Will Brexit Get US out of the UN?

Since the Brits left the European Union on June 23rd of this year, there has been a buzz in political circles around the world. What will this mean in terms of the global economy, trade and what will Britain’s independence from the European Union mean to the Brits at home in terms of self-government? This has propelled many Americans to come up Amexit concept  as result. Americans, while having their sovereignty, still feel they are don’t truly have it because the elected officials do not truly represent their interest but that of special interest groups.

However,  Amexit is not the same for all people. Some see it as a call to succession but succession is not that easy to pull off. It has only happened once in our country’s history and even then it didn’t quite take. In reviewing the Constitution, I saw nothing that strictly forbade succession from the Union though there were parameters for the entrance of a new state. However,  Washington is not the only entity that controls us. There is also the UN and there is even a stronger movement for us to leave the UN. It has been going on for years but Brexit has brought it light once more.

In the wake of the wonderful decision by the people of the United Kingdom to #Brexit, some conservatives in Congress have decided to seize the moment and push for an #Amexit (American Exit) from the United Nations! It’s an idea that conservatives have long supported and may now grab the national imagination, as Americans seek new ways to disconnect themselves from the corrupt establishment that runs our political world. Amexit

There was actually an Act that was introduced last year called the American Sovereignty Restoration Act of 2015. The main sponsor was Mike Rogers from Alabama and it totally removes the United States from participating in the United Nations in any fashion. One thing that was particularly interesting that you may not initially think about when it comes to the United Nations is that it would remove any diplomatic immunity from those visiting our country.

Diplomatic immunity

No officer or employee of the United Nations (including any organ, specialized agency, commission or other formally affiliated body of the United Nations) or any representative, officer, or employee of any mission to the United Nations of any foreign government shall be entitled to enjoy the privileges and immunities of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations of April 18, 1961, nor may any such privileges and immunities be extended to any such individual. Govtrack

It also applies to “families, suites, or servants of such officers or employees.” (ibid) So if some sicko comes over there with some diplomatic assembly and ends up raping someone, he will be held accountable for his crimes. With the recent Hillary debacle, where the FBI refused to press charges against Hillary for deleting 30,000 emails that contained classified information, we don’t need more officials getting away with breaking the law.

If there is any time that is perfect for this bill to passed it is not. With Brexit people are realizing they need to take their countries back, their sovereignty back and though this bill was drawn up long before Brexit occurred, it does give a certain amount of revitalization that it didn’t have before. The birth of America was born on reclaiming sovereignty. So if anyone can pull this off, it is the American people. It is time, we removed ourselves from the United Nations. The United Nations has become an organization of corruption and greed.

United NationsWe have seen the Oil for Food scandal, rape squads in the Congo and terrorist nations who are a part of the organization. By our continuing support, we are saying we agree with the UN’s performance and give credence to these rogue nations as legitimate states. Just like we left the League of Nations, it is now time we also leave his successor, the United Nations. It has become an abomination to international affairs and it is also time we take some of our power back. This bill would remove us completely and totally from the United Nations, even denying any remittance to its headquarters in New York.

HR 1205 may have some true fighting power. More and more people are fed up with bureaucrats, especially those without any allegiance to our land, having the power to rule over us. Conservatives have always backed getting out of the UN for years but even those on the other side of the fence are starting to see the more we continue to ignore the corruption in all areas of public policy, the worse things get for the average American.

In a radio interview with host Vince Coakley, Representative Massie noted that the bill was not a response to Brexit, as the latest iteration of the bill was actually introduced in Congress last year. But now is a good time to move it forward. “Who would be crazy enough to stay in the United Nations and pay the majority of their funding while it’s attended by Third World dictators who are writing rules and regulations that are supposed to bind our country? After Brexit

For those who think we need to be part of the UN because it aids us in helping those who may need our assistance do not understand Americans. If there is one thing Americans are great at, it  is helping those in need. Even if we leave the United Nations that will not stop. We still have NGOs that will assist Americans in helping those outside of our borders. We don’t need a corrupt organization to help us act nobly. We are Americans, we have proven we can do it on our own.



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