Shooting in Texas, 3 Injured, 1 Dead

This past Saturday morning there was a shooting in Texas that left one woman dead and three others injured. The shooting took place in Austin. Texas has been having a considerable amount of trouble when it comes to shootings. It was only earlier this month, on the 7th, when five police officers were killed. According to Reuters, the gunman seems to be in his twenties and it is reported that the injuries of the other three shot are not life threatening.

While police were busy trying to get an angle on this case, another shooting took place at a parking garage. Initially, police thought it might be the same shooter or at least related somehow. They have come to the conclusion since that is not related and they are looking for two different gunmen.

From everything we can tell at this point through the initial investigation, these are two unrelated incidents,” Manley told reporters.

The suspect who opened fire in the parking garage was transported to a hospital for injuries he suffered when bystanders subdued him, Manley said. There were no reports of anyone being struck by bullets in that incident.

Police are still looking for the gunman in the initial case and anyone with any information should contact the Austin Police Department.


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