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Obama is Kickin’ (People Off Planes That Is)

Cartoon by William Warren-Americans for Limited Government Obama’s campaign has told three reporters not to come back on his plane to finish out the campaign. ” According to Drudge, reporters from the New York Post, Washington Times, and Dallas Morning News — all papers that endorsed John McCain — are being asked to move out […]

Obama’s Trick or Treat

Is there any scarier sight than seeing Obama showiing up at your front door? Happy Halloween to everyone out there and remember it is four more days until we pick a new President! Get out and vote. Those in California-vote Yes on 4 and 8. Vote no on Proposition 5. If you are in San […]


Cartoon by Michael Ramirez. Isn’t it nice when you are not accountable for anything? Now if you want someone with the intellect of a five year old running the country you could always vote for my son-he’s a real five year old! Yet even he knows basic concepts like the truth, good vs. evil and […]

My Psalm to the Conservative

I am so sick of conservatives being the whipping boy for Prozac-laden, neurotic liberals who have nothing better to do with their lives then to beat up on conservatives. To quote Jimmy Stewart in “A Wonderful Life: George: Do you know how long it takes a working man to save five thousand dollars? Just remember […]

Barack and Potential Voter Fraud

How Obama is trying to steal the election.

Obama Vs. Dena

I have decided since I will probably never meet this harbinger of evil, this man of lies that I would have my say with him with a fake interview. Obama puts out his hand for me to shake. Dena: No thank you. Let’s not pretend we are remotely friendly. We take a seat. Obama: So […]

Racism and Obama

A few months ago a poll came out saying many White people weren’t going to vote for simply because he was Black. And even though that thought sickens me as a Black woman, this is one time where I am almost hoping it is true. If hating Black folks will keep this evil man out […]


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