Obama is Kickin’ (People Off Planes That Is)

Cartoon by William Warren-Americans for Limited Government

Obama’s campaign has told three reporters not to come back on his plane to finish out the campaign.
” According to Drudge, reporters from the New York Post, Washington Times, and Dallas Morning News — all papers that endorsed John McCain — are being asked to move out by Sunday to make room for “network bigwigs,” documentary filmmakers, and possibly reporters from two black magazines, Essence and Jet.” http://www.onenewsnow.com/Election2008/Default.aspx?id=305726

Obviously Obama doesn’t want anyone who thinks for themselves and might ask questions he doesn’t want to answer. Oh yeah, this is the guy we want for President. Obama just keeps giving more and more reasons to doubt his capabilities as a leader. Not to mention, his mental facilities seem not to be too sharp. You don’t tick off three reporters from three major papers four days before an election. The man has no common sense.  Moreover, it shows how petty he is by only eliminating the ones who have shown support for John McCain.  He could’ve used this opportunity to change their minds and get three more votes, but instead he told them to hit the road.  What a guy! I can see why Michelle loves him so, who wouldn’t love someone so warm and friendly? LOL

Obama’s Trick or Treat

Is there any scarier sight than seeing Obama showiing up at your front door? Happy Halloween to everyone out there and remember it is four more days until we pick a new President! Get out and vote. Those in California-vote Yes on 4 and 8. Vote no on Proposition 5. If you are in San Francisco, vote no on K. Everyone go out and have fun because if Obama wins, it will be a long time since you will again.


Cartoon by Michael Ramirez.

Isn’t it nice when you are not accountable for anything? Now if you want someone with the intellect of a five year old running the country you could always vote for my son-he’s a real five year old! Yet even he knows basic concepts like the truth, good vs. evil and that there is no good reason to kill a baby. Now if a five year old can get those things, don’t understand why grown folks like Obama can’t!

My Psalm to the Conservative

I am so sick of conservatives being the whipping boy for Prozac-laden, neurotic liberals who have nothing better to do with their lives then to beat up on conservatives. To quote Jimmy Stewart in “A Wonderful Life:

George: Do you know how long it takes a working man to save five thousand dollars? Just remember this, Mr. Potter, that this rabble you’re talking about. They do most of the working and paying and living and dying in this community. Well, is it too much to have them work and pay and live and die in a couple of decent rooms and a bath? Anyway, my father didn’t think so. People were human beings to him, but to you, a warped, frustrated old man, they’re cattle. Well, in my book, he died a much richer man than you’ll ever be. [I wanted to put the whole quote because it is too poignant to edit]

And that my friends is how liberals view conservatives-as rabble, as cattle. They are the Mr. Potters of the world. They are warped and frustrated and without conscience or heart. So I sing the praises of the conservative man and woman out there. The one who is working and paying and living and dying. The ones who give up their time to help out in their community even when there are no photographers around and it is not Christmas. The ones who give their shirts off their back because someone else needs it more. The ones who enlist in the military to preserve our freedom. The conservatives-I salute you!

Liberals like to act like they are more intelligent, more enlightened but despite their many degrees the proof of their intelligence is sorely lacking. It is the conservatives, the ones still searching for the mysteries of God, that broaden our minds. It is Sir Isaac Newtons and even Einstein who admitted to a belief in God that have changed our world. Oh no, don’t discount the genius of the conservative mind. We are more in touch with science because we are in touch with God, not despite Him. Conservatives are seekers of the truth, while liberals seek only what feels good now. The conservative is by no means feeble-minded and is not blinded by the philosophies of men. For as Hebrew National says: We answer to a Higher Authority. Yes, the conservative is fluent in the language of righteousness even when he, himself, falters. We cling to this language, for we know there is no one greater. The conservative is by no means a “dumb hillbilly” but a humble servant. Our knowledge comes from the Creator and not myths of men. To the brilliant conservatives-I humbly bow before you.

Philanthropy-no one does it better. It is our calling. It is part of our generous nature, not because we are generous by nature-liberals prove that but because it is bestowed on us through Him. When Katrina hit, it wasn’t the ACLU first on the scene-it was the conservatives, the Christians, the God-fearing men and women who made sure people had a place to go, food to eat, clothes to wear. While the ingrates were belly-aching about the government and FEMA, the church, the conservatives, those dreaded “bigots” were down in Louisiana helping out the Black community. When the liberals were talking about saving pond scum or other such nonsense, it was the conservative women who were beating the drum about Dafur. Only when it became fashionable did the liberals jump on the bandwagon but by then the conservatives were already doing what they could to stop the sex slave trade in Dafur!

So while the liberals are busy aborting and starving the Third World-conservatives are over there educating them, helping them and applauding their efforts to eradicate the AIDS problem-not by throwing worthless condoms at them but by teaching them the value of their bodies and of their souls. While liberals continually berate the Gospel of Jesus Christ, nothing has done more to bring people out of poverty than all the liberal social programs put together. Then again Jesus never saw material poverty as that big an issue, it was the poverty of the soul he was worried about. Jesus-the original Transformer. For no one can transform a life more than he-conservatives know this. For at the heart of most conservatives is a former heathen who has been transformed by his power. While liberals abhor self-reliance, conservatives relish it. It is their most cherished possession. They seek to pass it on. It is the conservative who created the American Dream and the ones who still seek to share it with all who are willing to sacrifice for it.

Yes, the conservative man and woman are bus drivers, janitors, nurses, teachers and everything else under the sun but they also have the ability to shine-to entertain.  For the conservative entertainer shows us life the way no one else does yet somehow staying grounded. Trisha Yearwood finds a way to sing about love and heartache without going into rehab every other day. Tim MacGraw doesn’t find himself in Star because he is cheating on Faith. Oh yes, our stars have much more gratitude, you don’t hear Garth Brooks whining about how he doesn’t get paid enough. You don’t see Toby Keith writing slave across his face. Oh no, these are down to earth, genuine people. These are our stars. We relate to them because their music is more than just vulgar messages about “slangin’ cane” and killing cops. It is about our very humanity.

Conservatives come in all colors. They are Black like me. They are White, they are Hispanic, they are everyone who doesn’t buy into the victim mentality. They are the true winners. They birth the kids and not from test tubes, they run the PTA, they are this country’s backbone. They are poor, they are rich, they are everything in between. Money doesn’t make you a conservative-ideals do. Power doesn’t make you an conservative-values do. It is the shared mission that binds us all together and creates real diversity, not the artificial concept put forth by liberals. We are brothers and sisters, mothers and daughters, fathers and sons. We are family. We are conservatives and I am so proud to be one. God bless each and every one of you for all you do to make this country great. It couldn’t be done without you…..and the liberals know it!

Originally posted on Progressive U on June 30, 2008.

Barack and Potential Voter Fraud

If it wasn’t enough that Barack has ties to ACORN who has been caught and is now being investigated for voter fraud, he is now decided to do it on his own. He has this video up at his site:

In it Barack encourages everyone to take the day off from work and school and get out to vote. He also encourages people to make calls, knock on doors and get out the vote. There are many problems with this messages as it encourages potential voter fraud-how so?

1) It is illegal for employers to prevent an employee from voting. Therefore there is no need to take the day off-it is already the law that employers make sure that the employees have enough time in their schedule to go vote. It is not about voting anyway, it is about campaigning for Barack! Employers do not have to give you time off to campaign for a candidate. Let’s take it to the logical conclusion-what if everyone did as Barack said and just took the day off. What happens if the police decided to come down with “blue flu” on Nov 4 so they could campaign for Barack-what happens to the public safety!? What if every doctor, nurse and orderly decided to also take the day off-who will take care of the sick and injured? Basically public safety, commerce and your own livelihood is not as important to Barack as getting him in office! How selfish is that?

2) It is illegal to do any electioneering within one hundred feet of a polling place which means knocking on doors in many areas is illegal. It is where I live, I live within one hundred feet of a polling place which means if any Barack volunteers come a knocking I will be on the phone to the police, media and whomever else I can get to listen for Barack’s campaign actively breaking election laws!

3) The polls are open from 7am until about 8 or 9pm at night. Therefore, there is no reason for people to take the day off work because the polls are open long enough for people to vote before work, after work or during their lunch hour. The same with those in school. There is no reason for them to talk to their professor, why should a scheduled test or other assignment be put off so you can campaign for Barack? Some classes only meet once a week, so if you miss that class you are losing a lot of material covered. Why should professors have repeat material for you? You could’ve voted before class or after it. There is no legitimate reason to rearrange anyone’s schedule for Election Day. The polls are open early enough and close late enough that everyone can have the opportunity to vote if they want! In fact, those in California already get an additional one to three hours of voting just based on our time zone. When polls across the country are already closed California and the rest of the West Coast are still voting!

4) Next, the video says you can’t make history from your couch. Ever hear of absentee ballots! You vote right from your own home. What about all those absentee ballots for Barack, they are not making history I guess. The absentee ballot gets treated like the stepchild of the election process. However, those who vote absentee want to make sure their vote is going to count. They should be applauded not treated like second class voters. It goes on to say you can’t make history from your cubicle. Again that is the arrogance of Obama saying your job is not nearly as important than getting him elected. Your education is not nearly as important as getting him elected. That is truly disgraceful.

5) Lastly, something Barack obviously didn’ think of the poll workers are workers too. Should they take the day off too? Then how are you going to vote? The whole message is rife with self-interest, not the interest of the American people. How about those who are barely making ends meet and cannot afford to take the day off, should they take it off anyway and risk losing rent money to do so? The whole things smacks of elitism. You should be willing to sacrifice your family, your income, whatever it takes because I am worth it. Yes, people should vote on Election Day, this is the most important election we have ever had. Yes, people need time off for work to vote, but not the whole day. I have never heard any other candidate ever say skip work and vote for me instead. Obama obviously doesn’t care who he hurts and it is time we took him down a peg. So yes get out and vote on November 4th. Just don’t vote for Barack because if he doesn’t care for you before the election he is not going to care for you after it.

Obama Vs. Dena

I have decided since I will probably never meet this harbinger of evil, this man of lies that I would have my say with him with a fake interview.

Obama puts out his hand for me to shake.

Dena: No thank you. Let’s not pretend we are remotely friendly.

We take a seat.

Obama: So Dena, what is it about me you don’t like?

Dena: Where do I start? You stance on abortion is incredibly heartless. Letting babies die that have survived a botched abortion, there is nothing more diabolical than that, and yet you voted to continue that practice. You refused to listen to testimony of Jill Stanek who had seen it firsthand. You actually attacked Gianna Jessen a survivor of a botched abortion to save face. From what I have seen there is nothing you won’t do, anyone you won’t hurt to get the Presidency. You’re a parasite.

Obama: You don’t even know me, who are you to make such a judgment?

Dena: A registered voter. It is not only my job to judge those in public office, it is my duty. My job is to research the truth and then to put the person who most closely matches my values into office. If I don’t do that then I have no business voting. More importantly, I will have to explain to God Almighty why I put someone I knew to be anti-family, anti-child and pretty much anti-God, despite your declaration otherwise, into office.

Obama: You know it is terrible to see a Black woman trying to tear down a Black man. We should be working together.

Dena: Don’t try that on me. I am against you not because you are Black, I don’t like Nancy Pelosi either and it is not because she is a White woman. My mother was a White woman….both of them. My problem is your politics. My problem is that you are willing to let Black children die via abortion, never mind that 60 percent of our people don’t make it out of the womb, you don’t care. I am against you because you are against my right to educate my child the way I see fit. I am against you because you care more about illegal invaders than you do American citizens. I love Alan Keyes, he is a Black man and he has far more scruples than you ever will.

Obama: You know I beat Alan Keyes in this last Senate race.

Dena: All that proves is that you are a better liar than he is. Obviously, they didn’t want someone with integrity, I was crushed when I heard you won the race over him. I will give you this, you come off so affable, so charming, it is easy to get swept up in your deceptively easy going ways. But you are a mass manipulator, you know how to play people. That is all your doing and darling you can’t hustle a hustler. I too know how to turn on the charm, I have a smile like you wouldn’t believe, if I was still that way I could get my way anytime I wanted. That is what I see in you.

Obama: You sound so self-righteous, none of us are perfect you know.

Dena: There is a difference though between me and you, Obama. When I do something stupid I am willing to admit my mistake, you on the other hand, are not. It is all about the spin with you. You remind of my five year old, he takes responsibility for nothing but he has an excuse-he’s five. What’s yours? Lastly, my past is not up for discussion. I am not running for President-you are.

Obama: You know Dena, it is people like you who are ruining this country. You are more concerned about other people’s business than you are your own.

Dena: You’re right, I get into other people’s business when they are killing innocent children. I get into other people’s business when they try to indoctrinate my son into their lifestyle. I get into other people’s business when real discrimination is pushed aside for a bunch of whiny malcontents. I get into other people’s business when they are entering my country illegally, you bet I get into other’s people’s business and I will not apologize for it. You see I care about this country, I care about children. I care about everyone you don’t because I am not some snobby elitist who thinks the poor are just waiting around for me to improve their lives. I believe in divine nature of Man, you don’t even know what that is.

Obama: You think you have some kind of monopoly on loving this country? Well you don’t! I love it too that is why I want the troops to get of Iraq and come home where they belong. And finally free up enough troops to go to Afghanistan so we can finally end Osama Bin Laden’s reign of terror.

Dena: So basically you want another Vietnam is that it? People who risked their life to protect our country were spit on and called baby killers upon their return. You have people like Code Pink vandalizing Marine recruiting offices and did you speak out about it? No, you did not. Why because people like that are your base supporters. Did you speak out when the Berkeley City Council called the Marines “an uninvited and unwelcome intruder?” Once again you were silent. Why didn’t you side with the Marines, why didn’t you have their back? And you expect me to believe you love this country? Sell it to someone else.

Obama: I can’t keep track of every incident that goes on with anti-war protesters.

Dena: Of course you can’t. Especially when you are the liberal’s Anointed One. Never mind the rest of the country knew about it, we can’t expect the future president to know such things.

Obama: You know what? I got an election to win, I don’t have time for this nonsense.

Dena: Of course you don’t, after all I am just a voter. I am just the reason you have a job at all. I am just your boss. But you go ahead and leave, I know all I need to and I will do everything within my power as your employer to see that you are fired. Bye Barack, it’s been real.

Barack gets up and walks away and so ends our interview.

Racism and Obama

A few months ago a poll came out saying many White people weren’t going to vote for simply because he was Black. And even though that thought sickens me as a Black woman, this is one time where I am almost hoping it is true. If hating Black folks will keep this evil man out of office then so be it. If hating Black folks actually means protecting them from the likes of Obama who seemingly doesn’t mind that the Black population is being eliminated through abortion, then all the better. Isn’t it ironic that the people who might actually end up saving the Black population are the people who hate us the most?

Now sure there are plenty of White people who are not voting for Obama because of his stance on abortion, the gay agenda, school choice, his ties with anti-American radicals like Bill Ayers and Jeremiah Wright, and a myriad of other legitimate reasons. These are the people who haven’t fallen prey to his slick way of talking. The ones who see through his worn out rhetoric of hope and change.

Of course, being Black and not voting for Obama is deemed the highest form of racism there is. Michelle Obama in an interview agreed with the reporter when the reporter claimed that some Black people are not voting for Obama because they don’t think he can win. Well, Michelle there are many Black people who have “woken up” to your husband’s seedy past and his lying ways and will not be voting for him because of his character! There are Blacks who will not be voting for him because they want school choice, they want women to get real help with problem pregnancies and not dragged down to the nearest abortion clinic, they want jobs here and not shipped overseas, they want not to be told to learn Spanish or else, they want marriage between one man and one woman….period and get rid of all this fake marriage stuff like domestic partnerships, civil unions or as I had a “holy union.” They want America!

So because I want those things, because I want the borders closed and pronto and immigration laws followed, I am a traitor. Because I think sending my kid to a prison called public school is nothing more than preparing him to a be a future inmate, I am wrong! The irony of the situation is the racist one in this campaign is not the dreaded “White man” but Obama himself. He knew the bigotry that came from his Reverend’s mouth every week, claimed he could never disown him and then when the heat got too hot did just that. I once went to the famous FAME church in Los Angeles, I saw Rosa Parks there that day. But the day I went C. Cecil Murray was pastoring and the cruelty that emanated from his sermon made decide never again to visit his church. His basic message that day in church was-the mentally ill can’t be saved by Jesus Christ. I am sorry Rev. Murray, I didn’t know you made decisions for Christ in whom he can and cannot save and considering I was “mentally ill” and the only person who ever never gave up on me was Christ-I knew he was wrong. I walked out of that church and vowed to never return. I never did. I heard that dreadful, hateful speech on the one day I decided to attend, are you going to tell me Obama went every week and never heard Rev. Wright’s comments prior-I am mentally ill not retarded!

Obama then went on to call his own grandmother, the one who raised him after his mother decided to bail, racist. He gave an example of her clutching her purse to her side when she saw a black man. Dude, unless you are a woman-you don’t get it! Every woman does that when a guy she thinks is scary approaches her, it is part of our reflex. I know I have done it with Black men, White men, Hispanic men, not too many Asians, they seem less scary somehow. I have sat down next to a White skinhead on the bus and prayed the whole time I was in that seat that he wasn’t going to kill me. He had a Bible in his head and that scared me more. I knew how they often twisted the word of God to legitimize their hatred. I was paralyzed with fear but I wasn’t going to let him know, so I sat there. And you can bet I was clutching my bag close to me. Whenever I see someone who looks like a cholo or some kind of gangbanger, I make no eye contact and go into protection mode. Nine times out of ten it had nothing to do with the color of the man’s skin but his overall appearance that made his grandmother react that way. But to Obama she is a racist.

Yet somehow because Obama is Black his racism is overlooked. The truth is Obama gives plenty of reasons for people of all colors not to vote for him and not one of them has to do with his skin color but the “content of his character.” Or in Obama’s case the lack thereof. There is no responsibility for his actions. Joe Biden has already warned us should Obama get elected he is headed for an international crisis, hmmm sounds like another 9/11 is underway, one that he won’t be able to handle. Of course, when I told a friend of mine that prior to Joe’s speech, I was crazy. After all, I am just some uneducated, ghetto, single mother what do I know? I know this if America is intent on self-destructing, they have picked the right man to do the job and that is not racism-that is just a fact!

Barack is Anti-American

Barack Obama is anti American

Barack Obama is anti American

Rep. Michele Bachmann may be hesitant to call Barack Obama anti-American but I am not. If that impugns his character-too bad! The man’s character not only needs impugning it needs strict analyzing before we put such a man in the most important office in our land!

Trust me if I was hanging around former domestic terrorists like Bill Ayers, do you know how fast my son would be taken from me? Before I could even say boo-Adonai would be in some foster home somewhere! Yet because it is Obama, we have to excuse such associations. The man voted for infanticide! How much more radical can you get! Not only did he vote for it once, not twice but four times! NARAL didn’t have a problem with the Born Alive Infant Protection Act but Obama did! When NARAL is the voice of sanity, something is wrong somewhere!

Obama sends his children to a private school. So his choice is secure but he does not want other parents to enjoy the same right to choose their school as he does! This doesn’t sound anti-American to you! For instance, in order for me to get my kid into a good school, my home school must be failing. They are given two years to be considered “failing” or what they call “program improvement” schools. At that point I can fill out an application for my child to be moved, I must pick one program, Magnet school, public with transportation or public school choice. At that point I get to “choose” what school I want him to attend but they might not have seats in that school and then I am given two choices, if I don’t choose one of those two-well that’s it! And this what is called “Public School Choice!!” Give me a break! Even with this so called choice-parents are not told it even exists until your kid is already in a failing school and unless you happen to be able to attend their parent committee meetings which take place during the day when most parents are unable to attend! It is disgraceful.

This is a man who refused to place his hand over heart when the pledge of allegiance was being uttered. But oh he loves America….NOT! This is a man who said all of us need to learn Spanish and stop expecting the illegals to speak English. But he is patriotic…..NOT! Here’s some Spanish for you Obama. Usted es estupido! Or how about this “Usted es el hijo del Diablo.” You like that Spanish Obama? If your cerebro wasn’t completely muerte maybe then I could take you seriously. Okay that’s enough Spanish for now.

Then you have the Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac debacle. Obama received over $150,000 from the two agencies. He was integral in getting America into the situation we are in now and then turns around and has the audacity to blame Bush and McCain along with the Republican party for housing crisis. When it was Bush and the Republican trying to thwart it in the first place. In the ‘inner city’ we have a name for a man like that-a hustler, a ‘playa’ someone who tries to get over on you.  Obama is a con-man.  He is nothing more then a more “educated” version of Eddie Murphy’s character in “Distinguished Gentleman.” The difference is Jeff Johnson in the movie came to have remorse for pulling his biggest con on the American people, Obama shows no such remorse.  Let me tell you if I was receiving six figure kickbacks from the Howdy Doody Good Time Puppetry Association so that the poor could have puppets, you better believe I would be investigated! Especially if I was trying to force schools to buy puppets instead of books or computers.  If I had done what basically amounts to extortion in the private sector, I would be jailed but the government does it and it is somehow okay.

And let’s not forget the Chicago slums he is personally responsible for.  He authored legislation that gave federal subsidies to slum projects.  It is one thing to offer low-cost housing.  It is quite another to have virtually no oversight over these projects (excuse the pun) and then turn a deaf ear when problems are brought to your attention.   There are a lot of angry, Blacks in Chicago who won’t be voting for Obama.  Go to http://www.nowpublic.com/world/black-republicans-radio-ad-obama-slum-lord to get more details about it.

Oh yes, the man’s character definitely needs impugning.  I find it repugnant that people like McCain and the rest of the Republican are afraid to call him what he is-a communist,  a liberal,  anti-American.  He is a cancer on this great land.  We need to start showing some backbone.  Obviously I don’t hate Obama because he is Black, I hate what he stands for.  I hate that he called babies of unwed teenage mothers-a punishment.  [And if it goes for teen mothers, it probably stands to reason all babies of all unwed mothers are punishment as well.]  I hate that he voted to allow babies to die.  I hate that he hangs around with terrorists and other radical anti-American nutjobs.  I hate that both him and Michelle think that the poor are just waiting for them to come along and “improve” our lives because we are incapable of doing it ourselves.  I hate that Michelle’s college thesis is no more than elitist snobbery at its most grandiose! Mostly, I hate that with an Obama presidency our rights will be stripped away and I can’t let that happen.  Michelle once said, Blacks are waking up, and she is right.  We are waking up not the false promises and lies of Obama, but we are waking up to the truth of what an Obama presidency will do to our people, our nation and we are not willing to let it happen.

If I Was President

1) I would penalize large corporations who ship jobs overseas. I would make it more profitable to train young, bright, ambitious American workers than to do business overseas. I would protect American jobs and American interests. I would also stop bailing out every country that goes through some calamity. If their country is unable to help them, that is unfortunate but I would not spend America’s money on helping those in foreign countries. If American churches, businesses and individuals wish to do charitable acts overseas, it is entirely within their rights and such charity would be encouraged. However, America is not the world’s babysitter and is not responsible for countries other than its own.

2) I would overturn Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton and codify the unborn in the 14th amendment. I would abolish all abortion clinics, jail abortionists for breaking mandatory reporting laws and build respectable crisis pregnancy clinics that will help women (and men) become better parents to their children. I would promote adoption and develop treatment centers and support groups for those who suffer from post abortion syndrome and need help. College campuses caught coercing women into getting an abortion would be fined through the nose and the individual responsible in that case would face jail time.

3) I would enact the Federal Marriage Amendment and protect traditional marriage. I would remove all fraudulent and counterfeit forms of marriage (domestic partnerships, civil unions, etc). Such unions would not receive the same benefits or recognition accorded to marriage. Those simply cohabitating would not be eligible to receive benefits from their partner’s employer unless the employee agrees to cover 100% the cost of doing so. Same sex couples can still leave their partner an inheritance in their will, could still visit their partner in the hospital and live their life accordingly but they would under no circumstance be allowed to marry or to adopt children.

4) I would look into off shore drilling and allow ANWR to be utilized for such drilling. I would ban CFLs until the risk of toxic exposure from a broken bulb was eliminated. I would undo all the arbitrary global warming laws both on the books now and would veto any that came across my desk. Such regulations intrude on the individual’s right to choose (have you noticed pro-choicers are all for choosing to kill a child but choose an incandescent light bulb or a half decent school for your child-NEVER!!!!) and in the end do more harm than good. Until the science could be 100% confirmed that global warming not only exists but is indeed manmade and not a natural cycle of Mother Earth, no legislation that forced citizens and business to use certain products would be passed.

5) School prayer would once again be allowed and any school wishing to pray before, during or after school would not suffer repercussions. The Bible once again would be allowed in the classroom, along with the Ten Commandments, the pledge of allegiance and everything that has been stripped from the public schools. Any teacher wishing to use the Bible in regards to their particular subject could do so without fear of losing their job. Those of other faiths would be allowed to share them and could bring their Scriptures in to share with their classmates. One does not learn acceptance of others by segregation but by integrating those of different backgrounds, faiths, and cultures together. Homeschooling would be encouraged and rewarded. Any state official bringing unfounded charges against a homeschooler would be severely penalized including long jail terms. In order to restore education to the parents and the people, I would suspend all federal monies going to public education. Since the federal government’s involvement in education started in the 1970’s education has deteriorated not improved.

6) I would close the borders. If you didn’t come here legally, you would be deported. If you want political asylum, then you apply for it the minute you hit these shores-if you don’t you will be denied and sent back. Corporations and businesses would be fined for hiring illegals. Only the children of citizens and legal residents would be entitled to a free education. Social services would be required to ask about legal status and if the person was in this country illegally, they would be required to contact INS and all social services would be denied. Any police officer that did not report illegals-that he had personal knowledge of during the course of their investigation -to INS would be brought up on charges. Any city officials (mayor, city council, etc) giving sanctuary to illegals would serve a long jail term. With no jobs, no education, no social services, and enforcement on all levels, the illegals would soon go back home.

7) And this just for me personally. At Christmas time if I walk into a store with my secret service men and I am not greeted with a “Merry Christmas, Madame President.” If you say “Happy Holidays” or “Season’s Greetings” to me I will have the IRS audit you and make sure you pay until your great grandkids are paying for it. If I hear one gd swear word or anyone say Jesus Christ and you are not praying-I will have my agents arrest you for disturbing the peace and toss you in the slammer for a good 24 hours so you can think about your foul language. Okay maybe I wouldn’t do those things but I would want to.

Anyway, that is what I would do if I was president. What would you do?

Mourning California

As each year passes, my heart breaks a little bit more for my beloved state. California was once the best in the country, when it came to education, jobs, and innovation. People looked to us to pave the way for the rest of the country, now we are a joke. We went from being number one to being dead last in public education. We are now concerned more about pleasing so called “sexual minorities” then we are about truly educating our children for the future ahead of them.

My rent rises every year, but quality of life goes down. Not only are the schools failing our children, but California gets more dangerous with the rise of gangs and idiot socialists asking for more buses and less police. It also doesn’t help that life necessities like groceries are expensive and prices keep rising. While people used to make their way to California, more are starting to leave the state in order to gain opportunities that cannot be found here. There will come a time very soon when I will have no choice but to leave California and just the thought breaks my heart.

I love my home, I love the state of my birth, I love the mountains, the desert, the beaches, the beauty and majesty that is my beloved California. But I mourn for it. For the transplants, the illegals, the liberals have effectively destroyed it. They have torn it asunder that I don’t even recognize it anymore. If California was a person, it would be lying in a hospice somewhere fighting for its life. If it was a person, I would be bedside wiping its brow and gently kissing its forehead, trying so hard not to say good-bye but knowing I had to. Oh California, what have we done?

California once belonged to the best and the brightest, it is now home to the worst and dumbest. And before I go further let me clarify the term “dumbest.” I refer not to the people who through no fault of their own aren’t as bright as others but those with knowledge who refuse to use that knowledge and more importantly refuse to see the truth even when presented with clear facts. They are the dumb people who make up our school districts, our politicians, our government in California. They are the people who want to force children to celebrate Harvey Milk day in the public schools. They are people like Sheila Kuehl who want to remove the words mother and father from textbooks as to not offend those without a mother or a father. They are the elected body I spoke to confirming my opposition to same sex marriage while they tried to use my circumstance to further their cause. These are the dummies! It is Governor Schwarzenegger who thinks same sex marriage is one big joke! It is the adults at the Creative Arts Charter School in San Francisco who thought taking children away from their instruction to go to a lesbian wedding was somehow an appropriate field trip. It is these people who demand tolerance for their ideas but have no tolerance for anyone else’s that make California a place to play with children’s minds and lives and essentially a wasteland for morality.

I grieve for you California, what a splendor you once were. You were adorned with the finest minds once upon a time. You were bejeweled with people’s hopes and dreams. Now all people talk about is what they are owed! Owed! California doesn’t owe us anything but we owe it everything. It has given so much to us and we strip it, we revile it, we turn it into the land of pornography, gay pride parades, and kids who can’t spell their names. We spit on the true citizens of California while glorifying the criminal invaders in our land. California gave us the biggest ocean in the world and what do we do? We pollute it! California gave us forests and we burn them. California is the mecca for art and how do we appreciate art now? By defaming Christ whenever we can and in whatever medium suits us. California sought to elevate us and what do we do? We revert to animalistic pleasure. Oh woe to the so called progressive which is no more than a primitive being trying to convince the rest of us that such banality is enlightened and should be applauded.

I hold you in a deep embrace California. I hold you in my heart. It is a pity to see you go. But even majestic states such as you must one day perish. I am sorry I was around to see it happen though. You deserve so much better California. I am sorry that I can’t stop it but know I will never forget you. I will always admire who you used to be. Good bye fair maiden, good-bye California.

Proposition 8

My church (the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) is taking a stand and urging all its California members to vote for Proposition 8. Proposition 8 simply states that only a marriage between a man and a woman will be recognized and valid in California. This is a constitutional amendment and therefore will not be subject to the whims of the leftist judges in this state.

Why do we need Proposition 8? Because marriage is an institution that protects women and children. Statistics bare out that women who are married suffer less domestic violence then those who are practicing cohabitation. Men are more likely to protect and look after their wives then they are the woman they are “shacking up” with. Children also fare better in a two parent home. Remember this is coming from a single parent. I know how tough it is. There are times when I am stressed out and need a break that I wish I could turn to someone and go, “You take him for a couple hours, I am out of here!” I can’t though. I have to keep going even when I want to break down. Breaking down is not an option for me.

The gay lobby wants to use my single parenthood in their quest to extort rights that belong to neither gays nor straights! They will say, “There are all kinds of families. There are kids in single parent homes, kids being raised by their grandparents or other extended family members, adopted kids, none of these children are being raised by both biological parents and they fare just fine.” Kids in single parent homes don’t fare just fine though. That is the point. Yes, some do. Some grow up and become productive citizens but others because Mom is busy working two jobs to make ends meet end up raising themselves and come out anything but fine.

My sister helps me take care of my son when she can but at this point it is me and him. He misses my sister. We had a talk just today of how unfair all this is to him. I told him that when I was a kid my parents divorced and that I wanted them to be together. I just wanted to be a family again. Kids are very selfish-as they should be at this point in their life, they will have to think about others soon enough in their life, childhood is a time to think about yourself-and don’t care about the issues of the parents. They don’t care whether or not you are happy with the other person anymore, all they know is they want their family together. There is no a child in the world that “celebrates” diversity.

I was adopted at nine months old. I loved my adopted parents. But I didn’t love not looking like them. I didn’t love being different from everyone else in my family. I didn’t love this “diversity.” I loved my Mom she was wonderful but it wasn’t fair-Laura and Leonard got to look like her why couldn’t I? Even my adopted brother Jeff could pass for one of her “own.” I never could. I just wanted to be the same! My deep love and appreciation for this wonderful group of people I call family would come as I aged. As a kid, I remember running in the house excitedly saying, “I’m turning White! I’m turning White!” when I saw the whitish under layer of my skin one day. Don’t let the social engineers lie to you. No kid ever thought being different was a good thing. All kids want to belong and part of belonging is looking like those in your family. Sure any kid can accept such differences in time-I did. Sure they can even embrace it in time as a positive thing and even cherish the uniqueness of their family-but that comes with adult maturity. As a kid you just pray for the day you will turn White so you can look like the people you love the most.

We must remember that marriage is an institution devised to protect children. Children are central to marriage. Just because some couples will be unable to have children, just because some people go into marriage not even wanting children does not mean the purpose marriage changes because of them. The purpose of a car is to drive you to where you want to go. It’s purpose is not to have the transmission blow up, or for your tires to get a flat. While those things happen, the true purpose of a car does not. The same is true with marriage, while people have bad marriages, while people don’t have children we don’t base the concept of marriage on these people. It would be like saying because I have epilepsy the purpose of the human brain is to have seizures. It most certainly is not! We must base public policy about marriage on sound principles, not on the catastrophes that sometimes encompass marriage. Most married couples will at some point in their marriage have children. No married gay couple ever will because they are physically unable to fulfill that basic requirement of marriage. Any child brought into a gay union will have an absent third party parent. Whether it is a surrogate mother who gets kicked to the curb after delivery of the baby or a sperm donor who will never know a baby exists at all, there is always an outside participant. However, in a heterosexual marriage there is no outside participant, it is just the man and the woman making a child. Even when the heterosexual couple uses IVF most of the time it is still the husband’s sperm and the wife’s eggs. While the doctor may help them along, there is no third party in the conception process. No unknown mother or father. Even if a heterosexual married couple did surrogacy, the mother is still represented within the family unit. When two gay men do surrogacy, the woman will never be represented in the family unit and is made to feel insignificant even though without her there would be no child.

Marriage is not about the adults involved. It is not about whether two adults love each other. If that is the case why can’t an adult son marry his mother? They love each other. They are both adults. Why can’t they marry? Why can’t people on welfare marry? Actually, you want to get more people off the welfare rolls-have them get married. That to me is far more oppressive and downright discriminatory than anything gays have or will ever face. I had a civil union when I was 23 because I couldn’t get legally wed to the man I loved. We were both on SSI and actually getting married meant losing half our income. We were already living hand to mouth, we couldn’t afford a 50% drop in income. However, because you know it is not legal, you don’t treat it as real and as such we broke up four years later. I was a woman, he was a man. We were both of legal age. We were both capable of having children. Yet we were being forbidden to marry. No one should have to choose between their income and marriage but we did! Gays never had the right to marry so they are not losing anything. But the minute you get on welfare, you lose your right to marry. It is beyond contemptible when marriage can be the one thing that pulls both the woman and child out of poverty, instead they want both of them to remain in it.

I could go on forever but I will end by simply stating marriage between a man and a woman is a holy, sacred institution that shall not be mocked. To do so brings chaos, confusion and destruction upon us all. God help us if we refuse to stand up to the bullies who want to decimate marriage. God help us all.