Doctor My Heart, Part 3

She was buzzing about trying to get everything packed for her trip to D.C. She already shipped everything ahead so it should be there by the time she landed. Adonis would be picking her from the airport. He was going to GW (or George Washington University for you laymen) as a….wait for it….political science student.  The boy who had hated politics all his life was now following his mother’s footsteps and becoming a political scientist. He also had an apartment off campus and his mother would be staying there until she found her own place. Desiree was proud. As she was getting everything

As she was getting everything ready, the phone rang. She wondered who could be calling her now. She didn’t recognize the number but answered it anyway.

“Hello,” she said most curiously.

“Are you ready?” the voice asked her.

“Dr. Kashani, is that you?”

“Who else would it be?”

MercedesDr. Kashani explained to her that he was right outside and wanted to take her to the airport. He didn’t want their last good-bye to be at a hospital. His mind went back to her graduation from UCLA. As he walking towards to the point she needed to check in, in order to walk in, he had a desire just to take her hand. Of course, that would’ve been extremely inappropriate on so many counts so he did not.

luggageDesiree came out with about four pieces of luggage. Dr. Kashani took them and put them in his trunk. She then gave him a big hug and softly whispered in his ear, “I love you and I always will.” Without missing a beat he whispered back, “Right back at you.” That was as close as he could come to telling her, I love you too.  They both got into the car.

As the car drove down the street, Desiree started to cry. She had lived there for over 20 years and now she was leaving it for good. Dr. Kashani took her hand and held it. “It is going to be okay. You are going to to do great things in D.C.” Well, that is what I am hoping anyway.”  she responded. She had dreamed about holding his hand like this ever since he was walking her down that alley of sorts, to check in for her graduation. Everything in her wanted to just to reach out and take it but as much as it hurt not to, she knew it would hurt more if she did. So she left well enough alone.

She wasn’t going to let go of his hand this time. She had wished for this moment forever, she wasn’t going to just let it end. As Dr. Kashani drove, Desiree noticed he had a look of sadness on his face. As sorry as he was to see her go, she knew that was not what he was upset about. So she asked him what was wrong?

“I know I can trust you but no one knows about this, not even my family. So I need you not to say anything.”

“I promise. Doctor-patient confidentiality works both ways.”

He chuckled, “Thank you. I just hired a full-time nurse to take care of my wife. My wife has stage four breast cancer. The doctors say she has 6 months to a year to live.”

“I am so sorry….I don’t know what to call you anymore.” she said distressed at his declaration. This seemed too personal to be a Dr. Kashani moment, but she wasn’t sure she could call him Cameron either.

“You know my name, it’s Cameron. It’s okay if you call me Cameron. It’s always been okay.”

breast cancer billboard“Okay, I am so sorry Cameron. I wish there was something that I could do.” Just then she realized she was doing something. This was not a flirtatious hand holding, this was a hanging on for dear life hand holding. His grip got tighter when she said the words, “Stage four breast cancer.” Cameron was falling apart and Desiree was the only person besides his wife he could do that with, but he couldn’t do with his wife now. She needed him to be strong but Desiree, he could be weak with her, he had seen her weakness. So it was okay to reveal his to her.

“Pull over the car, please, Cameron.” she said gently but firmly.  He did so. She then told him to get out of the car for just a second. The stood on a curb and she took his face in her hands. “When Adonis was about a year old, I took on him on a walk, and he held my face in his hands just like this. It was as if he could see right through me. I am going to try to give you the look he gave me that day. Because I want you to know how much I mean this. You are not in this alone. If everyone else turns away, you will always have me. One call and I am on a plane out here. Do you understand? No questions, no judgments, just me on a plane.”

“I understand.”

“Okay, now give me a hug. I am going to do everything possible to get  you through this.”

Tears fell from his eyes as he hugged her. When they finally pulled back from each other, she wiped his tears away. “You never have to be strong around me, you can use my strength until you get yours back.” He hugged her even tighter this time as if she was an anchor and if he let go he would start crumbling and never stop. She didn’t pull back at any time, he was going to have to be the one to let go. She didn’t want him to feel like she didn’t care. He finally let go.

“I am sorry, I didn’t mean to act like such a baby. It is just that I feel like I am losing my two best ladies. Sounds sappy I know.”

“You listen here Cameron Kashani, don’t you ever talk about my doctor like that. He is the strongest person I know, got it?”

“Got it. I love you,” he told her. He didn’t mean to say that, it just came out. However, he spoke those last three words with desperation more than a sense of romance.

“Thank you. It is nice to finally hear that. And you know I love you too. As for losing both your best girls, one is not going anywhere. And for the great love of your life, well God loves her too. He misses her and wants her to come back home. Things like this happen when you marry an angel.”

Cameron smiled a bit. He took her hand and held it for a moment. They then got back into the car and drove to the airport. And though he wanted her to stay, he didn’t ask. He wanted her to achieve her dreams, not live through his nightmare. He took her hand one last time and said, “We are both going to be okay.”

“Yes, we will. That’s a promise.”

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