My Apologies to Civil Rights Heroes

Dear Martin, Medgar, and Rosa,

Let me offer my utmost apologies for the current “civil rights” movement that has overtaken our country. These people are not you. They are not even Malcolm X who had his own issues with White people but later learned to work with them. These people are thugs. Martin, you spent time in jail but you were trying to correct laws that punished you simply for being Black. Rosa, you were taken off the bus for not giving up your seat to a White man but  there is more to you than tired feet. You were working for the NAACP  and trying to get justice for rape cases long before your feet became iconic for their refusal not to be moved. Medgar, you were just straight up killed for trying to bring justice to people everywhere.

The difference between you and Black Lives Matter today is that you were fighting for all people. Martin, you wanted your four children to be judged by the content of their character and not the color of their skin. However, a man named Obama changed that. He thinks Blacks should not be held accountable for their own action. People talk about microaggression and other liberal, nonsensical words. They talk about a war on women but ignore that Black babies are being aborted to the tune of 60 percent. So every three out of five pregnancies end in abortion for the Black woman. They don’t have time to remember the Tamiah Russells, the Deanna Bells and the Belinda Byrds of the world. They are just dead black girls and women and don’t figure into the Left’s war on women. The destruction of our race is a choice!

Black Lives Matter doesn’t care about the genocide is abortion. They just care about defending criminals. These are not men who were seen looking at a White woman and labeled with the utterly ridiculous “eye rape” charge. Even back then everything was about rape with these people. No,these are actual criminals who have harmed people. These are robbers, armed and otherwise, these are people who kill cops, people who gun down their neighbors, and instead of standing for the victims, they stand for the those who wish to destroy them. These are not children of God, this is Satan’s children. I don’t say that flippantly but with immense sadness. If you watch Empire (which I confess is a guilty pleasure of mine) you will see a father who simply despises God and when his son is baptized into the church he ends up resenting his son for choosing God over him. While that may only be a show, it also reflects what is going on in the Black household. God is being pushed out for mammon. Black Lives Matter doesn’t use the church to change the world as you did. They despise the church and all earthly morals.

You will be happy to know Martin that your niece, Alveda King carries on your dream the way you did. She does it with respect, honor and peacefully calling to attention the plight that is abortion. Abortion has wiped out 3 of 5 members of our community and Alveda lets people know the truth about the reality that is abortion. She is a tribute to your legacy, Martin. I know when you look down upon her life, you must be proud of what she has become and she has achieved in her own right. So while I apologize for the Black Lives Matter movement, I don’t apologize for the Alveda Kings of the world, they are doing things the right way, the moral way, the godly way.






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