We’re Sorry, Senator Cruz

Dear Senator Cruz,

Ted cruz at RNCAs America watched your speech at the Republican National Convention, many of us were appalled by the reception you received. It is true, principled men must often stand alone and you have shown yourself to be a principled man. Please realize though you are not truly alone. You have plenty of true blue American citizens who are willing to defend your honor and register their votes with you whether or not you are on the ballot come November.

Heidi CruzWe want you to know Senator Cruz that we do not agree with the tactics that Trump and his cohorts have displayed against you. We apologize that you father was made out to be some crazed killer involved with JFK assassination. We apologize that Heidi was nearly attacked following your convention speech. We are sorry that you were booed for stating that one should vote their conscience up and down the Republican ticket. If one does not vote their conscience, one should not be voting. We apologize that prior to your candidacy, people were asking you to run for the Presidency, only to turn on you once you did. We apologize that a corrupt man has been treated than a good man. That a liberal Democrat rose to the highest rank in the Republican Party. While you were defending our rights, he was busy making deals with the Clintons.

While many deluded Republicans are gunning for you, do not worry. We are your Stripling Warriors. The Stripling Warriors are found in the Book of Mormon. The Stripling Warriors were the youth of a group of people called the Anti-Nephi-Lehi. After accepting the Gospel, they made a covenant with God never to go to war again. They had previously been a warlike people and in order to prove their devotion to the Gospel they declared they would turn from their warlike ways. No sooner had they made this decision did they start getting attacked. They Anti-Nephi-Lehis buried their weapons in order to make sure they did not break their covenant. When the attacks progressed the sons of the Anti-Nephi-Lehi came forward. They made no such vow. So they went in and defended their people at the encouragement of their mothers. None of them died. (Alma 57) People are saying you broke your vow, though you did not. But us Stripling Warriors made no such vow and we will fight and defend not only for your integrity but stand in defense for our covenant with God. We know a vow to God takes precedence to all other earthly oaths.

In closing, please accept our apology,  Senator Cruz. We support you, we love you and come November we will not stay at home, we will vote our conscience. God bless you and please don’t give up on us, we haven’t given up on you.



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