Mourning California

As each year passes, my heart breaks a little bit more for my beloved state. California was once the best in the country, when it came to education, jobs, and innovation. People looked to us to pave the way for the rest of the country, now we are a joke. We went from being number one to being dead last in public education. We are now concerned more about pleasing so called “sexual minorities” then we are about truly educating our children for the future ahead of them.

My rent rises every year, but quality of life goes down. Not only are the schools failing our children, but California gets more dangerous with the rise of gangs and idiot socialists asking for more buses and less police. It also doesn’t help that life necessities like groceries are expensive and prices keep rising. While people used to make their way to California, more are starting to leave the state in order to gain opportunities that cannot be found here. There will come a time very soon when I will have no choice but to leave California and just the thought breaks my heart.

I love my home, I love the state of my birth, I love the mountains, the desert, the beaches, the beauty and majesty that is my beloved California. But I mourn for it. For the transplants, the illegals, the liberals have effectively destroyed it. They have torn it asunder that I don’t even recognize it anymore. If California was a person, it would be lying in a hospice somewhere fighting for its life. If it was a person, I would be bedside wiping its brow and gently kissing its forehead, trying so hard not to say good-bye but knowing I had to. Oh California, what have we done?

California once belonged to the best and the brightest, it is now home to the worst and dumbest. And before I go further let me clarify the term “dumbest.” I refer not to the people who through no fault of their own aren’t as bright as others but those with knowledge who refuse to use that knowledge and more importantly refuse to see the truth even when presented with clear facts. They are the dumb people who make up our school districts, our politicians, our government in California. They are the people who want to force children to celebrate Harvey Milk day in the public schools. They are people like Sheila Kuehl who want to remove the words mother and father from textbooks as to not offend those without a mother or a father. They are the elected body I spoke to confirming my opposition to same sex marriage while they tried to use my circumstance to further their cause. These are the dummies! It is Governor Schwarzenegger who thinks same sex marriage is one big joke! It is the adults at the Creative Arts Charter School in San Francisco who thought taking children away from their instruction to go to a lesbian wedding was somehow an appropriate field trip. It is these people who demand tolerance for their ideas but have no tolerance for anyone else’s that make California a place to play with children’s minds and lives and essentially a wasteland for morality.

I grieve for you California, what a splendor you once were. You were adorned with the finest minds once upon a time. You were bejeweled with people’s hopes and dreams. Now all people talk about is what they are owed! Owed! California doesn’t owe us anything but we owe it everything. It has given so much to us and we strip it, we revile it, we turn it into the land of pornography, gay pride parades, and kids who can’t spell their names. We spit on the true citizens of California while glorifying the criminal invaders in our land. California gave us the biggest ocean in the world and what do we do? We pollute it! California gave us forests and we burn them. California is the mecca for art and how do we appreciate art now? By defaming Christ whenever we can and in whatever medium suits us. California sought to elevate us and what do we do? We revert to animalistic pleasure. Oh woe to the so called progressive which is no more than a primitive being trying to convince the rest of us that such banality is enlightened and should be applauded.

I hold you in a deep embrace California. I hold you in my heart. It is a pity to see you go. But even majestic states such as you must one day perish. I am sorry I was around to see it happen though. You deserve so much better California. I am sorry that I can’t stop it but know I will never forget you. I will always admire who you used to be. Good bye fair maiden, good-bye California.


2 thoughts on “Mourning California

  1. Wow, I love your article! I was thinking about how I miss my home California and how it used to be. My husband and I left California when we were 25. We now live in Aspen Colorado which is beautiful but I do miss good ol California. I still have family that live there but they tell me of all the illegal’s swallowing up their city of Burbank and Glendale etc. It’s so dirty there now and expensive. My sister’s can hardly afford to even rent a house let alone buy one! It’s just a total shame how it’s gone down hill. My dad had lived in Glendale California until he was 60 and told us how it used to be. He’s now left CA for AZ. Too bad it’s too late to fix it unless maybe everyone rose up?

  2. Thank you for writing in. It is a shame and it does seem to be too late. I hope it is not. Maybe more people will rise up like you said. But at this point I am not counting on it.

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