Barack and Potential Voter Fraud

If it wasn’t enough that Barack has ties to ACORN who has been caught and is now being investigated for voter fraud, he is now decided to do it on his own. He has this video up at his site:

In it Barack encourages everyone to take the day off from work and school and get out to vote. He also encourages people to make calls, knock on doors and get out the vote. There are many problems with this messages as it encourages potential voter fraud-how so?

1) It is illegal for employers to prevent an employee from voting. Therefore there is no need to take the day off-it is already the law that employers make sure that the employees have enough time in their schedule to go vote. It is not about voting anyway, it is about campaigning for Barack! Employers do not have to give you time off to campaign for a candidate. Let’s take it to the logical conclusion-what if everyone did as Barack said and just took the day off. What happens if the police decided to come down with “blue flu” on Nov 4 so they could campaign for Barack-what happens to the public safety!? What if every doctor, nurse and orderly decided to also take the day off-who will take care of the sick and injured? Basically public safety, commerce and your own livelihood is not as important to Barack as getting him in office! How selfish is that?

2) It is illegal to do any electioneering within one hundred feet of a polling place which means knocking on doors in many areas is illegal. It is where I live, I live within one hundred feet of a polling place which means if any Barack volunteers come a knocking I will be on the phone to the police, media and whomever else I can get to listen for Barack’s campaign actively breaking election laws!

3) The polls are open from 7am until about 8 or 9pm at night. Therefore, there is no reason for people to take the day off work because the polls are open long enough for people to vote before work, after work or during their lunch hour. The same with those in school. There is no reason for them to talk to their professor, why should a scheduled test or other assignment be put off so you can campaign for Barack? Some classes only meet once a week, so if you miss that class you are losing a lot of material covered. Why should professors have repeat material for you? You could’ve voted before class or after it. There is no legitimate reason to rearrange anyone’s schedule for Election Day. The polls are open early enough and close late enough that everyone can have the opportunity to vote if they want! In fact, those in California already get an additional one to three hours of voting just based on our time zone. When polls across the country are already closed California and the rest of the West Coast are still voting!

4) Next, the video says you can’t make history from your couch. Ever hear of absentee ballots! You vote right from your own home. What about all those absentee ballots for Barack, they are not making history I guess. The absentee ballot gets treated like the stepchild of the election process. However, those who vote absentee want to make sure their vote is going to count. They should be applauded not treated like second class voters. It goes on to say you can’t make history from your cubicle. Again that is the arrogance of Obama saying your job is not nearly as important than getting him elected. Your education is not nearly as important as getting him elected. That is truly disgraceful.

5) Lastly, something Barack obviously didn’ think of the poll workers are workers too. Should they take the day off too? Then how are you going to vote? The whole message is rife with self-interest, not the interest of the American people. How about those who are barely making ends meet and cannot afford to take the day off, should they take it off anyway and risk losing rent money to do so? The whole things smacks of elitism. You should be willing to sacrifice your family, your income, whatever it takes because I am worth it. Yes, people should vote on Election Day, this is the most important election we have ever had. Yes, people need time off for work to vote, but not the whole day. I have never heard any other candidate ever say skip work and vote for me instead. Obama obviously doesn’t care who he hurts and it is time we took him down a peg. So yes get out and vote on November 4th. Just don’t vote for Barack because if he doesn’t care for you before the election he is not going to care for you after it.


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