Racism and Obama

A few months ago a poll came out saying many White people weren’t going to vote for simply because he was Black. And even though that thought sickens me as a Black woman, this is one time where I am almost hoping it is true. If hating Black folks will keep this evil man out of office then so be it. If hating Black folks actually means protecting them from the likes of Obama who seemingly doesn’t mind that the Black population is being eliminated through abortion, then all the better. Isn’t it ironic that the people who might actually end up saving the Black population are the people who hate us the most?

Now sure there are plenty of White people who are not voting for Obama because of his stance on abortion, the gay agenda, school choice, his ties with anti-American radicals like Bill Ayers and Jeremiah Wright, and a myriad of other legitimate reasons. These are the people who haven’t fallen prey to his slick way of talking. The ones who see through his worn out rhetoric of hope and change.

Of course, being Black and not voting for Obama is deemed the highest form of racism there is. Michelle Obama in an interview agreed with the reporter when the reporter claimed that some Black people are not voting for Obama because they don’t think he can win. Well, Michelle there are many Black people who have “woken up” to your husband’s seedy past and his lying ways and will not be voting for him because of his character! There are Blacks who will not be voting for him because they want school choice, they want women to get real help with problem pregnancies and not dragged down to the nearest abortion clinic, they want jobs here and not shipped overseas, they want not to be told to learn Spanish or else, they want marriage between one man and one woman….period and get rid of all this fake marriage stuff like domestic partnerships, civil unions or as I had a “holy union.” They want America!

So because I want those things, because I want the borders closed and pronto and immigration laws followed, I am a traitor. Because I think sending my kid to a prison called public school is nothing more than preparing him to a be a future inmate, I am wrong! The irony of the situation is the racist one in this campaign is not the dreaded “White man” but Obama himself. He knew the bigotry that came from his Reverend’s mouth every week, claimed he could never disown him and then when the heat got too hot did just that. I once went to the famous FAME church in Los Angeles, I saw Rosa Parks there that day. But the day I went C. Cecil Murray was pastoring and the cruelty that emanated from his sermon made decide never again to visit his church. His basic message that day in church was-the mentally ill can’t be saved by Jesus Christ. I am sorry Rev. Murray, I didn’t know you made decisions for Christ in whom he can and cannot save and considering I was “mentally ill” and the only person who ever never gave up on me was Christ-I knew he was wrong. I walked out of that church and vowed to never return. I never did. I heard that dreadful, hateful speech on the one day I decided to attend, are you going to tell me Obama went every week and never heard Rev. Wright’s comments prior-I am mentally ill not retarded!

Obama then went on to call his own grandmother, the one who raised him after his mother decided to bail, racist. He gave an example of her clutching her purse to her side when she saw a black man. Dude, unless you are a woman-you don’t get it! Every woman does that when a guy she thinks is scary approaches her, it is part of our reflex. I know I have done it with Black men, White men, Hispanic men, not too many Asians, they seem less scary somehow. I have sat down next to a White skinhead on the bus and prayed the whole time I was in that seat that he wasn’t going to kill me. He had a Bible in his head and that scared me more. I knew how they often twisted the word of God to legitimize their hatred. I was paralyzed with fear but I wasn’t going to let him know, so I sat there. And you can bet I was clutching my bag close to me. Whenever I see someone who looks like a cholo or some kind of gangbanger, I make no eye contact and go into protection mode. Nine times out of ten it had nothing to do with the color of the man’s skin but his overall appearance that made his grandmother react that way. But to Obama she is a racist.

Yet somehow because Obama is Black his racism is overlooked. The truth is Obama gives plenty of reasons for people of all colors not to vote for him and not one of them has to do with his skin color but the “content of his character.” Or in Obama’s case the lack thereof. There is no responsibility for his actions. Joe Biden has already warned us should Obama get elected he is headed for an international crisis, hmmm sounds like another 9/11 is underway, one that he won’t be able to handle. Of course, when I told a friend of mine that prior to Joe’s speech, I was crazy. After all, I am just some uneducated, ghetto, single mother what do I know? I know this if America is intent on self-destructing, they have picked the right man to do the job and that is not racism-that is just a fact!


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