Barack is Anti-American

Barack Obama is anti American

Barack Obama is anti American

Rep. Michele Bachmann may be hesitant to call Barack Obama anti-American but I am not. If that impugns his character-too bad! The man’s character not only needs impugning it needs strict analyzing before we put such a man in the most important office in our land!

Trust me if I was hanging around former domestic terrorists like Bill Ayers, do you know how fast my son would be taken from me? Before I could even say boo-Adonai would be in some foster home somewhere! Yet because it is Obama, we have to excuse such associations. The man voted for infanticide! How much more radical can you get! Not only did he vote for it once, not twice but four times! NARAL didn’t have a problem with the Born Alive Infant Protection Act but Obama did! When NARAL is the voice of sanity, something is wrong somewhere!

Obama sends his children to a private school. So his choice is secure but he does not want other parents to enjoy the same right to choose their school as he does! This doesn’t sound anti-American to you! For instance, in order for me to get my kid into a good school, my home school must be failing. They are given two years to be considered “failing” or what they call “program improvement” schools. At that point I can fill out an application for my child to be moved, I must pick one program, Magnet school, public with transportation or public school choice. At that point I get to “choose” what school I want him to attend but they might not have seats in that school and then I am given two choices, if I don’t choose one of those two-well that’s it! And this what is called “Public School Choice!!” Give me a break! Even with this so called choice-parents are not told it even exists until your kid is already in a failing school and unless you happen to be able to attend their parent committee meetings which take place during the day when most parents are unable to attend! It is disgraceful.

This is a man who refused to place his hand over heart when the pledge of allegiance was being uttered. But oh he loves America….NOT! This is a man who said all of us need to learn Spanish and stop expecting the illegals to speak English. But he is patriotic…..NOT! Here’s some Spanish for you Obama. Usted es estupido! Or how about this “Usted es el hijo del Diablo.” You like that Spanish Obama? If your cerebro wasn’t completely muerte maybe then I could take you seriously. Okay that’s enough Spanish for now.

Then you have the Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac debacle. Obama received over $150,000 from the two agencies. He was integral in getting America into the situation we are in now and then turns around and has the audacity to blame Bush and McCain along with the Republican party for housing crisis. When it was Bush and the Republican trying to thwart it in the first place. In the ‘inner city’ we have a name for a man like that-a hustler, a ‘playa’ someone who tries to get over on you.  Obama is a con-man.  He is nothing more then a more “educated” version of Eddie Murphy’s character in “Distinguished Gentleman.” The difference is Jeff Johnson in the movie came to have remorse for pulling his biggest con on the American people, Obama shows no such remorse.  Let me tell you if I was receiving six figure kickbacks from the Howdy Doody Good Time Puppetry Association so that the poor could have puppets, you better believe I would be investigated! Especially if I was trying to force schools to buy puppets instead of books or computers.  If I had done what basically amounts to extortion in the private sector, I would be jailed but the government does it and it is somehow okay.

And let’s not forget the Chicago slums he is personally responsible for.  He authored legislation that gave federal subsidies to slum projects.  It is one thing to offer low-cost housing.  It is quite another to have virtually no oversight over these projects (excuse the pun) and then turn a deaf ear when problems are brought to your attention.   There are a lot of angry, Blacks in Chicago who won’t be voting for Obama.  Go to to get more details about it.

Oh yes, the man’s character definitely needs impugning.  I find it repugnant that people like McCain and the rest of the Republican are afraid to call him what he is-a communist,  a liberal,  anti-American.  He is a cancer on this great land.  We need to start showing some backbone.  Obviously I don’t hate Obama because he is Black, I hate what he stands for.  I hate that he called babies of unwed teenage mothers-a punishment.  [And if it goes for teen mothers, it probably stands to reason all babies of all unwed mothers are punishment as well.]  I hate that he voted to allow babies to die.  I hate that he hangs around with terrorists and other radical anti-American nutjobs.  I hate that both him and Michelle think that the poor are just waiting for them to come along and “improve” our lives because we are incapable of doing it ourselves.  I hate that Michelle’s college thesis is no more than elitist snobbery at its most grandiose! Mostly, I hate that with an Obama presidency our rights will be stripped away and I can’t let that happen.  Michelle once said, Blacks are waking up, and she is right.  We are waking up not the false promises and lies of Obama, but we are waking up to the truth of what an Obama presidency will do to our people, our nation and we are not willing to let it happen.


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