Shooting in Texas, 3 Injured, 1 Dead

This past Saturday morning there was a shooting in Texas that left one woman dead and three others injured. The shooting took place in Austin. Texas has been having a considerable amount of trouble when it comes to shootings. It was only earlier this month, on the 7th, when five police officers were killed. According to Reuters, the gunman seems to be in his twenties and it is reported that the injuries of the other three shot are not life threatening.

While police were busy trying to get an angle on this case, another shooting took place at a parking garage. Initially, police thought it might be the same shooter or at least related somehow. They have come to the conclusion since that is not related and they are looking for two different gunmen.

From everything we can tell at this point through the initial investigation, these are two unrelated incidents,” Manley told reporters.

The suspect who opened fire in the parking garage was transported to a hospital for injuries he suffered when bystanders subdued him, Manley said. There were no reports of anyone being struck by bullets in that incident.

Police are still looking for the gunman in the initial case and anyone with any information should contact the Austin Police Department.

We’re Sorry, Senator Cruz

Dear Senator Cruz,

Ted cruz at RNCAs America watched your speech at the Republican National Convention, many of us were appalled by the reception you received. It is true, principled men must often stand alone and you have shown yourself to be a principled man. Please realize though you are not truly alone. You have plenty of true blue American citizens who are willing to defend your honor and register their votes with you whether or not you are on the ballot come November.

Heidi CruzWe want you to know Senator Cruz that we do not agree with the tactics that Trump and his cohorts have displayed against you. We apologize that you father was made out to be some crazed killer involved with JFK assassination. We apologize that Heidi was nearly attacked following your convention speech. We are sorry that you were booed for stating that one should vote their conscience up and down the Republican ticket. If one does not vote their conscience, one should not be voting. We apologize that prior to your candidacy, people were asking you to run for the Presidency, only to turn on you once you did. We apologize that a corrupt man has been treated than a good man. That a liberal Democrat rose to the highest rank in the Republican Party. While you were defending our rights, he was busy making deals with the Clintons.

While many deluded Republicans are gunning for you, do not worry. We are your Stripling Warriors. The Stripling Warriors are found in the Book of Mormon. The Stripling Warriors were the youth of a group of people called the Anti-Nephi-Lehi. After accepting the Gospel, they made a covenant with God never to go to war again. They had previously been a warlike people and in order to prove their devotion to the Gospel they declared they would turn from their warlike ways. No sooner had they made this decision did they start getting attacked. They Anti-Nephi-Lehis buried their weapons in order to make sure they did not break their covenant. When the attacks progressed the sons of the Anti-Nephi-Lehi came forward. They made no such vow. So they went in and defended their people at the encouragement of their mothers. None of them died. (Alma 57) People are saying you broke your vow, though you did not. But us Stripling Warriors made no such vow and we will fight and defend not only for your integrity but stand in defense for our covenant with God. We know a vow to God takes precedence to all other earthly oaths.

In closing, please accept our apology,  Senator Cruz. We support you, we love you and come November we will not stay at home, we will vote our conscience. God bless you and please don’t give up on us, we haven’t given up on you.


Why Plagiarism Matters

Since the news of the Melania’s speech involving plagiarizing Michelle Obama’s campaign speech broke there have been a lot of people on the right trying to justify it and say it is okay. This is infuriating because it says that our principles are not steadfast or true and are only use to convict the Left of their wrongdoing but not our own people. That makes us hypocrites and immoral. So I am going to go over some of the excuses I have heard and tell you why plagiarism is more important than you think.

  1. Well Hillary and Obama do it too.

I am sorry did we all go back to elementary school and no one tell me? When I was a little girl and I did something wrong and got caught, I was never let off the hook simply because I said, “Well, so and so did it too!” The response I often got back from my mother was, “Well I am not so and so’s mother! I am your mother and in this house we do not do that! And if I was so and so’s mother, they would be in trouble too!” This excuse is very childish and illogical. As if because someone else does something wrong, we should be allowed to get away with it as well.

If you are going to go with that argument you have to start to support the following:

  1. abortion 2. gay marriage 3. gun confiscation 4. no school choice including homeschooling.  5. mandatory vaccinations 6. euthanasia 7. amnesty for illegals 8. no or limited military spending and resources. 9. larger government 10) no religious liberty.

If you don’t support these things and obviously you don’t if you call yourself conservative then you cannot sit there and say “Well the Left does it, so it is okay.” Since when do we measure ourselves by the Left’s standard and since when has anything the Left has done been okay with us?  We must also remember if the roles had been reversed and Michelle had stolen Melania’s speech, we would be having a field day and not excusing Michelle for her duplicity. It can’t be okay for us but not for them, that is not morals that is hypocrisy.

Why it is not okay for conservatives:

In this section, I will give you the Biblical basis for why a particular argument is wrong, while the initial section will deal with it in a more “secularized” way.  In this case, it flies in the face of the first commandment, “Have no other god before me.” God gave us Exodus 20, so we may know what is appropriate for us and what is not. The commandments have no caveats, there are no “unless it pertains to the following then I am completely okay with it.” When you start justifying your behavior based upon what your neighbor does, you are lifting that neighbor up over the authority of God and we call that idolatry. While we may live in the world and have to follow the laws of man, our first allegiance is always to God and if man’s rules conflict with God’s, we must adhere to God’s first and foremost.

2. It is just words, it is no big deal

As a writer, this angers me to no end. It is because I am a writer I know how much words matter. Words shape who we are. If you ask people to define themselves, the first word that pops out of their mouths is the word people have told them they are. So if someone says they are dumb, it is because they have been told they are dumb their entire lives. If someone says they are smart, it is because they have been told that as well. The very fact that I started this paragraph with “as a writer” proves my point. I have been told I am a writer all my life so that is how I see myself. It is true, we can accept those words about ourselves or not. But it doesn’t change the fact that words impact who we are. We either accept them and go on with our lives or we reject them and try to create a better life. Words matter.

Why it is not okay for conservatives

John 1:1  In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God

What was God? THE WORD!!! If that doesn’t matter to you then throw His book away. Throw away the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, throw away the Book of Mormon and every other divine work. Because they are all just words! If words don’t matter why do we care about the Communist Manifesto, they are just words. If they are just words, why do we care if the Koran is being taught to our children?

Our whole first amendment of our constitution deals with your capacity to use words. 1) Freedom of religion-written word of God 2) Freedom of speech-the ability to speak to the government freely and without reprecussions 3) Freedom of press-freedom to write to a large group of people without punishment. 4) Freedom of assembly-free to express ideas and thoughts in groups. 5) Freedom to redress the government-how do most people redress the government? By letter or in these days email. More written words. Words are so important, the very first thing we did as a nation was protect them.

Our Father in heaven cared about words so much that he was the Word. Our Founding Fathers cared about words so much, they protected them at all cost. We should do the same

3. Speechwriters do this kind of stuff all the time. 

Then speechwriters should know better. This is not the same as using common idioms or analogies. This is not the same as writing a speech and using the phrase “knowledge is power.” When you use someone else’s words, verbatim, without giving them credit that is plagiarism. Speechwriters know, or should know, that plagiarism is against the law and as such they should take special care. Someone told me, “Well they watch hours of campaign speeches, some of it is bound to get stuck in their head.” That is why we have this thing called plagiarism checkers, so you can check to see if you accidentally copied someone’s else’s work. Also, if you are matching someone’s exact words, the chances are you copying them. There is no getting around that, someone deliberately copied that text…period.

Why it is not okay for conservatives

Plagiarism involves the act of theft. Again we read in Exodus 20:15  Thou shalt not steal. So whether speechwriters do it all the time is immaterial. We are to uphold the commandment thou shall not steal. Just because it was not tangible, it is no less theft. The theft of one’s ideas is why we have copyright, patent, and trademark laws. If you do not think protecting ideas is important then you haven’t read 1984. If you don’t think protecting ideas is important, then wait until your ideas become “illegal.” If you don’t think protecting ideas are important, then you don’t understand the very concept of America. America was and is an idea. An idea that had never been tried before in human history. Theft is never okay. Theft of ideas is diabolical.


The final analysis is this, you cannot hold one side accountable for their actions and not hold your side accountable as well. If we are to have a moral, upright and civilized society, we need to be a society of law and order. If I break the law, whether it is trespass or murder, then I should pay the price for my actions, as long as the punishment fits the crime. No one should be executed for trespass and no one should get community service for murder.

The Right has shown itself not to be the party of law and order. And whether you are stealing someone’s work or booing a candidate for saying you should vote your principles, we have become a nation of hedonistic animals who no longer care for truth, justice, and the American way as we used to hear on Superman (no plagiarizing here), we only care if our side wins and at any cost.



From Dallas to Baton Rouge

CBS NewsJust as we were all getting back to normal after the Dallas police shootings and the terrorist attack in Nice, we are now learning about 3 police officers who were killed in the line of duty in Baton Rogue, Louisiana. The shooting took place early Sunday morning. Cops were not the only hurt in this morning’s melee, another three were also injured.

Baton Rouge has been under a lot of tension these past few weeks. It is in large part to a police shooting of a black man named Alton Sterling, who was pinned to the ground by the police and eventually shot. “Last week, police arrested and identified three young people who they say plotted to kill Baton Rouge cops using guns stolen from a pawn shop. Law enforcement said at a conference they believe it to be a substantial and credible threat on police officers in the Baton Rouge area.” CBS News

So far there has been no connection the BLM movement, however,  over 200 protesters were arrested over the weekend. They were protesting the killing of Alton Sterling. The mayor has said that the killings were “unspeakable and unjustified” on his Twitter account. We will keep you informed as more information becomes available.



Doctor My Heart, Part 3

She was buzzing about trying to get everything packed for her trip to D.C. She already shipped everything ahead so it should be there by the time she landed. Adonis would be picking her from the airport. He was going to GW (or George Washington University for you laymen) as a….wait for it….political science student.  The boy who had hated politics all his life was now following his mother’s footsteps and becoming a political scientist. He also had an apartment off campus and his mother would be staying there until she found her own place. Desiree was proud. As she was getting everything

As she was getting everything ready, the phone rang. She wondered who could be calling her now. She didn’t recognize the number but answered it anyway.

“Hello,” she said most curiously.

“Are you ready?” the voice asked her.

“Dr. Kashani, is that you?”

“Who else would it be?”

MercedesDr. Kashani explained to her that he was right outside and wanted to take her to the airport. He didn’t want their last good-bye to be at a hospital. His mind went back to her graduation from UCLA. As he walking towards to the point she needed to check in, in order to walk in, he had a desire just to take her hand. Of course, that would’ve been extremely inappropriate on so many counts so he did not.

luggageDesiree came out with about four pieces of luggage. Dr. Kashani took them and put them in his trunk. She then gave him a big hug and softly whispered in his ear, “I love you and I always will.” Without missing a beat he whispered back, “Right back at you.” That was as close as he could come to telling her, I love you too.  They both got into the car.

As the car drove down the street, Desiree started to cry. She had lived there for over 20 years and now she was leaving it for good. Dr. Kashani took her hand and held it. “It is going to be okay. You are going to to do great things in D.C.” Well, that is what I am hoping anyway.”  she responded. She had dreamed about holding his hand like this ever since he was walking her down that alley of sorts, to check in for her graduation. Everything in her wanted to just to reach out and take it but as much as it hurt not to, she knew it would hurt more if she did. So she left well enough alone.

She wasn’t going to let go of his hand this time. She had wished for this moment forever, she wasn’t going to just let it end. As Dr. Kashani drove, Desiree noticed he had a look of sadness on his face. As sorry as he was to see her go, she knew that was not what he was upset about. So she asked him what was wrong?

“I know I can trust you but no one knows about this, not even my family. So I need you not to say anything.”

“I promise. Doctor-patient confidentiality works both ways.”

He chuckled, “Thank you. I just hired a full-time nurse to take care of my wife. My wife has stage four breast cancer. The doctors say she has 6 months to a year to live.”

“I am so sorry….I don’t know what to call you anymore.” she said distressed at his declaration. This seemed too personal to be a Dr. Kashani moment, but she wasn’t sure she could call him Cameron either.

“You know my name, it’s Cameron. It’s okay if you call me Cameron. It’s always been okay.”

breast cancer billboard“Okay, I am so sorry Cameron. I wish there was something that I could do.” Just then she realized she was doing something. This was not a flirtatious hand holding, this was a hanging on for dear life hand holding. His grip got tighter when she said the words, “Stage four breast cancer.” Cameron was falling apart and Desiree was the only person besides his wife he could do that with, but he couldn’t do with his wife now. She needed him to be strong but Desiree, he could be weak with her, he had seen her weakness. So it was okay to reveal his to her.

“Pull over the car, please, Cameron.” she said gently but firmly.  He did so. She then told him to get out of the car for just a second. The stood on a curb and she took his face in her hands. “When Adonis was about a year old, I took on him on a walk, and he held my face in his hands just like this. It was as if he could see right through me. I am going to try to give you the look he gave me that day. Because I want you to know how much I mean this. You are not in this alone. If everyone else turns away, you will always have me. One call and I am on a plane out here. Do you understand? No questions, no judgments, just me on a plane.”

“I understand.”

“Okay, now give me a hug. I am going to do everything possible to get  you through this.”

Tears fell from his eyes as he hugged her. When they finally pulled back from each other, she wiped his tears away. “You never have to be strong around me, you can use my strength until you get yours back.” He hugged her even tighter this time as if she was an anchor and if he let go he would start crumbling and never stop. She didn’t pull back at any time, he was going to have to be the one to let go. She didn’t want him to feel like she didn’t care. He finally let go.

“I am sorry, I didn’t mean to act like such a baby. It is just that I feel like I am losing my two best ladies. Sounds sappy I know.”

“You listen here Cameron Kashani, don’t you ever talk about my doctor like that. He is the strongest person I know, got it?”

“Got it. I love you,” he told her. He didn’t mean to say that, it just came out. However, he spoke those last three words with desperation more than a sense of romance.

“Thank you. It is nice to finally hear that. And you know I love you too. As for losing both your best girls, one is not going anywhere. And for the great love of your life, well God loves her too. He misses her and wants her to come back home. Things like this happen when you marry an angel.”

Cameron smiled a bit. He took her hand and held it for a moment. They then got back into the car and drove to the airport. And though he wanted her to stay, he didn’t ask. He wanted her to achieve her dreams, not live through his nightmare. He took her hand one last time and said, “We are both going to be okay.”

“Yes, we will. That’s a promise.”

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Jan Broberg: Stolen Innocence and Beyond

Adonai, me, Paul and JanJan Broberg has been a personal friend of mine for years but even I didn’t know the trauma she had experienced as a young girl. Jan was always a source of light, someone who always had a smile on her face and an uplifting spirit. Yet her tale of abuse by a family friend who would kidnap her and transport her to Mexico meanwhile brainwashing her to believe that she responsible for saving an alien world by having a child with her kidnapper.  If she did not, she Jan_Brobergwas told she was she would immediately be vaporized.

Jan has shown a tremendous capacity to reach out to others. For years she has been speaking about her experience. She has been featured on ABC News, NBC News,  and other outlets discussing her tale of horror. Jan has not allowed what happened to her from following her dream. She has appeared on Criminal Minds (with my beloved Shemar Moore..sigh), starred on WB’s Everwood as Nurse Louise and was in Maniac with Elijah Wood.

She has a grown son and when not working on her documentary resides in Southern California. A lot of people don’t get an opportunity to interview such extraordinary people in their lifetime. I have an opportunity to interview two remarkable people, Sylvia Aimerito, and Jan Broberg. Here is Jan’s story according to her:

  1. Give our readers just a little background on your book and documentary both entitled: Stolen Innocence.

Stolen Innocence , the Jan Broberg Story, is about my childhood experience from age 10 to 16 when I was kidnapped, repeatedly raped and severely manipulated through brain- washing techniques by a trusted family “friend” and father of 5.  He moved into our neighborhood and took his time becoming a greatly loved newcomer.  He was charismatic, helpful, fun and unbeknownst to anyone a pedophile with maniacal intentions.  He spent two years becoming our best “friend”, grooming me, my family, our church congregation and the business community to completely trust him.   The book and documentary tell this story and reveal the subtle manipulations that lead to my disappearance not one but twice.  A four-year ordeal and beyond. This man found and taunted me throughout my early adult life and in recent years came to a University conference, with a gun, where I was speaking about my experience to a large group of women and their daughters.  He was apprehended and killed himself two years later.  We found out that at least 6 other little girls were harmed by him as well, both before and after my kidnappings. He spent one year in Jail convicted of rape of a child in Salt Lake City ten years after my second kidnapping.  He spent 19 days in jail and a short time in a mental institution for what he did to me.  He went on to molest a number of other pre-pubescent girls including his step-daughters who ran away because their mother would not believe them. We hope telling my story will spare other families and children from the terrorists living next door- we call them pedophiles- and most of the time they are people that we know love and trust!  Our film will help people see the subtle manipulations that trick children, parents, communities and congregations. No one is immune.

2.  Your mother is the one who actually authored Stolen Innocence, but of course, you were heavily involved in it. Whose idea was it to write the book and why?

 I asked my mother to write a history of what was happening at home while I was missing, a timeline of events as things were so jumbled in my mind.  I was severely drugged and had wanted to find clarity with how the events unfolded.  After I asked her to do this she and I started talking and she started writing.  Mom was always a natural writer.  She wrote poems and stories for us, her three little girls, and put together pageants and short plays for the community and church.  She also wanted to write the story as a family history and to clear her own heart and mind.  There were many things she needed healing from and writing was her oasis!

3.  Did you ever feel like you should keep this to yourself and what made you decide to share your story with others?

I didn’t want to talk about it for a long time.  I told the story to my sister and best friend when I first realized it was all a lie, the mind control, but after that I found I didn’t want to talk about the rape and the gory “icky” details, it was too hard at 16 –but later on, in my early 20’s, I started to share more of the details with my parents and others.  Then after getting married I realized that I wanted to help others avoid the nightmare, also realizing that we are so far off base talking about ‘stranger danger’… it’s almost always someone you know and love — this is why I need to get this story out to the masses and start a new conversation around child sex abuse and abduction.  We are missing the boat! Then in my early 40’s a dear friend who knew my story asked me and my mother to come to a big conference for educators and tell what had happened. It was during that experience that we met Charles Gil, a renowned superior court Judge, who had dealt with child abuse issues as an attorney and then as a judge. He encouraged us to share the story and publish a book so others could learn from our mistakes!

4.  How has the book and the film aided in your recovering from this trauma?

 I honestly believe that sharing your story is the first step to healing!  You cannot heal with a lethal secret destroying you from the inside out!  Talking about what happened is cathartic and it begins to unravel the many areas where you have been stopped or unable to live a full happy life.  You are also able to take on responsibility for what happened and that is freeing as well.  You no longer live as a victim but can move from that prison to the wonderful world of advocacy.  Life begins to be something so beautiful and worth living, especially if you are helping others! There is something magical that happens when people share their stories and know that they are not alone!

5.  Why a documentary as opposed to big budget film?

The world is hungry for true stories about real people and we thought that a documentary would get the important aspects of our story out to people who may be struggling with a traumatic experience themselves.  We also know that Hollywood tends to sensationalize stories like mine and sometimes that can be a disservice because we were a normal family that loved people, trusted our neighbors and wanted the things that most families want.  Our documentary will show the subtle signs that my parents missed, how manipulation happens to regular good people and hopefully it will be honest enough that a person watching may suddenly realize that someone in their inner circle is slowly leading them down a path of great destruction, pulling the wool over their eyes.  I hope that a documentary like mine will pull people’s heads out of the sand, help them see their own mistakes, and ultimately prevent this sort of thing from happening to the children they love.  Over a million cases of child rape were opened last year in the USA.  There are over 100,000 children who are being sold for sex in our country, some of them living in wonderful homes but the parents do not know! We hope this will help them see!  I’m hoping for a big budget film and series to come next!!

6.  Does it ever get easier sharing your story with others and how have others reacted     when they find out about this part of your past?

Yes, it does get easier.  I have felt such tremendous support from my wonderful parents, sisters, son, friends, X-husbands (seriously) and step-daughters that honestly I could not have made it without each one of them!  I also feel that as the healing happens, and it can happen, the ability to tell the story and share it honestly is a blessing for me and for those I touch.  I do sometimes get exhausted!  It takes it out of me… most people become my friends before they ever know about this so when they find out they are usually pretty amazed.  They mostly ask “why aren’t you in a mental institution”??!!  I answer by saying that I had ten perfect childhood years before this happened, wonderful parents, a basis of faith and some good counseling as well as self-help books and courses like the LandMark Forum along the way!

7. Part of your story includes brainwashing, what are some common misconceptions people have about brainwashing and what do you do to correct those misconceptions?

Most people think it is like the movies, torture, isolation, bright lights, etc.  That it is something that only happens to people who are weak, susceptible or lack intelligence.  There is nothing farther from the truth.  Very intelligent people can be manipulated, brainwashed, and the tactics are subtle, slow, and found across all races, socio-economic levels, ages, genders and belief systems.  It is as simple as someone making a threat to harm a loved one, and that keeps the person quiet.  It is sales tactics in a lot of ways.  Ever buy a vacuum or a timeshare and had buyers remorse?  Ever got entangled with someone emotionally because they make you feel good and compliment you perfectly?  Ever kept a secret because you thought you would get in trouble or someone would be hurt or punished?  Ever stayed in a bad relationship because you thought you were not worthy of something better or that you couldn’t do it alone?  Ever let someone get too close because you thought you would hurt their feelings? Ever go too far on a date because of pressure or fear of saying no? Ever been shamed into not telling as if you were the bad one when you really were the victim? Ever been rewarded for doing something that you knew was wrong?  These are simple examples of how perpetrators begin to capture and control you.  These are the basis of brainwashing and manipulation.  It is slow, subtle, charming, often exciting and ultimately lethal.

8. The kidnapper was a Latter Day Saint like you were then and are now. Did that fact affect your relationship with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and in what way?

First, I am so grateful that I had a strong base of faith.  It was one major reason that I did not kill myself at age 16.  I knew in my heart that God loved me and that Jesus Christ was my brother.  I grew up believing in a long-term eternal view of things, believing that this earthly life was only for a small amount of time. I thought that we would live forever, eternally with our families and loved ones.  I truly believed those things as a child and I still do today.  I have gone through my ups and downs with God and yet I always circle back around to the love that I feel He has for me in every aspect of my life and the lives of every human being on this planet –no matter what you believe. I have always felt that and know that we are on an eternal learning curve. I question many things but not the LOVE OF GOD… I think this is what I am supposed to figure out on this earth.  How to love God, ourselves and others!  Every experience I have had has helped me learn and grow and hopefully help others, as well!  This horrific experience was survived because I had hope and faith and believed in charity and love and family and goodness at the end of the day.

9. What are your plans for the future?

A series based on my story and a very busy schedule filming as I want to play my mother! A lot of speaking engagements around the globe and perhaps a talk show that features youth and kids as well as adults… get kids talking to kids in their own language

10. Do you have any closing thoughts for our audience?

Be very very wise and don’t be afraid to see what is there to see!  Most people know on a gut level when something is wrong or off.  LISTEN!!!  Then know what to do!!  You need to keep a record, do NOT approach the person you suspect, get the authorities involved, file a report, press charges, educate your children!  Love them, teach them, give them guidelines and keep them from being afraid — oh, and eat dinner together!  Talk, talk, talk, and listen, listen, listen!  My parents did this those first 10 years, this is the base that I would eventually come back to!  It is what saved me ultimately, pure love, and lots of hope in the healing and helping the process!  Living a life that is lead with love- not hate, hope- not despair!  Remember that it is almost always someone you know, love and trust so you must see what you do not want to see!

My Apologies to Civil Rights Heroes

Dear Martin, Medgar, and Rosa,

Let me offer my utmost apologies for the current “civil rights” movement that has overtaken our country. These people are not you. They are not even Malcolm X who had his own issues with White people but later learned to work with them. These people are thugs. Martin, you spent time in jail but you were trying to correct laws that punished you simply for being Black. Rosa, you were taken off the bus for not giving up your seat to a White man but  there is more to you than tired feet. You were working for the NAACP  and trying to get justice for rape cases long before your feet became iconic for their refusal not to be moved. Medgar, you were just straight up killed for trying to bring justice to people everywhere.

The difference between you and Black Lives Matter today is that you were fighting for all people. Martin, you wanted your four children to be judged by the content of their character and not the color of their skin. However, a man named Obama changed that. He thinks Blacks should not be held accountable for their own action. People talk about microaggression and other liberal, nonsensical words. They talk about a war on women but ignore that Black babies are being aborted to the tune of 60 percent. So every three out of five pregnancies end in abortion for the Black woman. They don’t have time to remember the Tamiah Russells, the Deanna Bells and the Belinda Byrds of the world. They are just dead black girls and women and don’t figure into the Left’s war on women. The destruction of our race is a choice!

Black Lives Matter doesn’t care about the genocide is abortion. They just care about defending criminals. These are not men who were seen looking at a White woman and labeled with the utterly ridiculous “eye rape” charge. Even back then everything was about rape with these people. No,these are actual criminals who have harmed people. These are robbers, armed and otherwise, these are people who kill cops, people who gun down their neighbors, and instead of standing for the victims, they stand for the those who wish to destroy them. These are not children of God, this is Satan’s children. I don’t say that flippantly but with immense sadness. If you watch Empire (which I confess is a guilty pleasure of mine) you will see a father who simply despises God and when his son is baptized into the church he ends up resenting his son for choosing God over him. While that may only be a show, it also reflects what is going on in the Black household. God is being pushed out for mammon. Black Lives Matter doesn’t use the church to change the world as you did. They despise the church and all earthly morals.

You will be happy to know Martin that your niece, Alveda King carries on your dream the way you did. She does it with respect, honor and peacefully calling to attention the plight that is abortion. Abortion has wiped out 3 of 5 members of our community and Alveda lets people know the truth about the reality that is abortion. She is a tribute to your legacy, Martin. I know when you look down upon her life, you must be proud of what she has become and she has achieved in her own right. So while I apologize for the Black Lives Matter movement, I don’t apologize for the Alveda Kings of the world, they are doing things the right way, the moral way, the godly way.