The Opening of Cuba…or Is It?

Barack Obama

On Febuary 3, 1962, President John. F. Kennedy signed a trade embargo against Cuba. From that time on America has not allowed trade between the two countries. Being that they were communist country with allegiance to Russia during the height of the Cold War period such precautions were absoultely necessary.

But as Barack Obama walks on Cuban ground he does so as the first President to do so in 54 years. This indeed is an historical event, but as we have seen with Barack himself, just because it is historical doesn’t mean it is beneficial to the American people. How will this affect our foreign Gitmopolicy with Cuba? It is not like we don’t have any contact with Cuba, after all. They do house the world’s worst prisoners and terrorists. It always seemed like a strange arrangement to me; “No, we won’t buy your cigars (legally anyway.) but  we give you the world’s most dangerous terrorists to house, how does that work for you?”

Of course, people are coming down on both sides of the issue. There are people who think the embargo is unneccessary and it is time to open up to Cuba and start establishing a new diplomatic relationship. In fact, prior to Obama’s vist there was already talk about opening up embassies in each country’s respective capitals. []. And there are others like Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, who are both from Cuban parents, that feel Cuba hasn’t lived up to Proclamation 3447 and therefore the embargo should stay in effect.

rubio with flag in IowaDuring his campaign Rubio said:  “In fact, I think they’re [the embassies] in violation of the law,” Rubio said during an interview at the tail end of a three-day campaign swing through Iowa. “The statute passed by Congress specifically prohibits many of the things he [Obama]’s now undertaking. It says those things can only happen after certain conditions have been met, none of which have been met. As president, I will follow the law.” []

Ted Cruz broke his silence on the news with a bang, calling the decision “a tragic Ted Cruzmistake.” He went on to further state: “Just like the administration did with Iran, right when the [Iranian] administration was feeling the maximum pain, [Obama] throws them an economic lifeline and continues the brutal repression and dictatorship of the Castro brothers,” said Cruz, whose father emigrated from Cuba in 1957, four years before the U.S. imposed a strict trade embargo on the country.

And it is not just Cruz and Rubio who disagree but Cuba’s own anti-government protestors who were arrested shortly before Obama’s arrival.  [See video of protestors here] Just add this to another long line of Obama’s foreign policy failures. While many people are trying to paint this as  Nixon’s reopening of China to the West, is that really a good thing? After all, we are up to our eyeballs in debt to China, we outsource all our work to China, and they only recent changed their one child policy so now people can have a whole two kids! Wow, two kids, let me catch my breath! China didn’t exactly stop its human rights abuses when Nixon normalized relations, so what is the likelihood that Cuba under Fidel’s brother, Raul will?

Obama has a penchant for making friends with our enemies and alienating our allies. From Benghazi to the deal with Iran he has consistently shown his ineptitude in dealing with foreign adversaries. Do we really need another Benghazi in Havana? If we do normalize relations with Cuba how will that affect Americans at home? For instance, will jobs now be outsourced to Cuba? After all, it much easier to send jobs to Cuba than to Obama_erect_1210868iChina. If that happens, how will that affect our relationship with China? Will that cause them to be less forgiving of the debt we owe them and if so, what will be the end result of their dissatisfaction? Not to mention, Russia is friendly with both nations. If  Cuba restablishes its relationship with the United States how will Putin take that? It is not just simply a matter of “Oh I love Cuban food, Desi Arnaz and cigars, let’s be friendly with Cuba!” There is a lot at stake here and I don’t think Obama is grasping the entire situation. But then that is par for the course for him.

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Bush Welcomes Home Returning Vets

You have just got to love the look on that  young soldier’s face as he sees and greets President Bush at the Dallas airport.  Say what you want about Bush, he truly does care for our military men and women.  More so than his successor, Barack Obama.

As you can see the military men just love George W. Bush, he truly was their commander-in-chief.

A spokesman for Bush, David Sherzer, said they were “honored” to take part in the welcome. “President Bush often says that he doesn’t miss much about being the President, but he does miss being the Commander in Chief of an incredible group of men and women”, he said.

To me,  this represents what an American president is supposed to be about-putting those who serve our country ahead of his own self interests. Bush met the soldiers at the Dallas airport and was a part of many organizations that were welcoming home the troops. It is a shame that our sitting president is doing just that-sitting on the sidelines. He should’ve been there with Bush  welcoming home returning vets.

Maybe he wasn’t there because he thinks that the vets are a threat to national security. As you can see from this picture he seems almost uncomfortable having to shake this man’s hand. Whereas, George Bush seems pleased to meet the troops returning home.

Obama continues to disgrace the position of commander in chief more and more each day. And while it is disheartening to see  Obama give aid to our enemies, it is good to know that there are still people who care for this country and what it represents. It is just too bad liberals are not one of them.

Obama “Speaks” the Truth

I thought this picture was too funny.  If you notice his expression he is none too happy and if you look closely, you will see what finger he has on his temple.  He is finally “speaking” the truth without saying a word. LOL Got to love this picture. Finally Obama is telling us what he really thinks of us or rather US.

Stupid News From Britain

Okay, we all now when you are putting out a newspaper or producing a local news channel on television, you are going to have a slow news day now and again.  And then you have to go and start creating stories out of thin air.  “Local woman prefers Whopper over Big Mac, news at 11.”  But some things really take the cake.  Let’s look at a couple of stories that were published in online edition.

Women prefer feminine looking men over masculine men.

Let’s say this was true.  Is it true for the vast majority of women? Or just a select few?  Now here’s is the kicker. You know what they based this attraction on-health care! You have got to be kidding me!

Now researchers believe that improvements in health care in wealthy western countries mean women do not have to worry about so much about the quality of their offspring – and so are picking more feminine looking men.

They found a direct correlation between the quality of health care and the choice of male.

In countries with better health care, the more likely women would pick a feminine looking man and visa versa.

The result was that in Sweden, which had the best health care, most women (68 per cent) preferred feminine looking men.

Now did they look at the media in Sweden?  Did they look at who is promoted as “attractive” in Sweden. Did they look at the magazines, the television shows which has a far more profound effect on who we deem attractive than health care!? No, Sweden has better health care so of course that is the reason they chose feminine looking men.

The article goes on to say:

Dr DeBruine said: “We found that women in countries like Brazil, Argentina and Mexico where the health is poorer were more attracted to masculine looking faces than women in countries like Belgium and Sweden, which have lower mortality rates and higher longevity.”


Basically it is saying poor women have to settle for slack-jawed Neanderthal men because their lack of medical insurance makes it necessary!  What? You noticed they picked countries like Mexico, Argentina and Brazil where you find a more darker skinned people and Sweden where it is predominantly White.  They are bordering on scientific racism here because the underlying tone  is Swedish women  are somehow “better” than Mexican women.  However, I will give them the benefit of the doubt in this case, even if the whole thing is utterly ridiculous.

Never mind, Mexico is also far more traditional than Sweden and so they would prefer more masculine men because they view men and women in a more traditional sense. Sweden is far more liberal and so it would make sense they prefer the liberal-leaning fem guys.  But no, it is health care! Maybe that is why Obama is so set on getting health care passed. He is a fem-looking guy.  Maybe he promised all his fem guy friends-“Hey if I get health care passed, you can get all the ladies! Countries with universal health care have women who like sissy men! You’ll be set!”

Note to the scientists-you can’t group 18-40 year old women together like they are the same thing! What I liked at 18, I sure don’t like at forty and one of the things I liked at 18 that I despise now-fem guys!

And while we are talking men and women, here’s one for you.  A genderless person.  Britain really-put down the pipe and get off the crack!

Norrie May-Welby, 48, was born a man but had a sex change operation in 1990, at the age of 28.

After becoming unhappy as a woman, May-Welby decided to become a “neuter”. The 48-year-old is now officially recognised as a person of no specific gender.


But wait, haven’t we been told if we just go around giving all these “transgender” people operations that they will all be happy from that point on and we are just being mean not ponying up thousands of dollars to pay for their operations, “medication” and other things. Well this person got the operation they weren’t happy. So now we are just supposed to address this person as what? It? Thing. At some point you are going to have to use a pronoun people!

May-Welby said: “The concepts of man or woman don’t fit me. The simplest solution is not to have any sex identification.”

The UK’s Gender Trust welcomed the case. A spokesman said: “Many people like the idea of being genderless.”

Okay well if many people like it let’s do it then. Many people thought lynching Black people was a good idea. Many people think rape is an excellent idea-Ted Bundy sure did. Many people like the idea of  skinning kittens.  If many people like, I am sure it is an excellent idea. Is it no wonder Britain is going down the toilet and the only sane person in the entire country seems to be Daniel Hannan? And I love how this person says it is the simplest solution.  Really? Simple-maybe for you but not for the rest of us.  But I forgot, it is all about you, May isn’t it? Just like it is all about each and every one of us and we don’t have to take other people into account. But I shouldn’t be too hard on May, this is obviously a very sick person. But I am mad at the government for celebrating  and validating this person’s sickness instead of trying to help them. It is gross negligence at its worst.

Doomed Democrats?

As the special election for Ted Kennedy is coming to a  close and as it looks like Republican Senator, Scott Brown is going to win, there is a sense of doom that is starting to permeate the Democratic leadership.  Democrats are the oldest political party and maybe that is part of the problem, they have outlived their usefulness.

Democrats have not been paying attention to what is going on in our nation.  When they won the Presidency, House and Senate in 2008, they thought they were sitting pretty and could do no wrong, what they didn’t count on was the growing discontent among many of the voters who intensely disliked Obama and everything he stood for and were far more crazy about Palin then they ever were about McCain. They figured the discontented rabble would just go away, instead we got stronger. Depsite the threats of Homeland Security that placed former vets and anti-abortion protesters as “enemy combatants” and despite the mocking of the Tea Parties by the media, we grew. Now here is only a year after Obama’s inaugration and the tide has vastly shifted.  And so the back-stabbing and finger pointing is already beginning and the election is not even over.

And in private conversations, Hill sources say White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel has blamed Coakley, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee and Democratic pollster Celinda Lake for failing to see Brown’s surge in time to stop it.

“With the legislative and political stakes so high, it’s unbelievable that the Senate committee and White House let this race get so out of hand,” said one senior Washington Democrat. “There’s a lot of blame to go around. Martha Coakley is only one of the problems here.”

As you can see the blame game is already starting and Obama is not immune from it. According to that same article, he is blamed for not selling the message more. However, as a failed telemarketer I can tell you, you cannot sell what people don’t want. And what the American people don’t want is more spending, more debt, more failed social policies, more Democratic rule.  Liberal policies have been an abysmal failure and to assume the people are going to continue to vote for the same unchecked failure is utterly insane.  Should Scott Brown win, he will hold significant power because his vote alone could stall many of the Democrats’ schemes.  The Democrats need 60 seats to blow through any legislation, with Scott in place they will be short one vote. That is as long as he continues to vote as a conservative and not some RINO pawn.

So stay tuned, this is sure to be an interesting ride and might mark the day when the Democratic party imploded and became part of our American past like the Federalists and the Whigs before them.  Though I wouldn’t count them out just yet,  but maybe this is a wake up call to the Democratic party that you are not as strong as you think and conservatives of any stripe or political affiliation are a force to be reckoned with.

Naomi Wolf-the End of America

You may be wondering, why in the world is a conservative site like mine showcasing someone like Naomi Wolf, a raging feminst and liberal if ever there was one. No, I haven’t lost my mind, but once in awhile even a Leftie like Naomi can get a thing or two right. Granted she gets a lot WRONG!!! For instance, our founding fathers never wanted a democracy for our country, they despised the very concept of democracy and saw it as a sure and fastest way to tyranny. That is why they gave us a republic, not a democracy. Another thing she and every leftist gets wrong is fascism. Fascism and let me make this abundantly clear is NEVER UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES PERPETUATED BY THE RIGHT!!! You cannot have a right wing fascist-it is impossible! Why? Because fascism is the complete control of government over the people, the people on the right want limited government not more government. Therefore anarchy is what you get when the right goes extreme! Fascism, socialism, communism-all those are strictly inventions of the Left! Though the Left likes to glamorize and seize anarchy as its own, it is actually what happens when the Right loses its mind. Also anarchy is a temporary state of government that is quickly replaced by a new government, usually an oligarchy which is a government run by an select few-an elite, if you will. Therefore, if Bush was truly a fascist, then he is not a right wing fascist but a left wing one!

What is even more interesting is that all the sins she laid at Bush’s door Obama has done on a larger scale. Bush has a list of “enemy combatants” Obama has a larger one including veterans returning home. We supposedly tortured at Gitmo, Obama has since said, “Yeah, that’s okay. We won’t prosecute you after all.” We went from Iraq to Afghanistan. Changing battlefronts-which is what Obama said he would do, he never said our soldiers were coming back home but that is what everyone believed-is not ending a war, it is changing strategies. More and more Americans are saying Obama is just like Bush while others say he is worse. In fact, his approval rating is only 50% only Reagan had a lower approval rating his first year in office at 49%.

Gallup Poll-Only 50% Approval for Obama

The difference being Reagan would usher in glasnost and dismantle our most feared enemy, the Soviet Union while Obama is content on relinquishing our sovereignty to our enemies and dismantling the United States. The part of the video, I found most intriguing was when she talks about she is talking to her older friend who survived the Holocaust who kept telling her, “They did this in Germany.” It is that warning, that blueprint she talks about that I think we need to pay attention to because the Left has always ushered in tyranny. Please read the Weimar Constitution, which is the Left’s version of our beloved document and see how the Left does a republic. You can find my comparison on here called Dueling Constitutions: Weimar vs. U.S. Constitution.

Dueling Constitutions

We need America to wake up. We need to fight the Left because the denial of individual freedom is never RIGHT!!!!

Helping Haiti

How do you help a country that has been virtually wiped out? How do you begin to rebuild? How can you fathom the absolute horror of your world literally collapsing? Does God see the devastation, does he care? These are questions people have been asking this past week since the 7.3 quake hit that tiny, Carribean nation.

I want to answer some of the questions.  When you have a crisis of this magntitude there is no way one nation, even the size of America, can handle it all.  I have to admit the thing that fills up my bosom with pride when it comes to being an American is how we are the first to react to such tragedies without a second thought.  That politics take a back seat when human beings are in need. Should North Korea  suffer a similar fate tomorrow,  Kim Jong il be…you know, we are helping those in North Korea.  That is just how we are, it is how America is wired. And I think that is a pretty awesome trait we possess. So we have the will to help, so what can we do as a nation to help those in Haiti?

1. Give to reputable organizations

Places like the Red Cross, Salvation Army are good places and locate your local Latter Day Saint church and make  a fast offering or designate that you want this money to go to help those in Haiti and it will be done. The LDS Church is often a shining beacon of hope in these kind of situations because we have storehouses with food, clothing, hygiene kits and other necessities already to go. We can get just about anywhere in 24 hours.  In fact, this is from the church website:

Two planes, one departing from Denver as early as Thursday and another leaving from Miami later this week, will each include over 80,000 pounds of food and emergency resources such as tents, tarps, water filtration bottles and medical supplies donated by the Church.  Transportation is being provided by Airline Ambassadors and Food for the Poor will aid with distribution in Haiti.

Please don’t take my mentioning the LDS Church, specifically, as a slight against other denominations but I mention the LDS because I can attest to the surety of the people who need the supplies receiving said supplies. Other churches just may not have the capabilities to provide the relief to Haiti as much as they would like to and the Catholic church has been demolished in that area. However all the  LDS missionaries in that area are all accounted for. They are still working on accounting for all the members.

2. Donate blood

 I don’t know how exactly this would work in a case such as thing, since it wouldn’t be going to someone local, but let the experts worry about the logistics, just donate your blood if you can. I cannot given that I am epileptic and the medicine I take for my seizures prevents me from giving blood.  So if you are in good health, give your blood.

3. Check out your local radio stations.

I know often times your radio station will be working in cooperation with a reputable agency to help those in need. If  you are in Los Angeles,  check out KKGO (Go Country) 105.1  and others like KOST FM 103.5 are some good ones who contribute to causes like this. KKGO is working with World Concern I think it is. But check out their site and you can find out for yourself. 

That being said, these are things I think we should NOT as a nation.

1)  Have our government give their government money.

While I have no problem providing manpower and life necessities to help them get back on their feet. I have a real problem with our government giving them money.  Mostly because I have absolutely no faith in either government that it will reach those in need. Obama has shown himself to be a weak and ineffectual money manager and I don’t see him overseeing where the money goes and seeing that it gets to those who desperately needs it.  I think we need every LA contractor down in Haiti right now to show them how to build a building and make sure it is retrofitted. I live in Earthquake Central, we eat 7.3’s for lunch. I have lived through more than my fair share of earthquakes and some were some serious shakers but never so much as suffered a hangnail from any them.  Because we know how to build our buildings here! Lastly, the reason I think  we shouldn’t give them money is because it is not the government’s money, it is the taxpayer’s! Now if every taxpayer wants to donate money to Haiti, then God bless you all but it should be up to the people to okay the expenditure not the government who spends your money like it is water.

2.  Bring the bulk of the survivors over here and grant them citizenship.

Burying our economy is not going to help those buried by the earthquake in Haiti. What Haiti needs is to rise up and demand their government be held accountable for the gross corruption and mismanagement, just as we are doing with our Tea Parties. The answer is not to bail out on your homeland but to do what it takees to make it better. We can’t take care of Mexico, the U.S and Haiti. If they want to transport them to Guam, Puerto Rico or somewhere else that is a territory of the U.S but not the U.S itself, that might be okay. But the last thing California,  Florida, Texas and the rest of the border states need is more people on our doles.  California literally had to have a garage sale for crying out loud to raise some dough, we cannot be taking care of every displaced survivor. If this was any other administration, I wouldn’t even worry about such a thing but with Obama, not is it likely I say it is inevitable. The sad thing is that if it was done it wouldn’t be out of any true altruism but out of greed and the need to buy voters.  The 2012 is right around the corner and Dems are feeling the heat, what better way to save their image then by granting citizenship to those poor Haitians that they single-handedly saved?

In closing I want to answer the God question that many people are probably asking? Did God do this out of anger? Does he care about the people devastated by the earthquake? Yes, he cares. Those who perished are in his care, those who survived would do well to think about their eternal life and seek him. He wants all to return home to him. As for him being angry-well wouldn’t you be if your children were destroying your prized creation? But that is not why the Earth shook. If anything, it was a sign that Christ is returning soon and we better get our acts together now.  It was his way of bringing some of his valiant children home while waking up the wicked. I hope you guys are awake now

Obama and the Shadow Man

As I sat through the Princess and the Frog in a theater with my son, I was struck by the striking resemblance of the villian to our Resident in Chief-Barack Obama.  The villain is known as the Shadow Man.  Not only was the physical resemblance pretty obvious but so was some of the underlying qualities that both Shadow Man and Obama share. As the movie continued, I felt as if I were watching the 2008 election all over again, except this time with catchy  music and a happy ending.

The movie takes place in New Orleans, Louisiana-the home of voodoo, Mardi Gras and debauchery in general. Yet in the midst of such a city is a hard-working woman named Tiana, she works constantly to save money for her dream-to buy and start  her own restaurant. It is good to see hard-working Black folks in this film. It is something that has been lacking in recent years. Except for the occasional "My Wife and Kids" and the "Cosby Show" showing Blacks folks as hard-working and willing to sacrifice for a dream is something that is still rarely seen especially in film. Tiana is Disney's first Black Princess-hard to believe we are in 2009 and we are just having a first Black Princess now.

Tiana turns out to be a very courageous young woman indeed because when Obama aka the Shadow Man offers her everything she ever dreamed of on a silver platter, she doesn't fall for his false promises, she doesn't buy into his lie that her father died a failure because he never got to open the restaurant that would eventually become her dream as well. Instead she rejects the whole notion of having anything handed to her!  It is a classic case of conservatism versus liberalism and as it should conservatism wins!

The Shadow Man is a voodoo practitioner. Much like Obama's Muslim's past, both practice a religion whose sole purpose is control people and take away their free will.  While both voodoo and Islam are indeed dangerous religions and a threat to God-fearing Christians and other religions, liberals, in particular, try to make both seem like benign alternative religions to Christianity. Though to practice either one means to have disdain and hatred for Christianity and everything it represents.

The Shadow Man is beholden to forces beyond his own power.  He has this false sense that he is in control. When it comes time to pay the piper he learns very fast that the ones that built you up will be the ones that take you down as well. To see him get his finally filled my heart up with joy. Maybe just maybe the same could happen to our Shadow Man. Shadow Man is a fitting name for Obama because he is forever trying to keep us in the dark despite his claim his Presidency would be "transparent."  Like shadows, Obama is all form and no substance. Yes, the character of Shadow Man fits our Resident in Chief well. So will we get the happy ending that was given to Tiana in the Princess and the Frog. Will our Shadow Man's greed, arrogance and utter disdain for America, come out like Disney's did, with the evil forces taking him down. One can only hope. And isn't that what Obama is all about-hope? LOL

March on Washington-2009

As any Black person worth their salt  knows back in 1963 on August 28th Dr. King led a “March on Washington” in which he spoke to an enraged citizenry about the  abuses of the government to keep Black people from enjoying the full rights of citizenship. He was there to hold the government accountable for its wrongful and shameful leadership.

Not much has changed in 46 years.  Yesterday exactly 46 years,  2 weeks and 1 day after Martin Luther King, Jr. delivered his powerful “I Have a Dream” speech, Americans gathered once again at the Capitol to tell the government “We shall overcome!”  This time instead of racial prejudice against Blacks it was class hatred we were fighting. The politicians want to divide us-rich vs. poor, Black vs. White, women vs. men! Well yesterday in the great tradition of Dr. King and the Civil Rights movement that brought America freedom once upon a time, America stood up and said “We are not going to take it anymore!”

A new generation of America, some like me who weren’t even born during King’s speech, came out and stood with all the great leaders of the past and present and put the government on notice!  Some put the demonstration in the tens of thousands while other put it closer to 2 million people.  Those who couldn’t be there in DC held rallies close home. America was out in force yesterday and though I sadly couln’t attend any, I was with my brothers and sisters in spirt. I had to get home to teach the Constitution-so I was doing my part yesterday as people rallied and protested the government.

It is time we all do our part. It is time that people come together once more and let the government know, we won’t allow the continued enslavement of our brothers and sisters through welfare. That we will not stand by and let a President promote and “establish” Islam as America’s religion! That we will not allow the Federal Reserve Bank and the approval of Congress to keep printing monopoly money and then forcing us to recognize it as legitimate as they use our blood, sweat and tears to pay off their debts. They need to know we will not be broken, we will not be moved and we will continue to fight to restore our republic, to restore our freedoms and to have God and prosperity reign supreme once more!


America’s Eulogy

Doctor pictureWhile I am by no means willing to give up on America! While “doctors” like me known as patriots continue to fight for the life of this nation, while we continue to try to infuse her with life saving blood known as sacrifice and liberty, while we search our “medical books” known as the Constitution and Declaration of Independence, there is still a chance she may die. There is a chance Lady Liberty won’t live to see another generation raised under her guiding light. So as a “doctor” I have to make that long, pitiful, sorrowful walk down to the waiting room, where the “family” known as Americans,  is waiting and tell them, “She might not make it people. You might want to get her affairs in order.”  Should America die this would be my eulogy.

America was actually born July 2, 1776 in Philadelphia, Pennyslyvania. Constitution imagesShe had many a father-George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin and many a mother too-Betsy Ross, Susan B. Anthony, Sojourner Truth and Harriet Tubman. Each of them helping to form her in younger years.  She came into this world, a bloody mess, others laying down their lives so she could live.  She was so highly prized that another “mother”- England- who is commonly known as the motherland, tried to keep her for herself.  However, England lost and had to relinquish custody of her beloved America.

Man_throwing_moneyAmerica grew up and became prosperous in her life.  People adored her. She accomplished much in the name of science, arts, industry and education. Her children known simply as Americans were the smartest, the wealthiest, the most productive and the most God fearing people on the planet.  One of her sons gave us the Bill of Rights-his name was Patrick Henry. One of her daughters would become an astronaut, her name is Mae Jamison. She bled and cried out for the freedom of her Black children and she won that! She believed what Thomas Jefferson wrote in the Declaration of Independence that all men are created equal.  She was unrelenting, she wouldn’t give up until all her children were free.

LiberalsYet the more children she had, the more prosperous they became, the more they forgot their mother.  Then one day, it happened-a great evil befell her.  Liberalism invaded her body. Liberalism is insidious, it gets into the blood of its host and destroys it from the inside out. America didn’t even know how it caught this bug.  Liberalism used America’s love for freedom, truth and justice and corrupted it. Her courts refused to rule by constitutional standards and began politicizing all its decisions. Her Congress once of great moral fiber, began to deteriorate and become incompetent and corrupt.  Her Presidents who would never think of breaching the Constitution would do so before breakfast most days.

medicationsShe tried to fight off the liberalism, but they were strong and were not letting go. Even when given medicine-conservatism-it never lasted long enough to make a difference. Liberalism kept coming back.  It overtook her until every value she held was smashed. They all but eliminated religious liberty,  leaving  just enough churches open to make it seem like we had religious liberty when the truth is, it got muzzled by LBJ. Free speech turned into hate speech and every constitutional protection was whittled away. She watched in horror as her children fought for the right to kill her other children.  It was called abortion though in truth its name is genocide. She became anguished as perverse sexual practices were revered. She felt hopeless as she saw marriage being torn apart.  What was happening? She became confused and pretty soon she didn’t recognize herself at all.  Then on November 4, 2008 she was hit hard. The liberals had secured the Presidency and both Houses.  Even the courts were becoming more liberal.  With the election of Obama, Pelosi leading the House and Sotomayor being confirmed to the Court, the liberals had a tight stranglehold on her.  Though she was able to raise her level of conservatism, it was too late-she was dead.  America though once rich, would leave behind a trillion dollar deficit, illiteracy, government waste and the continued oppression of her people through “government aid” otherwise known as socialism.  She was a great lady, may she rest in peace.

All Ning Sites Are Down?

Ning's logoSo I go to check my Ning site, “A Black Conservative Digest” and it can’t be found. I go to Ning-nothing. I go to Smart Girls Politics, also down. I go to NO WE WON’T! want to guess if that was up? Nah, it was down too. So I am wondering, if Obama’s cyber czar who we know nothing about has decided we just don’t need Ning!

I mean Obama couldn’t been to happy with Gallup today when he read Obama readingthat Americans are more conservative in all fifty states than liberal. Maybe he thought too many of us were getting together sharing ideas, forming plans, educating each other and that just has to stop. Maybe it is just my computer and for whatever reason it is not picking up Ning sites. Or maybe it is just Ning acting a bit whacky. There are plenty of reasons not one Ning site is working but come on you liberals have conspiracy theories coming out the wazoo, this is mine.

Then again I went to and that didn’t come up. No 1984 for me.  I went to Online Literature and was told that site might harm my computer? Really? A Literature site-we all know how devious those literary people are! Ah man, I just unplugged my internet and plugged it back in, now my site is working. Just as I was working on a good conspiracy theory. Dang it! Well there are plenty of computer mishaps just waiting to happen and I am sure Obama will be responsible for at least a couple of them, I just have to wait and be patient.  I hate it when truth messes up a perfect good plot, but what are you going to do right?