Doctor My Heart Part 2

She stood at the altar all dressed in white, the white gown beautifully contrasting her chocolate skin. He stood beside her, his white tuxedo made him seem almost angelic. They turned and looked at each other. His gaze penetrated her soul. She seemed almost unable to breathe. He took her hands and gently pulled her close to him. She was almost touching his body. Their gaze didn’t break, it was held in place by the love that exuded from them.

She turned for only a moment. She heard the minister begin to speak. It was Jesus! No, it couldn’t be Jesus, it had to be someone who just looked like Jesus. As she continued to hear him speak, she was certain it was Jesus and not his look-alike. Jesus was marrying them. Maybe it was a dream. It didn’t feel like a dream. It felt real. She could feel his soft and gentle hands on hers.

“So are you ready?” Dr. Kashani asked.

“Ready for what?” Desiree asked very nervously.

“To marry me, silly. Jesus, our Lord and Saviour has consented to marry us.”

“But you are Jewish. You don’t believe he is our Lord and Saviour.”

“I didn’t down there on Earth, that is true. But this is Heaven and only an idiot wouldn’t believe.He is who has always said he is. I believe. So are you ready?”

“But your wife, you had a wife down there.”

“I did. Now she is married to someone else up here. Her true love. And I am about to marry my true love if she will finally consent.”

“Of course, I will marry you. I just wanted to make sure I could.”

“The fact that Jesus is marrying us should be a clue, it was okay. But I understand.” Dr. Kashani said as he laughed.

They embraced and she just wanted to hold him for all time and eternity. Then she remembered she was marrying her true love in heaven, she would be able to hold him for all time and eternity. Before either of them could let go a strong gust of wind began to pull them apart. For the first time since she had known Dr. Kashani she referred to him his first name, screaming it with all the ferocity of an angry lion, she hollered, “CAMERON!!!!

“DESIREE!!!!!! HOLD ON!!!!! DON’T LET GO!!!!” Dr. Kashani yelled. He couldn’t lose her now. They just had found each other again. He had spent his whole life keeping his feelings about Desiree at bay. Now for once, he was able to be free with how much he loved this woman. The wind was too strong and they couldn’t hold on to each other.

CAAAAAAAAAAA MMMMMMMMMMERRRRROOOOOONNNNNNNN!!!!”Desiree yelled as her hands slipped away.

Just then she began writhing in her bed. Dr. Kashani wasn’t sure that she wasn’t having a seizure. She then let out a piercing howl, “CAAAAAAAMMMMMMERRRRROOOOONNNNN! Come back to me Cameron!” Her eyes immediately opened. Dr. Kashani was right beside her. He hadn’t left her side since she went into a coma a week ago after hearing about her brother. He began talking to her, “I am right here, Desiree. It is going to be okay. Let me go get the doctor.”

“No!!!!” she told him, still in a daze from the day. She then took him and kissed him. It took a second or two but he pushed her away.

“What was that?”

“Oh my goodness. I am so sorry. Where am I?” she asked. She was very embarrassed  by the kiss.

“You are in the hospital. You have been in a coma since hearing about your brother.”

“How is he????? Please tell me he is okay. I can’t lose my other brother. I just can’t!”

“He is fine. Lorraine is there with him. We made a deal she would keep an eye on him and I would keep an eye on you. He is getting released today. So what was that kiss for?”

“I’m sorry. I guess I was dreaming. We were in heaven and we were about to get married. Then I got pulled away from you. We were screaming for each other and trying to hold on. I guess when I saw you, I thought you were Cameron, not Dr. Kashani.”

“What does that mean?” he asked her.

“I mean up in heaven you were my true love, Cameron. Down here you are my married doctor. I just got the perfect fantasy of you mixed up with the reality. Please forgive me.”

“I forgive you. Of course, you know that can never happen again.”

“I know. I am sorry. Please don’t tell your wife what a fool I was.”

“It will be our secret,” he told her. He then leaned over and hugged her. As he hugged her he thought to himself, ‘maybe one day that fantasy will be the reality. I can never tell you this Desiree, but I do love you.’                                                                                                                                            

As he pulled away, sadness overtook him. Now that she was okay she would be going to D.C. He was going to lose her anyway. He had spent more time with her here,  while she was in a coma, then even at home this past week. He bent down and kissed her on the forehead.

“Since you gave me a kiss, I figured I would give you one. Now we are even. Let me go get the doctor.”

Desiree just smiled as he left the room.

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