Obama Vs. Dena

I have decided since I will probably never meet this harbinger of evil, this man of lies that I would have my say with him with a fake interview.

Obama puts out his hand for me to shake.

Dena: No thank you. Let’s not pretend we are remotely friendly.

We take a seat.

Obama: So Dena, what is it about me you don’t like?

Dena: Where do I start? You stance on abortion is incredibly heartless. Letting babies die that have survived a botched abortion, there is nothing more diabolical than that, and yet you voted to continue that practice. You refused to listen to testimony of Jill Stanek who had seen it firsthand. You actually attacked Gianna Jessen a survivor of a botched abortion to save face. From what I have seen there is nothing you won’t do, anyone you won’t hurt to get the Presidency. You’re a parasite.

Obama: You don’t even know me, who are you to make such a judgment?

Dena: A registered voter. It is not only my job to judge those in public office, it is my duty. My job is to research the truth and then to put the person who most closely matches my values into office. If I don’t do that then I have no business voting. More importantly, I will have to explain to God Almighty why I put someone I knew to be anti-family, anti-child and pretty much anti-God, despite your declaration otherwise, into office.

Obama: You know it is terrible to see a Black woman trying to tear down a Black man. We should be working together.

Dena: Don’t try that on me. I am against you not because you are Black, I don’t like Nancy Pelosi either and it is not because she is a White woman. My mother was a White woman….both of them. My problem is your politics. My problem is that you are willing to let Black children die via abortion, never mind that 60 percent of our people don’t make it out of the womb, you don’t care. I am against you because you are against my right to educate my child the way I see fit. I am against you because you care more about illegal invaders than you do American citizens. I love Alan Keyes, he is a Black man and he has far more scruples than you ever will.

Obama: You know I beat Alan Keyes in this last Senate race.

Dena: All that proves is that you are a better liar than he is. Obviously, they didn’t want someone with integrity, I was crushed when I heard you won the race over him. I will give you this, you come off so affable, so charming, it is easy to get swept up in your deceptively easy going ways. But you are a mass manipulator, you know how to play people. That is all your doing and darling you can’t hustle a hustler. I too know how to turn on the charm, I have a smile like you wouldn’t believe, if I was still that way I could get my way anytime I wanted. That is what I see in you.

Obama: You sound so self-righteous, none of us are perfect you know.

Dena: There is a difference though between me and you, Obama. When I do something stupid I am willing to admit my mistake, you on the other hand, are not. It is all about the spin with you. You remind of my five year old, he takes responsibility for nothing but he has an excuse-he’s five. What’s yours? Lastly, my past is not up for discussion. I am not running for President-you are.

Obama: You know Dena, it is people like you who are ruining this country. You are more concerned about other people’s business than you are your own.

Dena: You’re right, I get into other people’s business when they are killing innocent children. I get into other people’s business when they try to indoctrinate my son into their lifestyle. I get into other people’s business when real discrimination is pushed aside for a bunch of whiny malcontents. I get into other people’s business when they are entering my country illegally, you bet I get into other’s people’s business and I will not apologize for it. You see I care about this country, I care about children. I care about everyone you don’t because I am not some snobby elitist who thinks the poor are just waiting around for me to improve their lives. I believe in divine nature of Man, you don’t even know what that is.

Obama: You think you have some kind of monopoly on loving this country? Well you don’t! I love it too that is why I want the troops to get of Iraq and come home where they belong. And finally free up enough troops to go to Afghanistan so we can finally end Osama Bin Laden’s reign of terror.

Dena: So basically you want another Vietnam is that it? People who risked their life to protect our country were spit on and called baby killers upon their return. You have people like Code Pink vandalizing Marine recruiting offices and did you speak out about it? No, you did not. Why because people like that are your base supporters. Did you speak out when the Berkeley City Council called the Marines “an uninvited and unwelcome intruder?” Once again you were silent. Why didn’t you side with the Marines, why didn’t you have their back? And you expect me to believe you love this country? Sell it to someone else.

Obama: I can’t keep track of every incident that goes on with anti-war protesters.

Dena: Of course you can’t. Especially when you are the liberal’s Anointed One. Never mind the rest of the country knew about it, we can’t expect the future president to know such things.

Obama: You know what? I got an election to win, I don’t have time for this nonsense.

Dena: Of course you don’t, after all I am just a voter. I am just the reason you have a job at all. I am just your boss. But you go ahead and leave, I know all I need to and I will do everything within my power as your employer to see that you are fired. Bye Barack, it’s been real.

Barack gets up and walks away and so ends our interview.


3 thoughts on “Obama Vs. Dena

  1. Great debate Dena. However, your potent comments were wasted on a “man” with no shame, no soul, and no God.


  2. I totally agree. I wanted to vote for him this past election but figured Sarah Palin had a better chance at winning (I was voting more for Sarah then I was John McCain.) and I thought she was just as conservative as Alan was. But I love Alan Keyes and he would’ve made a much better President than Obama.

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