of sexual attraction alone will get divorced within few years because sex is never a basis for bonding but only a byproduct of a union.
    Gays define themselves about their sexual preferences, and that’s the true perversion about the entire issue. Normal people who practice a healthy kind of sex (or no sex at all) just don’t make such a ridiculous fuss about it. Pervs, however, are caricatures of reality and obviously don’t have many other qualities by which they could define themselves.

  28. Thank you. Speaking your mind is not bigotry, if that were the case then every gay who has posted here about societies un-willingness to accept their deviant behavior would also be considered bigots. Everyday I feel overwhelmed with this pro gay agenda crap, and I agree fully its un-natural and should not be accepted as a mainstream part of society. I believe Americas tolerance will be its downfall, and as you said, years from now we will look back on how this has ruined our society.

    People, be gay all you want. Its an urge, we live in a society bent on greed and gluttony. This isn’t the stone ages anymore where a human being had to reproduce because without offspring there would be no future. This is the 2000s and there are plenty of us humans now that we can start curbing population with the gay folks who just want to have fun doing what they do and be respected for it. So go right ahead, you’re only killing yourself. But stop asking for your way of life to be accepted as mainstream and normal. I will accept you as a person, but not your choice of sexuality, and that is my right and the right of the majority of Americans out there.

  29. You wanna talk about what’s Illegal? How about the number of gays and transvestites are murdered each year by bigots? The number of gays tied to trees and lynched, the number of transvestites who get their skulls crushed in by having a cardoor repeatedly smashed into it?
    And hey, having a gay man call astraight man a “breeder” is about 1,000 times less rude than a straight man calling a gayman a “fag” or “faggot”
    And no gay man can forcibly take your child, so chill out.
    We’re not trying to fight you, just trying to earn equality, I don’t know where you got this idea that somehow we’re personally attacking you, but I can assure you that you’re wrong on that one
    The church has become the leader in its fight to destroy the lives of gay people because we are the enemy. Somehow now, according to another famous Christian televangelist…we are the cause of terrorist attacks, tsunamis, earthquakes, and floods!!!
    Really?! Wow, who knew we had so muchpower!
    Christian men are different…churches attempt to teach their men to live more like Christ: more gentle, more honest, with more integrity and an emphasis on leadership. But machismo still exists and sneaks into the”Christian Man”. So, we get loud aggressive Christian leaders who think they know everything,and who act like they’re God’s right hand man. (Humbleness is one of those traits that is somehow overlooked, because it is a sign of weakness.)

  30. Again I would like to reiterate a list of historic events that have lead up to yesterdays supreme court ruling that severely violated the rights of California voters who don’t agree with their decision.

    1. In 1952 The American Psychiatric Association, released its first version of the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual) and listed homosexuality as a “sociopath personality disturbance.”

    2. In 1968, the second version of the DSM II reclassified homosexuality as a sexual deviancy. Afterward, Berkley protestors began picketing and demanding that homosexuality be removed from the list completely.

    3. In 1973, after years of intensive debates, numerous disturbances, threats of physical violence and finally the sly cover-up of brutal executions of APA family members. The APA finally caved in and reluctantly removed homosexuality from the DSM IV.

    4. What followed was a swarm of outrage from psychiatrists within the APA who disagreed with the decision and demanded that the issue be reconsidered.

    5. In 1974, a referendum was called and approximately 40 percent of the APA’s membership voted to put homosexuality back into the DSM IV. Since a majority was not achieved to reverse the decision, homosexuality presently remains omitted from the APA’s Diagnostic and Statistical manual.

    6. Many in the scientific community have criticized the APA’s decision to remove homosexuality from the DSM IV, claiming it’s motives were political and not scientific.

    7. Along these same lines, it was later revealed that the President-elect of the APA in 1973, Dr. John P. Speigel, was a “closeted homosexual with a very particular agenda. ”Some have exaggerated or misrepresented these studies in attempt to prove that homosexuality is genetic.

    8. Others insist that homosexuality is developed after birth as a response to one’s environment. The truth is that we have no conclusive replicable research to prove either conclusion.

    9. Most researchers have come to the conclusion that sexual orientation is likely determined by a complex interaction between a person’s genetic make-up and their environment. Even the American Psychological Association asserts that: There are numerous theories about the origins of a person’s sexual orientation; most scientists today agree that sexual orientation is most likely the result of a complex interaction of environmental, cognitive and biological factors. In most people, sexual orientation is shaped at an early age seventeen and the American Psychiatric Association wrote: Currently there is a renewed interest in searching for biological etiologies for homosexuality. However, to date there are no replicated scientific studies supporting any specific biological etiology for homosexuality.Whatever the case, we know from the personal testimonies of thousands that homosexuality is a changeable condition.

    10. Stanton Jones, who is Chair of Psychology at Wheaton College states: “Every secular study of change has shown some success rate.

    11. December 1973, the Board of Trustees overwhelmingly endorsed Spitzer’s recommendation. Opponents of the decision attempted to overturn it with a referendum of the APA membership in early 1974-just as Sabshin was beginning his 23-year tenure as APA medical director. The Board’s decision to delete homosexuality from the diagnostic manual was supported by 58 percent of the membership.

    12. At the same time the debates over sexual orientation and psychopathology were occurring, a small group of gay psychiatrists was holding informal meetings to explore forming an organization that would heighten their visibility that gay patients were not mentally ill after all.
    This event, unthinkable two or three years earlier, explained Robert Cabaj, M.D., to the overflow audience, culminated in 1978 in the establishment of the organization that eventually became the Association of Gay and Lesbian Psychiatrists (AGLP), which now has more than 60,000 members worldwide.

    13. Lastly, “antisocial personality disorder” replaced sociopath personality disturbance when it was removed from the third printng of the DSM. Antisocial personality disorder is a mental health condition (same as homosexuality) in which a person has a long-term pattern of manipulating, exploiting, or violating the rights of others.

  31. A list of historic events that have lead up to the supreme court ruling that severely violated the rights of California voters who don’t agree with their decision.

    1. In 1952 The American Psychiatric Association, released its first version of the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual) and listed homosexuality as a “sociopath personality disturbance.”

    2. In 1968, the second version of the DSM II reclassified homosexuality as a sexual deviancy. Afterward, Berkley protestors began picketing and demanding that homosexuality be removed from the list completely.

    3. In 1973, after years of intensive debates, numerous disturbances, threats of physical violence and finally the sly cover-up of brutal executions of APA family members. The APA finally caved in and reluctantly removed homosexuality from the DSM IV.

    4. What followed was a swarm of outrage from psychiatrists within the APA who disagreed with the decision and demanded that the issue be reconsidered.

    5. In 1974, a referendum was called and approximately 40 percent of the APA’s membership voted to put homosexuality back into the DSM IV. Since a majority was not achieved to reverse the decision, homosexuality presently remains omitted from the APA’s Diagnostic and Statistical manual.

    6. Many in the scientific community have criticized the APA’s decision to remove homosexuality from the DSM IV, claiming it’s motives were political and not scientific.

    7. Along these same lines, it was later revealed that the President-elect of the APA in 1973, Dr. John P. Speigel, was a “closeted homosexual with a very particular agenda. ”Some have exaggerated or misrepresented these studies in attempt to prove that homosexuality is genetic.

    8. Others insist that homosexuality is developed after birth as a response to one’s environment. The truth is that we have no conclusive replicable research to prove either conclusion.

    9. Most researchers have come to the conclusion that sexual orientation is likely determined by a complex interaction between a person’s genetic make-up and their environment. Even the American Psychological Association asserts that: There are numerous theories about the origins of a person’s sexual orientation; most scientists today agree that sexual orientation is most likely the result of a complex interaction of environmental, cognitive and biological factors. In most people, sexual orientation is shaped at an early age seventeen and the American Psychiatric Association wrote: Currently there is a renewed interest in searching for biological etiologies for homosexuality. However, to date there are no replicated scientific studies supporting any specific biological etiology for homosexuality.Whatever the case, we know from the personal testimonies of thousands that homosexuality is a changeable condition.

    10. Stanton Jones, who is Chair of Psychology at Wheaton College states: “Every secular study of change has shown some success rate.

    11. December 1973, the Board of Trustees overwhelmingly endorsed Spitzer’s recommendation. Opponents of the decision attempted to overturn it with a referendum of the APA membership in early 1974-just as Sabshin was beginning his 23-year tenure as APA medical director. The Board’s decision to delete homosexuality from the diagnostic manual was supported by 58 percent of the membership.

    12. At the same time the debates over sexual orientation and psychopathology were occurring, a small group of gay psychiatrists was holding informal meetings to explore forming an organization that would heighten their visibility that gay patients were not mentally ill after all.
    This event, unthinkable two or three years earlier, explained Robert Cabaj, M.D., to the overflow audience, culminated in 1978 in the establishment of the organization that eventually became the Association of Gay and Lesbian Psychiatrists (AGLP), which now has more than 60,000 members worldwide.

    13. Lastly, “antisocial personality disorder” replaced sociopath personality disturbance when it was removed from the third printng of the DSM. Antisocial personality disorder is a mental health condition (same as homosexuality) in which a person has a long-term pattern of manipulating, exploiting, or violating the rights of others.

  32. Your feeble attempt to equate the struggle of Blacks with the struggle of gays through insipid humor is insulting on so many levels. When gay only water fountains and lunch counters start popping up or when they are exterminated like the Jews or the Native American tribes were, we can talk then. But in the meantime, I do not want to hear your low brow attempt to associate someone’s behavior with my skin color.

  33. So ironic that these pro-choice people commenting on this have no hesitation in calling you names or swearing at you because of a position you stand on. I believe every point you made is true, and it is because others have not done any research on the topic because they’re happier being the actual ignorant ones and just accepting everything today. Tomorrow it will be “accept drug addicts!” Or “pedophilia is normal”… Right? There is no standing up for right and wrong these days as long as the media portrays it as okay because we all know how good the tv and radio are at brainwashing the 98%.

    There is no such thing as pro-choice because there is always two choices in a matter and people are on one side of the fence. You cannot root for both teams. Hopefully people get it that homosexuality is not normal, it is a mental illness that roots from insecurity and sin. Also not to mention it bases it’s foundation on promiscuity and lust, which are self-centered qualities versus heterosexuality which is SUPPOSED to be centered on the other person and love. (Not to say that there arent faults with any heterosexual relationships).

    Thank you again for standing up in what you believe in and what is RIGHT and NORMAL!

    P.s. also agree with the anti-race and anti-feminist. It’s all a conspiracy.

  34. Wow.. As a father of 4, after reading this I thought that there weren’t any others in this world who thought as I did. Homosexuality has at this time been shoved down our throats as being “the norm”. Whatever happened to the straight persons fredoom of speech??? I have to watch what I say, how I say it and where I say it ,because can’t offend anyone. I have come to realize that it’s not only the homosexuality that is being pushed upon us.. I will say this, I raise my children tO be logical and listen to everyones stand point.. But just because the majority agrees on something doesn’t make it right. Todays day and age has greatly chnaged form when I was younger.. Im only a early 30’s man but I am soooo worried about the world the future for my children..

  35. Seriously you think that homosexuality is a mental illness? Even though that ideology is not based on any facts in the least? You think ones sexual orientation comes from insecurity? Now you know why the far right is losing elections. Because your not based in reality any more. Maybe you need to head the words of Pope Francis who said “who am I to judge”.

  36. Cliff, your in your 30’s not your 60’s …Every generation says the same line..”this is not how it was when I was a kid”. That line gets old.

  37. Did you even read the article? Obviously not. I never even used the words mental illness. Those are your words not mine. As far reality, it is you that is refusing to see it. I gave you information directly from the CDC and I am not based in reality? You cannot really counter anything I said because you have your own agenda. And as for the whole who am I to judge crap, give it a rest! I am judging behavior, which is what we are supposed to do. Nowhere in the article do I call homosexuals any derogatory names or demean them. You obviously are unable to do anything but sit there and be offended. I did not write anything that was “offensive” except to people who want to be offended.

  38. Black night. .I was referring to Gabriels comment about the mental disease..not yours. I apologize for not making that more clear. As for comment of not judging…those were the Pontiffs words not mine.

  39. Its very sad when people go against nature & GOD. Man can make every wrong he does, right in his own eyes.GOD has already destroyed two cities for this sin. Are we next?

  40. Hey everyone, have something to chew on,
    I’m 16 years old- I’m a kid, yup, don’t get government politics social statuses etc. it’s all above my head for sure. I have known I was “different” for quite sometime and just this last year I’ve come to terms that I’m homosexual. Did I say, hey let me have the urge to have intercourse with another man? No and in fact I tried to trick myself, say I’m straight I never wanted to be gay, I’m not homophobic obviously at this point, but I’m uncomfortable with the way I’m programmed. Notice how I said programmed and not how I chose to live. It’s unsettling to know how many ignorant people in the world there are that claim we choose to be this way. Sexuality is something that everyone on this planet it born with, not something we decide. Stop and think, why would anyone choose to live a life filled with hatred and discrimination? I’m rambling because of all of the horrible comments and false knowledge placed throughout this so do excuse me. I’m an AP student, taken some of the highest biology classes available in my state and this whole aids thing being specifically for gays makes me nauseous. That article you sorted barely discussed what your point was and At that was off. Next, your comment with assimilating this with anti-semetism and civil rights? Are you implying it takes killings and a holocaust for freedom? Is that what it takes to earn equality in this damned corrupted world? Next, the religists (which isn’t a word but I feel like it needs to be used to generalize the group I’m speaking too). Isn’t Christianity about forgiveness? Jesus forgave our sins. My mother is a a strong catholic and her church has modernized enough to say homosexuality may not be something we agree with but we TOLERATE is and acknowledge that it should exist because of EQUALITY. Finally, to the people agreeing with this statement. Those who say I’m tired of having it shoved down our throats. Then simply do the following-
    1 sit the hell down
    2 shut up
    3 let all the marriage equality laws pass
    4 live life the way that you can be happy
    It’s bigots like you that we have these organizations, that we have to take pride in something like sexuality. If you people would be quiet, we wouldn’t need to have massive rally’s and annoying groups trying to strike for equality. Something our nation was founded upon.
    The moral here, is what I’ll sum it down for you less intelligent people to comprehend
    1 nobody chooses to be gay- it’s hard wired into us from birth
    2 shut up about homosexuality and HIV/AIDS no one wants to hear about that anymore it’s beyond its time and reason ability
    3 don’t demean this social uprising simply because thousands of people aren’t dying. I’m a person of African American descent and by your name, I’m assuming you are. I take pride in being African American should I not do the same with something else OUR god gave us like the color of our skin?
    4 religions need to wake up, not gonna go into detail. If Jesus forgave you can too
    5if you want homosexuality to stop being such a big uproar just agree for these bills to pass and be agreed
    on. Thats all it takes, once everyone’s equal- we shut up- you shut up everyone’s happy
    Wake up people it’s the 21st century where it doesn’t take millions of people dying or years of slavery to reach equality

  41. Chris, WELL SAID! Nice to see such an intelligent young man who knows his Catholicism. The Pope made it clear that like the people on this board spreading hate many people need to work on judging less and working on social justice issues more. Amen to all you said!!

  42. I’m very anti gay, I don’t agree with the life style and I believe it’s completely wrong. People may call me a bigot but the biggest bigots are those within the lgbt community who can’t accept thee fact that not everyone agrees with their life styles.

    The male and female bodies were made for each other, not male to male nor female to female. I’m not bringing religion into this part because it’s quite obvious that two men can’t create a child nor can two women.

    People have gay thoughts a lot but it’s one thing to have them and another to act on them. We all know what’s right and wrong. We know that it’s against natural nature for two of the same sex to have intercourse. Many argue that animals can reproduce a-sexually, but we’re not those animals, it’s a completely different species and they were made that way, we weren’t.

    Another huge reason I’m against gays is because their role in politics. They are the most intolerant and bigoted people in existence. Just because we like to normally reproduce as straight people doesn’t make us wrong. Be gay all you want but don’t try to shove it down my throat (no pun intended). I’m sick of all the liberals in judge positions that are pushing their agendas on the rest of us. And btw, marriage isn’t a constitutional right! Gay marriage in itself is a sick mockery of straight marriages, mostly because marriage technically speaking is between one man and one woman. Two gay people is a CIVIL UNION. And because of that fact they should not recieve the same benefits. You can’t redefine marriage to suit your lifestyle.

    And just because I don’t agree with your views doesn’t make me a bigot, it makes me opinionated. So get off your high horse and take a look in the mirror at the real bigot within.

  43. The gay agenda has controlled discourse about homosexuality through their redefinition of all terms associated with the phenomenon. It has been a PR effort for many years, sometimes overt and sometimes covert. Changing “queer”, “faggot” and “homo” to “GAY” has associated homosexuality with “happy, free, creative, fun-loving”. They have termed heterosexuals as “STRAIGHT” meaning, “rigid, unimaginative, conforming”. Now, which category would you like to be aligned?

    If you choose to say you dislike homosexuality, you are called “homophobic”, or Any type of negative reference to homosexuality is now considered a violation of a person’s civil rights. The bullying has reversed. Homosexuals now bully anyone who opposes their agenda through threats of legal action or loss of their livelihoods (Phil Robertson, Duck Dynasty).

    Homosexuality is a perversion of normal sexual relationships. That is a given. Should it be obliterated? No. There are many sexual deviations that humans mutually participate in and enjoy and thus can be tolerated. However, that does not mean they should be sanctified or approved by the greater social institution of marriage.

    According to a recent article by Kathryn Lopez, San Francisco Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone stated during the annual March for Marriage: “Every child comes from a man and a woman, and has a right, a natural human right, to know and be known by, to love and be loved by, their own mother and father. This is the great public good that marriage is oriented towards and protects. The question is then: does society need an institution that unites children to the mothers and fathers who bring them into the world, or doesn’t it?”

    Cordileone insists that we must first “rebuild a marriage culture, a culture which recognizes and supports the good of intact families, built on the marriage between a man and a woman committed to loving faithfulness to each other and to their children.” That’s what this country should be about. Individually, we may wind up choosing something else, wanting something else, doing something else. But can we reflect on what’s common about human nature and what’s good for a society?

    The Catholic Church believes that two people of the same sex should be unable to marry. The capacity of a man and woman to procreate gives their union special and unique significance. This complementarity and the capacity that exists for the creation of a new person are essential to marriage, even when this potentiality is not fully realized, as in the case with couples who divorce or couples are unable or choose not to have children.

  44. Why is racism any different from hating against gay people? Why is it horrible to call someone of another race a horrible name but not someone with a different sexuality. You want to know why gays are depressed about what they are, because of people like you and society making them feel like they are horrible human beings and not normal! I wouldnt even want your child btw you can keep it

  45. Where did I call someone a name in this article? I didn’t. Where did I say that name calling was okay? I didn’t. So don’t take your issues out on me. Either respond to the points I have discussed or don’t respond at all. If you have trouble with your sexuality, that is not my fault. You need to get right with yourself and God but don’t ask me to see it as just some benign life choice because it is not and it comes with real consequences and I am not going to play those down to make people “less depressed.”

  46. Seems like the primary consequence is being opened up to criticism from complete strangers who can’t tell the difference between their deluded personal beliefs and reality. It’s tough because any argument for opposing gays inevitably falls back to one of two positions:
    1) Because God. (trump card)
    2) Because society will collapse if gays are not shunned! The commies will win! (deflection)

    Once this point has been reached, all semblance of objectivity has been jettisoned from the discussion and we can safely go about our day secure in the knowledge that the opposing view is comprised entirely of bullshit.

  47. Look, being “anti-gay”, although its not something I, and I’m heterosexual, agree with you on, is your choice. But writing a list of reasons to hate some people’s lifestyle and posting it online seems a little harsh to me. Again, that is my opinion, but maybe you should think about how you could possibly making individuals of the lgbt community feel (and their family and friends). Call me a hypocrite because I posted a comment about my opinion, but maybe that paticular opinion of yours isn’t one you need to share online, though you are fully entitled to it…

  48. Realy? What is your first argument? Oh yes sperm…Wich date your article? 1994!!! You killing me? HAHAH find a article more recent if you want some credibility

  49. Thank you. I love this website now. Im glad you had the courage to speak your mind. Gay people have made a stupid come back saying you are homophobic for saying these things? Lol that makes me laugh, only way they can defend themselves. I am Anti Gay too. This world is trying to make youths think being gay is “normal” its not. Stop trying to make kids think its normal. Its disgusting. A sexual desire that isnt normal at all. I read on another comment how gay is just like bring an alcoholic or drug addict. Its true. Although it brings you people pleasure having intercourse with the same sex, its like and alcoholic that drinks and enjoys the pleasure of being drunk. Have sex in private and keep it their. Stop trying to make the world believe it is a normal thing. Fuck you faggots and lesbians. You will all die like in Sodoma and Gomorra.

  50. The majority of my opposition has little to do with God. Most of it is because it is dangerous for them and for society. You cannot have a culture that has an annual AIDS day to remember those who have passed from it while simultaneously promoting it through bug chasing and gift giving. A bug chaser is a gay man who deliberately tries to get AIDS. The gift giver is the one who gives it to him.
    This is not propaganda. It is the truth of the homosexual culture that values sex above all else.

  51. Because racism has a legitimate history. Homophobia was manufacture d by the Gay Elite to secure rights fought for by legitimate civil rights activists. This is not to say hatred of gays is right. No one should be prevented from getting a job simply because they are gay unless that job would put others in danger because of your lifestyle. For instance, a gay medical assistant is fine, a gay phlebotomist (I hope I spelled that right) not so much. They should not be denied housing, etc. However, do not try to equate 400 years of oppression to modern day discrimination of gays. It does not hold water and you know it.

  52. I completely agree with you BlacknRight. Jesus taught us forgives not to accept sin. Homosexuals think that their sin or temptations are the hardest to deal with but we all are tempted with sin and they are all equally difficult to over come (gluttony, anger, greed, pride etc.) But to just say your born that way is a cop out, God gave us free will to make the choice of our actions and gay sex is an action not a race. But whenever we oppose their beliefs we are called homophobes, ignorant and bigots. Which goes to show they need to look up the definition of a bigot. Love and sex have nothing to do with eachother, you can love someone and not have sex with them and you can have sex with someone you don’t love. There is no need for anyone to have gay sex. Love the sinner but do not accept the sin.

  53. I liked this post. I actually bookmarked it, which is rare. Especially on this browser. Your points were considerate and logical. Which is not what you get from many anti-gay posts on the internet. I, much like yourself am anti-gay In a way. Special interest groups are just trying to gain more rights than they already have. And I hate this modern idea that you can’t feel the way you want. You have to listen to the agenda set forth. If you deviate from the social norm your doing something wrong. Double think, otherwise your not following ingsoc and all that bullshit. And yes, this applies to both gay and straight people. There are gay people in the world, that’s not going away and that is not a NEW thing. Prior to very recently there was no word for being homosexual. It was just referred to as laying with another man. The media’s most important push should not be homosexuality as we’re having WORLDWIDE PROBLEMS. A big portion of Western Europe has collapsed at this point. Some of your points were moot though. For if you tell a man they may not lay with another man due to health purposes this is just as wrong as telling a heterosexual they may not have an opinion on the subject. What you say about the immune system is correct. In fact there is a very well recognized scientist that has done tests that suggest that HIV is strictly an immune system deficiency and is non communicable. But I’ll end it by saying, restricting homos from doing anal with a homo is like restricting people from smoking. The government should not have the say in these things.

  54. “Head-shoved-up-other-end-itis” (a pandemic of willful ignorance, the result of the dumbing down effect that crosses the entire spectrum of humanity; upper and lower class; rich and poor; and which is spreading faster than Ebola); is the consequence of that lime-light thief; Hermaphroditus; and “the key dividing issue” that separates good hard-working “straight” people on both sides of the divide; from uniting; rising up en-mass; and over-throwing the fascist corporatocracy!!!

  55. Well I respect homosexuals and I accept that they are living in this world. I have nothing against them if I would meet them in person, but as long as they keep to being the very minority, then Im OK with homosexuals.

  56. As a gay teen I can confirm first hand that there are many gays that are depressed. That is the about the only thing in this article that had anything to do with the truth. One of the reasons WE are depressed is because of articles, people, and organizations like this that tell us that we are doing it all wrong. I understand that you feel a certain way about me, but god did not give you the right to go out of your way to try and make my life hard. The amount of times that the bible tells us to love one another and that gods only son died on the cross so that people like me and you and everyone on this planet could be forgiven of our sins is overwhelming compared to the anti gay parts of the bible. It is not your place to judge. If you think that what you are doing is right, you are overlooking the main points in the bible. If god really cared so much about homosexuality being a sin, don’t you think he might have mentioned it clearly in the 10 commandments?

  57. God doesn’t mention rape in 10 commandments either but does that mean he is pro-rape. God gave us a whole book on how to live our lives in accordance to his will. He has already made clear that marriage between a man and a woman is the correct way to engage in sexual activities and he gave us that before he gave us the 10 commandments. The 10 commandments is sort of the Cliff Notes version of his word, but it is not the end all be all of his word. There is more that all of us have to do in order to be right with God. Am I perfect? Of course not, but my sin is still sin and does not become justified or less so because I commit it. I don’t rationalize it, I deal with it the best I can and I correct it whenever I can. That is the difference I don’t look for an excuse, I just do my best to become the person I am supposed to be.

  58. This was so infuriating to read! “I don’t hate the gays…but I hate the gays” is what this idiot wrote. Honestly to any young, impressionable LGBTQIA+ youth, here is a first class example of a closet homophobe.I’ve read through the comments and they’ve, bless their hearts, given FACTUAL INFORMATION in response to correct this idiot, but I’d like to add:

    #1 Fuck
    #2 You

    Maybe the reason we ‘gays’ are so ‘angry’ amd ‘depressed’ is because of this bullcrap you say about us.
    Also, are you stupid (rhetorical question because obviouslt you are)? The planet is OVERPOPULATED, thank you very much.
    7 billion people, that isn’t a big enough hint to maybe slow the fuck down a little?

    I could go on. Just- no. No. No!

  59. Of course, you see it that way. Hating homosexuality is not the same thing as hating gays but to you it would be. Hating homosexuality is like hating alcoholism but loving the alcoholic. But people are so in love with their sin they don’t want to be criticized for engaging in it. It is sad really.

  60. I respect them regardless of what the ones on here might think. I have many people in my life who are gay and if anyone tried to hurt them, they would feel the wrath of Dena. That being said, that doesn’t mean I have to agree with the lifestyle. If my son came to me and said “Mom, I have decided I want to be an heroin addict.” I would not tell him to embrace that choice, I would fight it tooth and nail but I would still love him. And I am like you I don’t need to see it everywhere. I also don’t need to see straight sex everywhere either. I think it is deplorable. Sex is sacred and should be kept personal.

  61. Just when I thought I was the only one who think of these issues like you do. You practically stated all the reasons why I am anti-gay and more. You certainly took the words out of my heart with points 2, 4 and 5. Homosexually is among the many contributes promoting devision between sexes. For a man to love another man, might as well be telling me I am obsolete. To call her a bitch is one thing but for me that is the worst insult one gender could ever say to another. I am tired of hearing how ‘liberal’ everyone is. As you said, life is suppose to be fluid, “anything is possible”, and yet because you’re gay, you can’t move on to other sexual possibilities on your own will. I also find gays to be SELFISH, they tend to rub their pride down on our faces and wants us to tolerate it. If equality is what it is really all about then just as we subdue our straight pride they should keep their gay stuff TO THIER SELVES and STOP DRAGGING US ALONG! You have brighten my day as I march on with my anti-gay campaign.

  62. I would like to congratulate you for practicing your freedom of speech and expression. Sometimes I feel FOS/FOE is highly hypocritical as people are given the right to be in favour of and advocate for what is seemingly “politically correct” however when somebody illustrates their perspective that may be slightly in contrast to the latter they are seen as bigoted or are confronted by severely caustic, hot headed, brainwashed mobs. Keep doing what you do, if it’s what you believe in.

  63. My opinion , I can’t say I disagree with you . However , I am not against gays but I am against people who become gay . Like that does not make sense to me . But for gay marriage , its up to the people chosing to engage in marriage , because the real point of marriage is being legally bonded with someone with whom you want to be with . There’s no point of being married of you’re not happy with the person . The other points are pretty sterotypical . Being a gay parent does not mean you’re going to raise your child to be gay it fully depends on the parenting but it has nothing to do with being gay . But back to my opinion , if someone is born gay , then it means they have more female hormones than they do male or vice versa if it is a woman . That I’m totally okay with but if you’re someone who has been straight their entire life and all of a sudden becomes gay then that’s pretty stupid to me .

  64. Then my mother was pretty stupid Kayla, because that is exactly what happened to her. For fifty plus years she was straigh and during the last decade of her life she was a lesbian. I love my mother, I couldn’t have asked for a better mother. When she died part of my soul did too, but that doesn’t change the fact that one can change their sexuality and I know because she did it. When she did, I held her partner in my arms and cried on her shoulder and said thank you for loving my mother. And I meant it. She truly loved her. But my mother was not born gay. She was also not born bisexual, like some other gay activist tried to tell me, but something in her changed that she thought she wanted to be a lesbian. I don’t hate her and I don’t hate gays but I do hate the lies that surround homosexuality and that is where most of my anger comes from. If you want to be gay, fine but lets be honest about what it really is.

  65. So You’re still in the closet , you know that only only a bisexuals can truly believe being gay is is a choice. Homosexuality is not bad , is having sex with everyone. Having a family only
    Requires a good heart. And loyalty. Homosexuality is obviously a gift to humanity , or we will be over populated until all our resources are gone. And the country’s collapses

  66. LOL. Yes, I am still in the closet. That must be it because anyone who has objections to homosexuality is a closet homosexual themselves. What are you five? And I wish having a family required a good heart but that’s a lie. There is a reason, it takes a male and a female to start a family. It is because we get something from each parent we cannot get from the other. As much as I love my son to death, I can never give him the things his father could if he so chose. There are things about being a man I cannot teach him nor understand because I am not a man. He can still grow up to be a good person but there will be a missing knowledge about what manhood entails if he does not find someone who shows. And that it is the truth whether you like it or not. Next, we are not overpopulated so take your abortion loving self somewhere else, this isn’t the site for it.

  67. Well you sure take the time hating things are not important because only a no life would be so jealous on some one who haves a life , get get a life. People do whatever they want , and yes we are over populated there are over 7billion people on this world , too much for such a little world and so poor economy , people Choose what they want not others , just realize that hateful people have no reason to hate , just because they don’t think the way you do. That’s why this world is starting to legalize gay marriage and that’s not a lie , because some people do have love but some others are just no life’s with no emotions , so anyone who can’t have babies means is wrong ? Oh I guess there’s no sex for 60 year old woman then.

  68. There are actually 7,325,869,890 people counting being born every mile.second you’re right Tyler haters are so wrong , I can’t believe what a hateful ignorant moron I am

  69. The only thing that makes gay people is acting , like they’re fabulous , that’s why people hate them , they have to be what they were born to be a man , or woman in that case

  70. BTW alot of teenagers are bisexuals , on my school and online there’s like a lot and in my other school too

  71. Dear Tyler,

    First off I can barely understand your writing which means you probably didn’t understand half of what BlacknRight wrote. You did say one thing right “people CHOOSE what they want”. Gay people think they are like a race and that they are born to have gay sex, but sex is an action it is not a race so don’t compare the two. God made one man and one woman and together they would be as one. People like us do not hate but we will fight for our morals, because that is what we believe in. And for everyone one else who wants to get rid of God in our society this is for you… Separation of church and state does not mean laws cannot be affected by biblical law. All of our laws are based on morality ” thou shalt not kill” etc. Separation of church and state was meant to keep the government out of the citizens’ religions. So don’t force us to believe what you think is right, the truth is there is no justification for homosexuality.

  72. That is to be expected, because as a teenager you are learning about your sexuality so it is apt to be more fluid, especially in the teenage years. Which is my point, sexuality is fluid. It is not stagnant, it is not fixed. Should I choose, I too could sleep with women, I choose not to. And yes, in my pre-adolescence I made a choice not to be with girls. In fact, if you were to remove morality and God from the equation, bisexuality would probably be the norm for most human beings. That being said, it wouldn’t be the healthiest because you would be sleeping with so many different individuals that your body would break down and you would have diseases that even we can’t cure. Any sexuality and that means straight sexuality too, that is practiced outside of marriage between a man and a woman brings real and serious consequences. And that is the truth.

  73. LOL. But Lucy you must understand we are just “breeders” they are on a higher evolutionary scale than we are. However, being that evoultion requires constant reproduction of the fittest, I don’t see how homosexuality fits into that. LOL

  74. Sexual orientation nature’s choice. They can’t choose that, Well is obviously from the humans anatomy , is nature , every cell in the body works the way they were mutated ,every cell talks to each other cell they transmit alot of information per second so that’s what I’ve study I think he’s right

  75. GOD ?? SO THAT EXPLAINS WHY YOURE HOMOPHOBIC , IF GOD REALLY WAS REAL THEN HE WOULDN’T MAKE THE BAD THINGS AFTER ALL HE IS TRULY EVIL SINCE HE CREATED HE’LL ITS SELF. There are no gods , is just humans myths evolution is the only thing that exist with proof , I guess in the bible also explains the dinosaurs

  76. Yes, continue to blame God. You have free will and so does everyone else. Meaning that can choose evil if they so desire and the only thing we can do is put our life in God’s hands and he will guide us down the right path. But you want him to do everything. You don’t want to trust him, but yet you expect him to come in and save you while you spit in His face. It doesn’t work that. way. And yes, the bible does explain the dinosuar, the word it uses is behemoth. The word dinosaurs wasn’t even invented until the 1800s.

  77. First of all there is no real scientific evidence that sexuality is genetically pre-determined. Second of all, even if it was would it matter. If it turned out pedophiles were genetically wired to sleep with children would that mean they had the right to sleep with children. If you are predisposed to alcoholism does that give you the right to drink and drive. Predisposition does not mean one has the inherent right to act in accordance to that predispositon. Most of all, it is a cop out used by people who don’t want to take responsibility for their own behavior.

  78. Is there a food you dont like? Is the same thing other people love the food you dont like is all illusion and mentally, there is proof people just make lies because it interfere with their opinion for example hating is also a sin if god says love your people like your self you cant say anything bad to them and cant stalk them to go the way of god after all is true god created evil , just tell me if you were god would you create a devil who you knew he was going to betray you?

  79. everyone, listen to an expert on one aspect of this discussion

    and just to add, true Christians do not hate any person(John 13:34,35)but even adultery and fornication is a sin, why should homosexuals have a get out clause?, If you don’t believe in God, then he doesn’t believe in you(1 john 2:22), so you might as well enjoy your anal sex because as the author said, you will suffer with your health in later years from rectal prolapse.etc etc

  80. Oh dear, i really did not think people could be so uneducated. First of all i noticed you don;t feel comfortable when people point out the similarity between hating based on race and based on sexual orientation which is just dumb, and nothing short for instance you point out the gay ‘elite’ (which is ironic) as you call them shouldn’t compare the oppression that black people suffered for over 400 years dependent on there race. Why? In fact they have more right, do you believe gay people have not been around since the beginning of time? Gay people have always been around, which means they have received more oppression then black people FACT. It is still legal in certain countries to kill gay people, i fail to see that for race….. it is legal to beat them, lynch them and stone them in certain places, and then just denies them rights everyone else is guaranteed as well.

    Your science is laughable, just beyond belief, so i suppose its abit of time for education, homosexuality occurs in over 1000 different species (humans being just one) at around a 10% population ratio each time, (we are still finding more species) These are also long term homosexual relationships, homosexuality is natural FACT 101 and it is a fact it occurs in nature a hell of alot, and am going with facts more then a homophobic sexist genocidal god. Also as pointed out your HIV/AIDS point is null, are we blaming the mass AIDS in Africa on homosexuality? No of course not it has nothing to do with homosexuality.

    On to the famous but pedophiles will ask for rights next. And i suppose when women got the vote we all thought salmon might also be given the vote right? Just unbelievable, i do feel sorry for you.
    Lets clear this up. Homosexuals like MEN, Heterosexuals like WOMEN, Pedophiles like children,( am taking specifically about men) if we can equate homosexuals to pedophiles, (which is what am assuming people do when they say pedophiles will ask for rights) then we can equate any heterosexual with a pedophile, if homosexuals like men, and then somehow you think that means ANY MALE then i can assume all heterosexual males also like 11 year old girls just because there FEMALE right? No of course it doesn’t work that way, plus that fact pedophiles are more likely to be married heterosexual white men then any other group.

    The god thing, well there’s 25,000 of them been created over the millions of years of our existence so am not interested in your sky daddy beliefs.
    Sperm does not work that way, please go educate yourself on science, sperm is ALREADY immune, more like a cancer cell, and so on it has nothing to do with AIDS/HIV.

    The bit that makes me laugh more then ever, you compared gay people, to drink drivers, people with alcohol issues as so on, in your opinion being gay is unhealthy, i can assure you no matter what your assumptions are (cause i can tell that’s what they are) the majority of gay people are happy, and fine, and there lives would improve if you stopped ridiculing them for not behaving in the same way, and i of course hope you do treat divorced couples the same, cheaters, and of course people who have sex before marriage. Your Views and Beliefs (that’s what they are) do not override RIGHTS of people and does not give you the right to promote hate and bigotry, the view homosexual behavior is wrong is just a view nothing more, just as viewing smoking weed as bad is a view, everything is subjective your morals do not equal mine. There is new evidence coming to light showing gay people 100% do not choose to be gay. I hope you listen to proper scientists, and educate yourself like i did (i was against homosexuality) and realize the reason why the LGBT community suffer greatly is because of views like yours. The fact is they are targeted for more hate crimes then any other group, anywhere including black rights, that is a FACT.

    I could post hundreds of links but i wont, i just ask you take the time to read and educate, and don’t just believe blindly, homosexuality is a benefit to nature it is there for a reason a good reason.




  81. Really you are going to give me a whole thesis on this. It is blog, not your dissertation. But I will reply to at least points because I don’t have time for your pity party. One, h ow come you guys only question science when it works in the favor of your opposition? There is not a gay gene, there has never been a gay gene-get over it! Next, they are not targeted for hate crimes more than any other group-Blacks are. Learn the facts. Third and lastly, being gay, like being straight is a behavior. Yes, like drinking and driving or taking drugs. Why? Because you can have a predisposition for for alcohol or drugs and as long as you don’t act it on it, it will not have any impact on your life. It is because we choose to act our sexual desires that they impact us. I know that is a bothersome truth for you but it is still truth. Now that is all the time I am giving you.

  82. Hannah Carr,
    I see that you are one of those childish LGBT people who try and tell others they are stupid or uneducated if they don’t believe what you think is right. That’s probably the most lame attack I’ve herd from a Christian hating bigot like yourself (how do you like the name calling). How about you put that book down that another human wrote and use some God given sense. Gay sex is an action not a race, you have to choose to have sex but you can’t choose to be black. There is no justification for sex, ZERO… Give me one reason why gay sex is important? Sex is not as important as society makes it seem, you can go your whole life without sex but it’s been brain washed in our heads to think sex is the most important thing to make you happy.
    Whats the meaning of life? I can tell you one thing it is not anal sex. So quit being perverted and stop comparing sex to a race it’s incredibly insulting!
    And don’t compare animals and humans, I had a couple of dogs who would literally hump any and everything, I guess by your logic humans should be doing the same. Animals are led by impulses, if we could put a dog’s brain in a humans body, he would eat everything, hump everything, play all the time, yell and scream everywhere, it would be complete chaos. We are at a higher level than animals so don’t bring us to their level. For someone who is so educated you seem pretty clueless. We are one nation UNDER God not above him, so bring you nose back down you snob.

  83. You have hit the nail on the head.
    There’s absolutely no doubt about the miserable confusion “gays” have found themselves in, after “playing in the sewage pipes” deliberately ignorant of their own intelligence. Unfortunately that willful ignorance leads to more and more ignorance. That’s only to expected from anyone who in lusting after the sewer!!

  84. Why are gays and pro gay even looking at your blog? Is it because they know deep down that what they engage in is wrong? I don’t get it! Why are they here?

  85. Hi!
    I’m a 13 year old from Chicago.
    I am also lesbian.
    And I respect your point of view.

    If I have learned anything from the life I live, it is that hate is the enemy. Not ignorance, but hate. One can be ignorant without hurting another. That is the reason I respect you— you express your point of view with no intention of hurt— you simply speak your mind. A lot of people judge me, hate me for my sexuality, so I do my best to neither judge nor hate them, because I know how unkind and unjust it is. I accept who I am and accept who everyone else is, no matter what they think of me. By no means do I agree with them; as l don’t even agree with everything you stated. As long as you accept me and everyone like me, I am content.

    Thank you for reading this.

  86. Myself having been “in the life” I found it to be extremely disappointing. In short I was NOT happy. The community & the people in it I found were similar to the kids I went to primary, middle, high school with. Superficial, full of narcissism, racist and this was demonstrated time & again not that long ago. The gay men were most friendly. The women? they were another story altogether most I met were users or corrupting me with some pretty distasteful things which I won’t go into. There just is no such thing as “love” in this community. And I know I was a major participant I used to embrace the lifestyle however I was never embraced back, most of time I was looked upon with contempt from the women I so badly wished to seek acceptance from, sometimes I was viewed like a piece of meat!
    These women aren’t friends. I’ve been backstabbed so many times by the betrayal, the lies that are told behind ones back that I’m surprised that I don’t have any visible scars.
    Most if not all just want to get you laid then its on to the next one.
    After several years of this nonsense I’ve decided to get OUT of this ludicrous lifestyle with all the insecurity, jealousy, hostility, the distrust, and yes even bigotry.
    Never again.
    I’m all about healing myself, I’ll get a dog, I’ll work on getting a career .
    I’m now extremely selective on who I will & will not talk to.
    And as far as these women are concerned I chose to ignore them they are just no longer important to me.
    The gay lifestyle for me isn’t a real lifestyle, more like a soul crushing traumatic, sexually abusing life filled with lots of unhappiness & heartbreak.

  87. Oddly one of the respondents speaks about equality for all when the LGBT doesn’t even recognize African American gays, Asian, Hispanic within their own community. One of the reasons I’m absolutely done with them. Yet whenever a gay/lesbian couple want something like their wedding catered, or ordering a cake from a bakery, then they get denied WATCH OUT! Their world seems to come to an end! Such arrogance. I guess selfishness, bigotry which the LGBT is notorious for seems to be priority one in their World. Part of their agenda is get all for themselves & screw everyone else. Lets watch the hypocrisy here.

  88. This was a mostly excellent discussion! I enjoyed seeing everyone’s point of view. I respect all people except people that don’t respect themselves. Have a nice day everyone.

  89. Main reason why I am anti-gay is because the way majority of them act. The parades and events they hold disgust me. You can say what you want about me it doesn’t bother me, people are too sensitive. It is a fact that majority of homosexual people are more filthy, commit more filthy sexual acts, make more sexual gestures. A gay pride march is not a nice place to be at, the people really look ill. Now I know not all homosexual people are like this, but the people pushing for it seem to be. The homosexual culture is one of the worst cultures I have seen. They are also the most intolerant people on this earth, well probably second most. I will not go out and physical abuse them, I will not even verbally abuse them. Yet I am hateful because I say it how it is right? They will attack me both physically and verbally, wish me death.. wish my family and friends death, tell me how ignorant and mentally ill I am, how homophobic and stone aged I am. Again I seem to be the hateful one, never wishing them death but only wishing they lived a better more natural life, the way we were created to live. I am hateful because I disagree with their sexual choice. I have many friends that disagree with me on many issues but they don’t call me hateful, they don’t wish me death and they don’t make me feel like there is something wrong with me for not agreeing. Peace to you all, including those committing the homosexual acts but enough is enough quit your disgusting sexual habits and get back to the natural way. Don’t be fooled in thinking you can’t change, it has been proven by countless people that you indeed can. Don’t be fooled into thinking you were born that way, there is not a shred of evidence to support this and in many cases you can actually find the cause of the homosexuality. Unfortunately for many it was molestation as a child which made them turn to the opposite sex. I really feel for these people and have no idea how hard it is to cope with what they are coping with, but there are people out there who understand the exact struggles you are facing and they overcame them. Peace to you all

  90. I agree with you 100%. I have become anti-gay, too. I took awhile though. Since they have received gay rights and rights to marry, they are showing who they really are. Gay white people are the most racist people in the world, unprovoked. I’ve been suckered punch by racist comments and behavior by gay white people for the last 33 years. And gay men and some aggressive/butch gay women are more misogynistic than most straight men. And they don’t care, they think they have the right to call you whatever they want to, and treat you whatever way they want to and get away with it. It’s so interesting that gay people played on the sympathy of straight women for decades, in helping them gay get rights. Now that they have their rights, they have no more use for us, and can’t stand us, and are not ashamed to let us know it. The new complaint now, by some gay men, is why straight men won’t have sex with them. Poor straight guys, because I know that the average straight guy can’t even bare to think of it. Also, apparently, straight women don’t really exist. We are all either bisexual or lesbians. However, there is no such thing as a bisexual man. Any man who has sex with both men and women is completely gay. Only women can be bisexual. And transgender people refuse to disclose their sex. The reason they give is that they are afraid that they will be attacked if they disclose first. But I don’t believe it. I believe that they are so desperate for attention from that unsuspecting person they are interested in that they don’t mind being deceptive to get. I think the LGBT community is really messed up. I’m not homophobic, phobia means to fear. I don’t fear them, I’m disgusted with them. There seems to be a lot of narcissism in the LGBT community. They are beginning to openly display every horrible behavior that people believed they would in the first place. The thing is I think there is more to come, because they seem to be implacable. I hate to think of what’s next on the gay rights agenda. However, I don’t believe they are all like that, I have known some really great, even exceptional people who are gay, but it seems like the horrible ones are beginning to overshadow the good ones. There are actually some gay people who can’t stand gay activist, they just want to live their lives and not the bothered. Gay people deserve to be respected just like any other member of society, however, just because homosexuality is more accepted in society now than before, doesn’t mean they have the right to dismantle other peoples rights and beliefs. Just like gay people don’t want to be straight or bisexual, straight people don’t want to be gay or bisexual. Live and let live/alone.

  91. … ow my brain >.< All I see on this god forsaken site is angry back-and-forths between two easily butt-hurt communities. If you want my opinion, ALL of you are acting like ignorant buffoons.

    Gay community, Stop being so sensitive. I understand how hard it i to not be able to smack a bigot from the other side of your computer screen, but angrily typing that someone is mentally deficient (like this asshole) gets us nowhere as a group of people and ultimately contradicts what we are trying to get out of our cause: acceptance and understanding. Coming from a trans lady who happens to already be hated in AND out of the community, if you want love and acceptance, you need to preach it. I'm only seventeen and even I see how pointless it is to tell these bigots off.

    Straight community, oh lord WHERE do I begin… Okay, for starters, stop blaming us for diseases that you could get by literally just licking something. We did not create AIDs or HIV, you simpletons just happened to notice that there were STDs around the time we decided the closet was getting too crowded. Secondly, we are not trying to take your goddamn children. We don't want the offspring of bigots. Why would we want children that think like you? God. BUT if you have any children you're legit just throwing out because they happen to be gay, any of us would welcome them with open arms and adopt them on the spot. Like, seriously, what's wrong with you guys? Don't say you'll love that baby forever unless you mean it. In fact, just don't have kids. Especially if you don't want him/her to be gay or trans. There's always that chance that they will be, so just don't even try to conceive a baby. Thirdly, we aren't unhappy because we're gay. We get unhappy, just like you guys. Maybe we're going through a divorce? Maybe we just had a fight with our spouse? Maybe we are lonely as fuck and no one will date us? Who knows? NOT YOU.

    And by the way, Luke 6:37 " "Do not judge, and you will not be judged; and do not condemn, and you will not be condemned; pardon, and you will be pardoned."

    That's all, have a glorious day

  92. @ Blacknright…. I would like to say “good show” … but I really want to say …. man you (we’re) really wasting your (our) time… the homosexual agenda is backed by a very small but (VERY) affluent and powerful political sphere… and … while this nation is overwhelmingly against the “homosexual agenda” … the people are all (either…) to lazy to get up … and do something to stop it… or , have been intimidated by the (extremely) sick and perverted acts of the “homosexual groups”.

    Again,.. I’d like to say “thanks” for this “blog” … but I really fear for your safety… these people (homosexuals) are shielded by an extremely sick and corrupt government … so they can get away wiith just about anything…

    Be careful and God bless.


  93. Actually whether you like it or not, AIDS got it start in the human community by gays. In fac, it was originally called Gay-related immune deficiency or GRID. And according to the CDC: Gay, bisexual, and other men who have sex with men (MSM)a represent approximately 2% of the United States population, yet are the population most severely affected by HIV. In 2010, young gay and bisexual men (aged 13-24 years) accounted for 72% of new HIV infections among all persons aged 13 to 24, and 30% of new infections among all gay and bisexual men. At the end of 2011, an estimated 500,022 (57%) persons living with an HIV diagnosis in the United States were gay and bisexual men, or gay and bisexual men who also inject drugs. So you can stop with the lies. Next don’t start with Luke if you are not going to follow Leviticus 18! You can’t pick and choose which verses you are going to follow. Stay blessed.

  94. “Be fruitful and multiply” this was God’s intruction to man and woman so i don’t get where “Be fruitful and multiply” fits into a gay environment. “Be fruitful and multiply” one of d most inportant rule of marriage. Through pleasure come’s babies in a straight relationship after pleasure in gay courtship what come after more pleasure?? What’s d use? U get tired (cus it cant go on forever) there is nothing 2 show for it. Wake up and stop decieving urselves gay ppl. U tlk of love what do u knw about love. Pls go and read ur revelation’s again and again, and stop saying God told u to love homosexually. Instead of helping d world u guys r only puttin an end to it. It’s there in ur Bible it was there ever since b4 dis generation began. It was not written yesterday or d day b4 dat. How would d Bible knw about dis tym’s. Check urselves and wake up…

  95. Then why are you on my blog? Do you know how old this article is? It is so old it means you had to seek out anti-gay material because it is not new which means it would just automatically pop up, which means you are pretty sad.

  96. It’s so very interesting that your late mother was a lesbian. There is much evidence that homosexuality is an inherited trait. There’s little doubt that you are a repressed lesbian. That is very sad. Please, for your sanity and happiness of your self and your precious child, don’t be like your dear mother and wait to come out. Accept your reality, live in your authenticity and find yourself a nice butch lesbian! Bless your hard little heart!!!

  97. LOL. I don’t think so. See I tried the “lesbian” thing while still in my youth and found it rather repulsive. So I am good but thanks for being so worried about me. And if you notice this article is like a million years old so you really had to go out of you way to find it. Are you a lesbian that is uncomfortable being a lesbian that you have to seek out those who take issue with homosexuality. I don’t seek out those are Nazi skinheads, but then I am comfortable with who I am. I have fully accepted who I am, but it doesn’t sound like you have.

  98. It maybe an old thread but I think you are just suffering and not listening to the word of JESUS you know the one in the sequel to the Old Testament the folk that wrote the mk2 had some compassion I’m waiting for the third one should be right hip hop :-) you hurt a lot of people, think will your Lord forgive you? And yes of course he will he will judge you on not one thing but your whole mortal life and if he judges you the way you have judged others you with burn in hell for eternity but I truly hope you find your nivarna with your Lord, go in peace XX camp as Christmas Ray xx

  99. Really? I hurt people, I don’t think so, I simply tell the truth. If people choose to be hurt by the truth that is their problem not mine. You want to talk to people about hurting gays go to some Muslim country where they get thrown off rooftops. I think such an act is utterly barbaric and would never condone such behavior. But I am the bad guy, people like you crack me up. Have you read any other part of my blog? Of course not. You might get a fuller picture of who I ,am and what I believe but now let’s keep talking about one article written an millennia ago. And while I still stand by everything I wrote I am not going to keep apologizing for those who cannot handle the truth.

  100. I actually love you. This post always reassures me that there are people with the same viewpoint as I. I don’t want to feel obligated to accept nor embrace this agenda.

    Thanks heaps!

  101. Thanks for speaking up, blacknright. God loves sinners, but he hates the sin because of the harm it does to the sinner. The society of today praises this perversion as something beneficial, but sin is only pleasant for a season. In the long run, it only brings pain and regret. It doesn’t matter how many people say that homosexuality is good. The Creator of heaven and earth, who knows infinitely more than we do, calls it sin so it is something to be avoided.

  102. I love your blog. I am also anti gay, transgender, bisexual, the whole ball of wax. I don’t hate the sinner but I do hate the sin. I love Jesus and I do read the Bible. God didn’t make any mistakes, Satan set about to confuse the mind and heart of man. Those who think they are homosexual or transgender are feeding into the lie fed to them by a crafty deceiver. So yes, it is a decision not a biological one. I am sick to death having this crap shoved down my throat, I don’t have to embrace any of it and I won’t. It makes me sick that they have taken a promise God made to man and made it a symbol of the sinful behavior. Thank you for giving a voice to those of us who have been attempted to be silenced

  103. Hello
    Your site is excellent. Your anti homosexuality position is great, clear, humanist, rational and ethical.
    I am atheist. And I am against homosexuality, pornography, prostitution and pedophilia. I think homosexuality is a mafia plague, an epidemic of degrading handling, a humiliation system, a criminal policy.
    I respect your religious beliefs against homosexuality. Your position is better than that of most human rights organizations.
    I wish that homosexuality is eradicated worldwide. And I think the fight against the mafia is the means able to do it. This is a global struggle for human dignity, for freedom and for the respect of the human being.
    Thank you for your fight against this organized crime.
    Excuse this bad electronic translation.
    Mohamed Chaari
    Sfax, Tunisia
    Votre site est excellent. Votre position anti homosexualité est formidable, claire, humaniste, rationnelle et éthique.
    Je suis athée. Et je suis contre l’homosexualité, la pornographie, la prostitution et la pédophilie. Je pense que l’homosexualité est un fléau mafieux, une épidémie de manipulation dégradante, un système d’humiliation, une politique criminelle.
    Je respecte vos convictions religieuses contre l’homosexualité. Votre position est meilleure que celle de la majorité des organisations de droits de l’Homme.
    Je souhaite que l’homosexualité soit éradiquée dans le monde entier. Et je crois que la lutte contre les mafia est le moyen capable de le faire. C’est un combat mondial pour la dignité humaine, pour la liberté et pour le respect de l’être humain.
    Merci pour votre combat contre cette criminalité organisée.
    Excusez cette mauvaise traduction électronique.
    Mohamed Chaari
    Sfax , Tunisie

  104. Thank you very much for writing me. I am so used to getting hate mail for my views on homosexuality that it is nice to get one from someone who sees things the way I do. I hope you will continue to come back.

  105. I am a twelve-year-old girl, and I identify as bisexual. Before you add a comment about me being naive or simple-minded, I must add that I am well-educated on many topics that have to do with homosexuality and bigotry, because many do not see me the way I see myself. Over time, I have come to realize that all that matters is that I am happy being myself, and I am. Many people of my age in the LGBT+ community have helped me to realize this, and we CAN get along, just like heterosexuals. Why would we hate people who have been through the exact same situations and hardships, if we know how bad they can be? I do not ever want to see myself as promiscuous, as I believe that no twelve-year-old should. I just want to live a happy life, loving freely. I beg you to be open-minded about your decision, especially to those in your life. You never know who may be impacted by your words.

  106. Nat, you have a long time to figure out who are you are and what you want to be. And that is my biggest problem with the gay community is that they say if you feel this way at 12 you will feel this way for the rest of your life. Which is a lie. Sexuality is fluid and it can change over the course of one’s lifetime. I am sorry if you felt my words hurt you, but truth often hurts.

  107. Perhaps, and I do know that sexuality can be changed. Maybe someday, I will be different, but I am who I am right now, not who I will be in ten or twenty or thirty years. I live to live, not constantly wait for what may or may not happen. Even if my sexuality does change again, I will know that I have learned many things about equality and humanity, as well as many things about myself. Love should not be based on physical properties. Whatever you say cannot hurt me, because I love myself for who I am. I am simply speaking for those who don’t.

  108. I use to be fan of Sam Smith, I just fell in love with his voice but when he open up being a gay. I was like Oh! Dear, you can’t be. Speechless. Well all I’ve to say is that why do they have to date the same sex when women in this generation are flooded with well educated background. This is not a God’s mistake. I think it depends on them. They can change of what they are. They can come out of there mess. How can they think of marrying the same sex and adopt a child without a mother. I mean a child is never complete without a mother. What if the child ask for there mother and when they grow up, would they say they have two fathers and never celebrated mother’s day for there whole life. The child would say I grew watching my two dads smooching. I don’t care about the laws or either the LGBT, I don’t support them, Same sex marriage in my case, I considered them taboo. And yes Paris Hilton says it right.

  109. So single fathers don’t have a right to raise their children because they “don’t have a mother”? That’s basically what you said. What can a heterosexual relationship give to a child that a homosexual one cannot?

  110. Both parents. As a single mother I can speak on this with some authority. Yeah,I am raising my son, but there are certain things I cannot give him because I am a woman, not a man. He still asks and wants to know about his father. His father doesn’t simply disappear because he is not in his life. He is still a part of him and he still longs to have a father. And no one is saying single fathers don’t have a right to raise their children, but it is simply the truth that children need both parents whether we like it or not.

  111. That may be true and I fully respect your opinion and your ability to raise your son by yourself. With all due respect though, I believe that two parents of the same gender can raise a child just as well as a family with a mother and a father. Most children aren’t even concerned by sexual relations and relationships until they are old enough to be impacted by those around them. What they grow up with is the “norm” for them, until they discover that something else exists. I believe that the personalities of the people (or person) raising a child impact their lives much more than the relationships of those in their life. At least, that is my experience.

  112. homosexuality disgusts me. I am not phobic by any means. I just believe it is gross. Like overstepping the lines of biology gross.

    I used to live 20 min from San Francisco. I can tell you that every gay that I know is a pervert.

    I am ashamed of these backward ideals that are ruining the fabric of monogamous heterosexual life.

    Now there are tranny bathrooms where I work. How is this progress? What is next? Are pedophiles going to be warmly embraced by society? What about man and beast relationships?

    I dont care if this angers you people, I have made up my mind. Just like gays have made up their mind to live that lifestyle.

  113. D. Read “You’ll Have a Gay Ol Time: The Real Gay Movement” and you will find out that it was always the case that the pedophiles would take over the movement because they are the ones who started it. It was never about two grown males consenting to sexual acts, it was always about trying to destabilize sexuality to the point where pedophilia was considered normal.

  114. Hi all,

    I am an extremely happy, fulfilled gay woman who has never had any kind of sexually transmitted infection and who is in a healthy long term relationship, where we plan to marry and rear children. I feel very free and accepted and am part of many different groups where I do not encourage or participate in segregation of any kind. I have many male gay friends, just as many as straight friends with children who I am not trying to indoctrinate. They do love their gay Aunty though. I also have NEVER been involved in any kind of violence, suicide, depression or any of your other completely ridiculous remarks.

    It is very sad you have had to generalise so heavily to make your point.

    Your comments both annoy and anger me. They annoy because they are unfounded, extraordinarily generalised and missing about 40 years of progress, information and change. They anger me because they are completely contradictory. You are anti gay because gays actively promote division? Your entire article is an exercise in division and hatred.

    Now, as a gay woman who has been completely slandered by you, I still feel a sense of community with you. Does that shock you? As part of the global community in which we live, it saddens me that someone who comes from an oppressed minority group is so willing to attempt to target and create another.

    Now I am not going to spend any more of my time and energy responding to you. Have to get back to my very happy, beautiful, long life.

    Black and wrong. You are a disgrace.

  115. Facts are always division to people like you because you are unable to handle the truth. HIV is 80 percent gay men. http://www.cdc.gov/hiv/pdf/library/slidesets/cdc-hiv-surveillance-slides-msm.pdf That is a fact, that is a fact from today not 40 years ago, but you still see it as division, because anything that reflects negatively on the gay community rather it is truthful or not is seen as division. You say you are happy, that’s great. But your happiness does not negate the truth that most gay people are not, especially when so many commit suicide. You can try to put on people like me who speak the truth about homosexuality but here’s another truth, even in countries where homosexuality is widely embraced suicide rates are still high for gay people, why is that? You say want to raise children, raising children is difficult in the best of circumstances but you take a parent out of the equation and it becomes something else entirely. You only have to look at the statistics of single parent households to see the trauma it causes children. For every child that is okay, there are others who are not. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3193152/ You can name call all you want, all you have proven is you have no rational argument to my points.

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