Conversing with God

cropped-cropped-cropped-cropped-img_20120122_1323411.jpgThis conversation started yesterday on Facebook but the post ended up getting lost. However, the Spirit told me that conversation needed to be shared not just as a random post but as something more. My conversations are my prayers and they deal with a variety of issues but this conversation dealt with God himself. He definitely had some things to say so we will restore that conversation so people will have the opportunity to learn a thing or two about our amazing Heavenly Father.

Me: God, I hope I haven’t talked too much to you in the last few days.

God: Dena, how is that even a thing? You can never talk to me too much. I love hearing from all my children.

Me:Good because I like talking to you too. Except this time I want to talk about you.

God: Not a problem. Go ahead.

Me: Tell me, what is the best part of being you?

prayerGod: People like you. People who truly worship me. And not in that “He is Heavenly Father so I must fall to my knees or I will get punished” kind of way. But people who serve their fellow man because they have felt My presence in their life and they want to share that with others. Having that connection to them, that is the most amazing part. You know what I am talking about, we have that connection. It is just as indescribable to me as it is to you.

Me: What is the most difficult part of being you?

God: The hatred. The hatred of me, my commandments, my Son, my gospel but most of all the hatred you guys have for one another. To sit there and watch as you guys destroy each other does more than just make me angry, it hurts me to my very core. Of course, to see my Son vilified the way He has also hurt deeply. He gave up everything for you guys and yet His name is constantly drug through the mud. The hate on this planet is almost tangible. You can almost reach out your hand and touch it. It is the most difficult part because most of the time there is no reason for the hate, it is just there.

Me: I agree the hate on this planet is overwhelming. But you mentioned Jesus, so let’s talk about him. You said it is difficult to see how vilified he has become. It must’ve been extremely difficult to watch him die. What was that like for you?

Jesus StatueGod: It was the most unbearable thing I have ever had to go through. People think because I am omniscient that somehow that means I am devoid of feeling or getting lost in a single moment. That is not the case, just because I know what is to come doesn’t mean I don’t have the capacity to feel pain about an event that is presently occurring. When Jesus died, the world went black because that is how I felt, black and empty. Watching my son be beaten, tortured and crucified didn’t hurt less because I knew in three days he would be resurrected. When He was going through that, in my heart and mind, those three days were lightyears away, there was just him hanging on a cross. When he did resurrect, there was so much joy. Then I knew everything was alright and when He ascended to Heaven, well that was more than happiness, joy or peace. It was completeness. My son was Home.

Me: Being that the Plan of Salvation called for the death of your Son, why give us Christ? Why not just let us die in our sins?

God: I didn’t give you Christ. Jesus or rather Yeshua, loved his brothers and sisters so much that He decided to sacrifice himself for you. The Plan of Salvation was His plan, not mine. I didn’t want my son to die. I didn’t want any of my children to die. But I could not refuse his act of honor and love. I knew it had to be His way. His way allowed all of you to make a decision to follow Christ or not and in doing so finding your way back to me. However,  it was the “or not” part that worried me. That meant I could potentially lose some of my children. I didn’t want that. I loved all of you, but I also knew I couldn’t force you to come back home. That would make you my slaves and not my children. The thought that some of you would turn from me broke my heart, but I had to allow you the choice and risk losing you altogether.

Me: I am a mother, I get it. It is not always easy to do the right thing for your children. Thank you for sharing this with us, do you think it will change how people see you?

God: Truthfully, no. People who see me as this cold, unfeeling entity will still see me that. People who see me as this mean, scary God they are forced to worship will still see me that way. People, like you, who are open to the idea that I am not what the world paints of me, well they won’t be surprised. The Bible is my Word. I gave that to you so you would have a clearer understanding of who I was. It was my guidebook to this life. And it was to help forge a connection between us. It is a necessary and vital part of understanding me but it is not the only part of me. And it is not completely me.

Me: Do you ever wish you could stop being God? I know for human beings, when things get too rough, we have you to go to. We can wish ourselves to Heaven and imagine a better world with you. But what do you? Where do you go?

God: Even if I could stop being God, I don’t know how to do it. So now I don’t wish I could stop. That would mean leaving all you and I love all of you to much to leave. As for where I go, just wherever I want to. If Heaven is not where I want to be, there are infinitesimal other worlds I can go to. In fact, Heaven is not exactly one place, it is wherever I am. I can always hear you guys, I can always answer your prayers no matter where I am.

Me: One last question. Since my whole world revolves around politics, I want to know. Are you political?

God: If you mean am I Republican or Democrat? No. I don’t limit myself by such insignificant titles. However, if you mean do I have a say in what I think is good for all my children, even in terms of public policy, then yes. And you can find those answers in the Bible, the Book of Mormon, etc. I don’t hide what I think needs to be done to have a good, happy and fulfilled life. For instance, do children need a mother and a father? Yes. Do children always have a mother and a father? No, but you don’t smash the ideal simply because not everyone has it. Do I care about marriage? Yes. I set it up so man and woman would be equal partners in the creation of the world. Should anyone be able to marry anyone? No, I gave you parameters for a reason to say they are not important will be your downfall. Does sin still exist? Yes. Should it be glorified and held up as normal? No. If you want more answers than that, read your Scriptures.

Me: Thank you for answering these questions. I love you, God.

God: I love you too, Dena and thank you for taking time to learn about me. I love it.





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