If I Was President

1) I would penalize large corporations who ship jobs overseas. I would make it more profitable to train young, bright, ambitious American workers than to do business overseas. I would protect American jobs and American interests. I would also stop bailing out every country that goes through some calamity. If their country is unable to help them, that is unfortunate but I would not spend America’s money on helping those in foreign countries. If American churches, businesses and individuals wish to do charitable acts overseas, it is entirely within their rights and such charity would be encouraged. However, America is not the world’s babysitter and is not responsible for countries other than its own.

2) I would overturn Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton and codify the unborn in the 14th amendment. I would abolish all abortion clinics, jail abortionists for breaking mandatory reporting laws and build respectable crisis pregnancy clinics that will help women (and men) become better parents to their children. I would promote adoption and develop treatment centers and support groups for those who suffer from post abortion syndrome and need help. College campuses caught coercing women into getting an abortion would be fined through the nose and the individual responsible in that case would face jail time.

3) I would enact the Federal Marriage Amendment and protect traditional marriage. I would remove all fraudulent and counterfeit forms of marriage (domestic partnerships, civil unions, etc). Such unions would not receive the same benefits or recognition accorded to marriage. Those simply cohabitating would not be eligible to receive benefits from their partner’s employer unless the employee agrees to cover 100% the cost of doing so. Same sex couples can still leave their partner an inheritance in their will, could still visit their partner in the hospital and live their life accordingly but they would under no circumstance be allowed to marry or to adopt children.

4) I would look into off shore drilling and allow ANWR to be utilized for such drilling. I would ban CFLs until the risk of toxic exposure from a broken bulb was eliminated. I would undo all the arbitrary global warming laws both on the books now and would veto any that came across my desk. Such regulations intrude on the individual’s right to choose (have you noticed pro-choicers are all for choosing to kill a child but choose an incandescent light bulb or a half decent school for your child-NEVER!!!!) and in the end do more harm than good. Until the science could be 100% confirmed that global warming not only exists but is indeed manmade and not a natural cycle of Mother Earth, no legislation that forced citizens and business to use certain products would be passed.

5) School prayer would once again be allowed and any school wishing to pray before, during or after school would not suffer repercussions. The Bible once again would be allowed in the classroom, along with the Ten Commandments, the pledge of allegiance and everything that has been stripped from the public schools. Any teacher wishing to use the Bible in regards to their particular subject could do so without fear of losing their job. Those of other faiths would be allowed to share them and could bring their Scriptures in to share with their classmates. One does not learn acceptance of others by segregation but by integrating those of different backgrounds, faiths, and cultures together. Homeschooling would be encouraged and rewarded. Any state official bringing unfounded charges against a homeschooler would be severely penalized including long jail terms. In order to restore education to the parents and the people, I would suspend all federal monies going to public education. Since the federal government’s involvement in education started in the 1970’s education has deteriorated not improved.

6) I would close the borders. If you didn’t come here legally, you would be deported. If you want political asylum, then you apply for it the minute you hit these shores-if you don’t you will be denied and sent back. Corporations and businesses would be fined for hiring illegals. Only the children of citizens and legal residents would be entitled to a free education. Social services would be required to ask about legal status and if the person was in this country illegally, they would be required to contact INS and all social services would be denied. Any police officer that did not report illegals-that he had personal knowledge of during the course of their investigation -to INS would be brought up on charges. Any city officials (mayor, city council, etc) giving sanctuary to illegals would serve a long jail term. With no jobs, no education, no social services, and enforcement on all levels, the illegals would soon go back home.

7) And this just for me personally. At Christmas time if I walk into a store with my secret service men and I am not greeted with a “Merry Christmas, Madame President.” If you say “Happy Holidays” or “Season’s Greetings” to me I will have the IRS audit you and make sure you pay until your great grandkids are paying for it. If I hear one gd swear word or anyone say Jesus Christ and you are not praying-I will have my agents arrest you for disturbing the peace and toss you in the slammer for a good 24 hours so you can think about your foul language. Okay maybe I wouldn’t do those things but I would want to.

Anyway, that is what I would do if I was president. What would you do?


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