From Dallas to Baton Rouge

CBS NewsJust as we were all getting back to normal after the Dallas police shootings and the terrorist attack in Nice, we are now learning about 3 police officers who were killed in the line of duty in Baton Rogue, Louisiana. The shooting took place early Sunday morning. Cops were not the only hurt in this morning’s melee, another three were also injured.

Baton Rouge has been under a lot of tension these past few weeks. It is in large part to a police shooting of a black man named Alton Sterling, who was pinned to the ground by the police and eventually shot. “Last week, police arrested and identified three young people who they say plotted to kill Baton Rouge cops using guns stolen from a pawn shop. Law enforcement said at a conference they believe it to be a substantial and credible threat on police officers in the Baton Rouge area.” CBS News

So far there has been no connection the BLM movement, however,  over 200 protesters were arrested over the weekend. They were protesting the killing of Alton Sterling. The mayor has said that the killings were “unspeakable and unjustified” on his Twitter account. We will keep you informed as more information becomes available.




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