Proposition 8

My church (the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) is taking a stand and urging all its California members to vote for Proposition 8. Proposition 8 simply states that only a marriage between a man and a woman will be recognized and valid in California. This is a constitutional amendment and therefore will not be subject to the whims of the leftist judges in this state.

Why do we need Proposition 8? Because marriage is an institution that protects women and children. Statistics bare out that women who are married suffer less domestic violence then those who are practicing cohabitation. Men are more likely to protect and look after their wives then they are the woman they are “shacking up” with. Children also fare better in a two parent home. Remember this is coming from a single parent. I know how tough it is. There are times when I am stressed out and need a break that I wish I could turn to someone and go, “You take him for a couple hours, I am out of here!” I can’t though. I have to keep going even when I want to break down. Breaking down is not an option for me.

The gay lobby wants to use my single parenthood in their quest to extort rights that belong to neither gays nor straights! They will say, “There are all kinds of families. There are kids in single parent homes, kids being raised by their grandparents or other extended family members, adopted kids, none of these children are being raised by both biological parents and they fare just fine.” Kids in single parent homes don’t fare just fine though. That is the point. Yes, some do. Some grow up and become productive citizens but others because Mom is busy working two jobs to make ends meet end up raising themselves and come out anything but fine.

My sister helps me take care of my son when she can but at this point it is me and him. He misses my sister. We had a talk just today of how unfair all this is to him. I told him that when I was a kid my parents divorced and that I wanted them to be together. I just wanted to be a family again. Kids are very selfish-as they should be at this point in their life, they will have to think about others soon enough in their life, childhood is a time to think about yourself-and don’t care about the issues of the parents. They don’t care whether or not you are happy with the other person anymore, all they know is they want their family together. There is no a child in the world that “celebrates” diversity.

I was adopted at nine months old. I loved my adopted parents. But I didn’t love not looking like them. I didn’t love being different from everyone else in my family. I didn’t love this “diversity.” I loved my Mom she was wonderful but it wasn’t fair-Laura and Leonard got to look like her why couldn’t I? Even my adopted brother Jeff could pass for one of her “own.” I never could. I just wanted to be the same! My deep love and appreciation for this wonderful group of people I call family would come as I aged. As a kid, I remember running in the house excitedly saying, “I’m turning White! I’m turning White!” when I saw the whitish under layer of my skin one day. Don’t let the social engineers lie to you. No kid ever thought being different was a good thing. All kids want to belong and part of belonging is looking like those in your family. Sure any kid can accept such differences in time-I did. Sure they can even embrace it in time as a positive thing and even cherish the uniqueness of their family-but that comes with adult maturity. As a kid you just pray for the day you will turn White so you can look like the people you love the most.

We must remember that marriage is an institution devised to protect children. Children are central to marriage. Just because some couples will be unable to have children, just because some people go into marriage not even wanting children does not mean the purpose marriage changes because of them. The purpose of a car is to drive you to where you want to go. It’s purpose is not to have the transmission blow up, or for your tires to get a flat. While those things happen, the true purpose of a car does not. The same is true with marriage, while people have bad marriages, while people don’t have children we don’t base the concept of marriage on these people. It would be like saying because I have epilepsy the purpose of the human brain is to have seizures. It most certainly is not! We must base public policy about marriage on sound principles, not on the catastrophes that sometimes encompass marriage. Most married couples will at some point in their marriage have children. No married gay couple ever will because they are physically unable to fulfill that basic requirement of marriage. Any child brought into a gay union will have an absent third party parent. Whether it is a surrogate mother who gets kicked to the curb after delivery of the baby or a sperm donor who will never know a baby exists at all, there is always an outside participant. However, in a heterosexual marriage there is no outside participant, it is just the man and the woman making a child. Even when the heterosexual couple uses IVF most of the time it is still the husband’s sperm and the wife’s eggs. While the doctor may help them along, there is no third party in the conception process. No unknown mother or father. Even if a heterosexual married couple did surrogacy, the mother is still represented within the family unit. When two gay men do surrogacy, the woman will never be represented in the family unit and is made to feel insignificant even though without her there would be no child.

Marriage is not about the adults involved. It is not about whether two adults love each other. If that is the case why can’t an adult son marry his mother? They love each other. They are both adults. Why can’t they marry? Why can’t people on welfare marry? Actually, you want to get more people off the welfare rolls-have them get married. That to me is far more oppressive and downright discriminatory than anything gays have or will ever face. I had a civil union when I was 23 because I couldn’t get legally wed to the man I loved. We were both on SSI and actually getting married meant losing half our income. We were already living hand to mouth, we couldn’t afford a 50% drop in income. However, because you know it is not legal, you don’t treat it as real and as such we broke up four years later. I was a woman, he was a man. We were both of legal age. We were both capable of having children. Yet we were being forbidden to marry. No one should have to choose between their income and marriage but we did! Gays never had the right to marry so they are not losing anything. But the minute you get on welfare, you lose your right to marry. It is beyond contemptible when marriage can be the one thing that pulls both the woman and child out of poverty, instead they want both of them to remain in it.

I could go on forever but I will end by simply stating marriage between a man and a woman is a holy, sacred institution that shall not be mocked. To do so brings chaos, confusion and destruction upon us all. God help us if we refuse to stand up to the bullies who want to decimate marriage. God help us all.


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